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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pride and Prejudice Episode 20-21(End) Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: Can't we all just live happily ever after??? Oh, wrong show.

The MIA Song Ah Reum shows up unexpectedly at the prosecutor office and while sitting in Dong Chi's office, Song Ah Reum all the sudden points at Prosecutor Choi's picture with fear and mutters "Park Man Geon!"

Waken up from dreams of his childhood memories, Kang Soo struggles to tell Dong Chi everything he remembers about Director Moon and the kidnapping. Not surprised that Kang Soo has regained his memory, Director Moon recounts his effort to save Kang Soo so many years ago and his order to White bear to not harm Kang Soo. Tragically, Prosecutor Choi ends up following White Bear and orders him to kill Kang Soo instead. 
Knowing an avoidable fight is coming, Director Moon asks deputy Yoo to go gather information on Prosecutor Choi for him. While Director Moon is speaking, deputy Yoo notices his hand is shaking from what I am assuming is fear.
Unfortunately, deputy Yoo ends up getting caught red handed while he was gathering information and Prosecutor Choi shows up with deputy Yoo in tow.

Prosecutor Choi questions Director Moon if he really is going to lump himself in with Dong Chi's group. With determination, Director Moon replies "It has always been us." (Meaning they have always been a team.)
Dong Chi calls his father in for questioning and we find out that Daddy Goo did indeed hit White Bear with a hammer when he saw him trying to harm Dong Chi and Kang Soo.
With many evidences available but none that really can put Prosecutor Choi behind bars, Dong Chi makes the suggestions that they give up... especially after he remembers Prosecutor Choi's threat that Director Moon would be harmed.

Giving a wryly smile, Director Moon says he knows Dong Chi is concerned about his safety but he has decided to go ahead with the case anyway.
We end the hour with various visitors popping up everywhere. Lawyer Park shows up in front of Yeol Moo while a mysterious man shows up in front of deputy Yoo.
Lastly, Prosecutor Choi shows up again in front of Dong Chi. Don't expect these appearances to be explained... they won't be.  

Episode 21
Apparently, Director Moon decides to go ahead and charges Prosecutor Choi so everyone ends up at the court. Kang Soo is the first one up to give his testimony of seeing Prosecutor Choi giving White Bear the order to kill Kang Soo. To no one's surprise, Kang Soo's fuzzy testimony based on his recovered memory as a seven years old child back then was soon shred to pieces by Deputy Chief Oh's questions.
Watching Kang Soo riddled with guilty over Han Byeul's death, Mama Han tells him "You can let go now. You must have suffered so much from not having a mother, so don't carry Han Byeul around anymore. I will carry him, because I am his mother." I cried buckets here. 
While the court fight is still going, Director Moon sends every available person he has to go gather more evidences. Still worried about Kang Soo, Chang Gi leaves his hospital bed to split his time between the court and following Kang Soo around.
Back in court, things are not going to well for Dong Chi and Director Moon as various witness adds to Prosecutor Choi's defense due to their fear of Hwa Yeong.
Dong Chi calls his dad as a witness and Daddy Goo recounts his eye witness of watching Prosecutor Choi coldly looking at a child (Han Byeul) unconsciously lying in the abandoned factory and leaving by himself shortly before the fire started.
In a shocking turn of events, Dong Chi refutes his dad's testimony of killing White Bear and gives evidences that show he is the one that killed the man instead.
I feel rather badly for White Bear's mother and twin brother. How bad is it that they can't really even hate Dong Chi when White Bear was the one that was trying to kill two kids... actually three kids. 

After his confession, Dong Chi takes off his court robe right there and bows to everyone. .
Folding up his court robe, Dong Chi hands it over to Yeol Moo.

It was super sad that Dong Chi had a flash back here of when he and Yeol Moo was separated by the rushing traffic because Yeol Moo had ran away thinking he was her brother's killer. I guess this was a suggestion that once again, Dong Chi wants so badly to go to Yeol Moo but can't.  
After numerous witnesses, some who were truthful and some said outright lies, Prosecutor Choi in a very relaxed manner asks Director Moon during his questioning "What crime did I commit? Is it a crime to not save someone?"

Director Moon "Yes, unfortunately not saving someone is not a crime, since what you did was so unthinkable for a human being. The laws are made for human beings not for animals."
Just when all seems lost, Prosecutor Lee rushes in to save the day with a recording from White Bear's pen that Kang Soo's grandma has kept all this years. Turns out, the pen belonged to White Bear who recorded Prosecutor Choi ordering the killing of a child. The pen was picked up by Daddy Goo when he buried the body of White Bear and subsequently gave it to the child Kang Soo.
With the newly found evidence, Prosecutor Choi is sentenced to twenty years in prison.
Leaving the court house and getting into his car, Director Moon watches with a surprising calm as a man sits up from the back seat. With a even more calm voice, Director Moon answers a phone call from someone in his family (I am assuming is his wife) and tells them "It looks like I will be late today. Go to bed first."

Hanging up the phone, Director Moon leans his seat back, closes his eyes and gets ready for the mystery man to give him a head massage. I am sticking to that story. 
The camera takes us on a tour of all the empty offices in the prosecutor office and ends the tour on the picture of the the whole team. I was REALLY afraid the show was going to end right there... thankfully it didn't. 
Three years later...

In an empty court, Yeol Moo greets Dong Chi and fingers his pin that shows he is a lawyer now. Smiling brightly, Dong Chi calls Yeol Moo "Prosecutor Han Yeol Moo!"
Yeol Moo asks "Soooo... Are we gong to do it or not?"
After a pretense of giving Yeol Moo's question some thought, Dong Chi replies "Let's do it! Let's go."
I think they are talking about dating... but it sure sounds different in translation. 


A bitter sweet ending... kinda more bitter than sweet in my opinion. I wasn't too surprised by Director Moon's ... "Head massage" since they have been hinting it for a while now. Moreover, I think Director Moon knows that he has gone too far for his ending to be any different no matter what he does at this point.

I personally rather dislike this sort of ending even though I understand any other sort might just not be realistic. I am talking about the ending where you feel like "Well... they kinda won... but not really, since the true villains are just going to put others in place."

And we did see strong hints that Hwa Yeong was only merely annoyed and that Dong Chi and Director Moon's sacrifice hardly put a dent in their power.

This is the guy that showed up in the last two episodes and the same man that was in Director Moon's car. There seems no doubt that he is probably Wha Yeong's man and if you go one step further from Prosecutor Choi's cryptic words of "Do you think there is only one Park Man Geon?" we could even take a guess that he might be another Park Man Geon. 

I am a bit scared that since the mystery man paid a visit to deputy Yoo who seems to recognize him and takes a very respectful attitude towards the man, I am afraid the show is trying to suggest that deputy Yoo is also one of Hwa Yeong's man.... 

Anyway, I finished the show with this hopeless feeling that the "big evil" is just some monster that will keep coming back no matter what you do... and maybe everyone you trust is already working for them. Not a good feeling at all.

Oh, well. At least the show did give us a decent happy ending with Dong Chi and Yeol Moo's romance. I really should be thanking my lucky stars the writer at least gave us that much.

All in all, I enjoyed myself immensely while watching this show and despite my choice to rewrite some endings in my head I am impressed with what a great ride it has been.   


  1. Thanks for the recaps! I don't know if you're open to corrections on your english, but thought you might want to know that it should be "Prosecutor", and not " persecutor" :-) the latter means "oppressor" or "bigot". Also, I've noticed that you use the word "summery" (recap) when I believe you mean "summary". Summery means "reminiscent of summer". I hope you're okay with the corrections ! As someone who studies other languages I know I prefer it, so hope I'm not stepping out of bounds. Anyhow, I enjoyed reading you recaps, thanks!

    1. You are totally welcome to correct any mistake you find! I do try to proofread but I know I miss a whole bunch of stuff... So I am happy when someone like you are kind enough to catch those for me! Thanks again.

    2. Oh My Goodness... that's crazy I made those two mistakes so consistently through all those recaps. Thanks again! I would sure appreciate it if you (or anyone else) would continue let me know the mistakes so I could correct them. To save you guys time, just let me know what the word(s) I made the mistake on and what the right one should be. I usually know my mistake when I can see the two words side by side.

    3. Glad to be of help :-) I really enjoy your mini recaps, keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you for the recaps. :)