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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Running Rose Ep1-10 (K-Daily) First Impression

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Show: Running Rose/ Run, Jang Mi
Synopsis: A girl's story from riches to rags and her fight to survive even after she is abandoned by her newly wedded husband. Sounds kinda heavy, but the story does a good job in balancing the heavy with light moments.
Character Sketch
Baek Jang Mi (Lee Young Ah)
Growing up in a wealthy family, 26 years old Jang Mi's life is one smooth ride until her father died suddenly while she is on her honeymoon. 

Losing everything, including her new husband, Jang Mi can only start doing everything to take care of herself and her mother.

Thanks to Jang Mi's culinary skills and her bright attitude, she is able to find a job in a rice cake shop and that's where her life become embroiled with our hero Tae Ja. 

Hwang Tae Ja (Ko Joo Won)
Sole grandson of a large food company, Tae Ja's goal in life is to play and do no work at all. Secretly harboring scars from his dad's death and resentment towards his grandfather, Tae Ja is determined not to inherit his grandfather's company but to stay useless for the rest of his life. 

Tae Ja's goal of doing no work, hits a snag when his grandfather suddenly decides to cut off all his financial support unless he works in the same rice cake shop as Jang Mi. 

Kang Min Joo
The obligatory character who follows our hero Tae Ja around with her determination to marry him no matter what. Min Joo is actually our heroine's ex-sister-in-law, but the two women has never met each other. 

Kang Min Chul
Jang Mi's no good ex-husband who abandoned her the moment he realizes Jang Mi's family is bankrupted. A plastic surgeon, Min Chul is your typical mama's boy who might have had real feelings for Jang Mi but is easily swayed when his self interest is on the line. 
Jang Joon Hyeok
A trusted hyung to Tae Ja, but who is looked down upon by Tae Ja's mom due to the fact his dad is a driver for the Hwan family. 

Joon Hyeok is currently dating Tae Hee, Tae Ja's little sister despite strong opposition from Tae Hee's mom. 
Hwang Tae Hee
Tae Ja's little sister who harbors a secret crush on Joon Hyeok and finally mustered up her courage to convince him to date her for three months. 

Episode 1-10 Brief Summary 
Despite Min Chul's promise of eternal love, he is quickly convinced by his mother to ask Jang Mi for a divorce right after they realize Jang Mi's family is bankrupted. Stunned by how quickly Min Chul's loving facade fell, Jang Mi nevertheless refuses to get a divorce. 

However, Jang Mi has no choice but to agree to a divorce in order to save her brother from jail when in his drunken anger he beats Min Chul to a pulp,  Jang Mi's brother's brash behavior not only forces Jang Mi to agree to the divorce she also has no choice but to forsake all her dowries. 

With Jang Mi's dowries, Min Chul happily puts Jang Mi in the past and opens up his own plastic surgery practice. 
Through chance meeting, Jang Mi meets Tae Ja's grandfather, Chairman Hwang. Later on, when Chairman Hwang sees how hard working Jang Mi is, he decides to force Tae Ja to work along side of Jang Mi in hopes that Tae Ja can change before he dies. (Chairman Hwang just found out he has cancer.) 

Up to episode 10, Jang Mi still thinks Chairman Hwang as a lonely elderly man that comes into the rice cake store once in a while. 
Jang Mi is promised if she can train Tae Ja successfully in six months, then she will become an official employee. However, Tae Ja proves to be a difficult trainee with his out right obstinate attitude and constant demand that Jang Mi fires him so he can go back home. 

To speed up Tae Ja's change, Chairman Hwang also makes Tae Ja moves into Driver Jang's house, which also happens to be where Jang Mi is living as well.  
In episode 10, Tae Ja finds Jang Mi passed out on the floor at the rice cake store. 
Carrying Jang Mi on his back, Tae Ja rushes to the hospital and hears the shocking news from the doctor that Jang Mi is pregnant. 


The first 5 episodes was kinda hard to watch since after watching the show's trailer you can pretty much know what's going to happen at first. However, it does have some important character set up so it wasn't a complete waste of time. For example, we find out that despite Tae Ja's uncaring facade he actually has a really kind heart and his goal to waste his life is rooted in his resentment towards his grandfather. 

Most of the character set up in this show so far is pretty straight forward except Joon Hyeok, Driver Jang's son and Tae Ja's trusted hyung. 

At first look, it seems fairly easy to pigeon hole Joon Hyeok as the guy who will raise up to try to take Tae Ja's inheritance from him due to his long resentment towards how badly Tae Ja's mom treats both his dad and him. However, there seems to be a glimmer of genuine warmth between Tae Ja and Joon Hyeok. I am unclear if Joon Hyeok really does like Tae Ja's little sister or if he is just using her as a stepping stone. So, all in all, at least by this point I am not sure what role Joon Hyeok plays yet. 

On to the important part. The chemistry between our two leads are not too obvious yet, since they do spend most of the time bickering but I find their interaction easy to watch and that is very promising. 


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