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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Someone Like You (T-Drama) Episode 1-2 Summary & First Impression

Successful in business and love, Fang Zhan Cheng seems to have everything going for him, until one day he loses both his sight and his fiancee Luo Han in a tragic car accident.

Zhan Cheng's company is facing an ongoing crisis over his loss of eye sight. Immersed in his guilt over Luo Han's death, Zhan Cheng refuses to get the necessary operation to get his eye sight back and chooses instead to put on a show for the reporters in order to stabilize his company.
By accident, Zhan Cheng hears a familiar voice that sounds exactly like his fiancee and starts to follow it. Wang Yu Xi excitedly gets ready for her free spa, completely unaware that Zhan Chen has followed her right into her spa room. Lost in her own singing, Yu Xi turns around with her bath towel wide open only to find a complete stranger standing right behind her. Not knowing Zhan Cheng is blind, Yu Xi screams at the top of her lung and accuses him of being a pervert.
Unbeknownst to Yu Xi, her accusation actually ended up helping Zhan Cheng to firmly dispel rumors of his blindness.
Wang Yu Xi, a doppelganger of Zhan Cheng's dead fiancee Luo Han, a girl who is only similar to Luo Han in looks. In contrast to the soft spoken medical doctor Luo Han was, Yu Xi is a rough loud girl who is quick to come up with fibs to cover for her mother's job as the local "prophetess".

Despite Yu Xi's bright personality, she is actually under constant pressure to come up with money to take care of her brother who requires frequent medical procedures.

Yu Xi idolizes her boyfriend Lee Bo Yan who works as a director's assistant at a big corporation. So far, it is obvious that Yu Xi thinks about her boyfriend much more than her boyfriend thinks of her.
Agreeable to any suggestion to make money, Yu Xi accepts Zhan Cheng's friend's suggestion and becomes Zhan Cheng's private nurse. However, on the first day of her job, Yu Xi reads a news article about a husband killing his wife. Unaware of Zhan Cheng's past, Yu Xi starts cursing men who shamelessly keep living when their other half died because of them. Angrily, Zhan Cheng fires a puzzled Yu Xi and tries to commit suicide later that night... which obviously failed.
The next day, Yu Xi meets Zhan Cheng again at an orphanage and starts to vent her anger towards him. Still hurt from Yu Xi's words the night before, Zhan Cheng takes off on his own and walks right into a busy interaction.

Yu Xi soon finds out about Zhan Cheng's tragic loss of his fiancee and races after Zhan Cheng. After almost getting hit by the busy traffic, Yu Xi finally makes her way to Zhan Cheng and begs his forgiveness for her words.
That night while Yu Xi waits at Zhan Cheng's house for his friend to show up, the electricity goes out. Completely freaked out by the dark since she just finished watching a horror movie, Yu Xi is almost frantic when Zhan Cheng finds her cowering in the bathroom.

Calming Yu Xi down with his closeness, Zhan Cheng skillfully leads Yu Xi through his house in the darkness. This was one really sizzling walk.

Looking at Zhan Cheng's profile in the candle light, Yu Xi starts to get a glimps of the loneliness that Zhan Cheng lives with.  

Once the electricity comes back, Yu Xi gets ready to leave. Bidding Zhan Cheng farewell since there is very little chance they will meet again, Yu Xi turns to leave only to be stopped by Zhan Cheng's question "Will you stay and be my nurse?"

First Impression

Not bad at all. The pace is quite good and the acting is also great as well. The emotional draw is definitely there and the two leads certainly can dial up the chemistry when they need to. 

I am impressed with Kristen Ren's (Yu Xi) acting so far. She was perhaps a bit weak at playing the soft spoken fiancee but she certainly is in her element as the fun loving Yu Xi. 

I do have some worry that the show will spiral into sob feast territory once the 2nd female lead shows up. The 2nd female lead is suppose to be a girl who received heart transplant from Luo Han and thus will start to behave like Zhan Cheng's dead fiancee. Cue conflict for our poor hero. 

Anyhow, I am planning to keep checking in on this one and let's just all cross our fingers that it will keep up the fun. 

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  1. Following this drama out, as well. So far, I'm really liking the visuals, acting (pretty impress with Kirsten here; I've followed her during IAGW and Yu Xi is totally different from Jia En) and chemistry is also present. Hope everything and also pacing stays good! :)