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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Legendary Witch Episode 21-22 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: I REALLY want to know what happens when you tick off Young Guk!

Thanks to Young Guk, Soo In is able to open up her very own bakery after Joo Ran steals her food truck. Joo Ran's first few day of business proves to be really profitable but also draws an unpleasant visit from Joo Hee. Unwilling to suffer any longer to have Woo Seok being angry at her, Joo Hee kneels down in apology to Soo In but also takes the opportunity to stress again that a woman like Soo In has nothing to offer to a man like Woo Seok.

Determined to have Woo Seok no matter how pitiful it makes her, Joo Hee even allows other employees to assume that she will be marrying Woo Seok soon. 
Chairman Ma pays a visit to Woo Seok in his office and overhears Woo Seok's inquiry about the Turtle Bakery.

Shaken by the suspicion that Woo Seok might be Jin Woo, Bok Nyeo's son that should have died in the fire, Chairman Ma sends his son-in-law, Won Jae to steal the picture Woo Seok got from the orphanage.

The picture confirms what Chairman Ma doesn't want to believe and he now has to figure out how to deal with the fact that the man he has spent so much time to to cultivate is the last person he wants to help.
The next day, Woo Seok notes with puzzlement that Chairman Ma's attitude towards his has changed drastically. Wanting to have time to figure out a way to stop Woo Seok from finding out the truth about his birth parents, Chairman Ma decides to send Woo Seok on an overseas business trip. 

We get an additional clue from Madam Ma's ramblings that she probably has been hiding the secret documents Bok Nyeo has been searching for and in her jumbled mind Madam Ma struggles with her desire to both protect her husband and to give the documents to Bok Nyeo. Poor lady, she was probably driven crazy by her guilt. 
Unable to let go of his feelings for Mi O, Do Jin finds himself popping up in front of Mi O despite his impending marriage. Do Jin gets overwhelmed with jealousy when he overhears Mi O sweet talking to her son on the phone, except he thinks it's Mi O's new boyfriend instead.

Do Jin's doomed fate hits a snag though thanks to Joo Ran who finds out that Bo Gyeong's "nephew" is really her baby. Shocked by the news, Mistress Cha faints right away. 
While Do Jin is hopping with joy to see his engagement goes sour, Mistress Cha is starting to sway again after Bo Gyeong's mom tempts her with Shinwha's stock. 
Thanks to Young Guk's money, the girls are happily working in Soo In's bakery... except Bok Nyeo who fumes over Young Guk's attempt to get her hands on Yi Moon every chance she gets.

At first Bok Nyeo tries to ignore Young Guk ogling her man, but eventually Bok Nyeo can't take it anymore and the two frenemy decides to go at it. 
Caught between Joo Hee's words and the knowledge that Woo Seok is in pain because of her, Soo In still can't help it but watch with anxiety when she sees Wook Seok drinking alone. Soon Soo In starts drinking with Woo Seok and ends up being carried on his back ... again. In her drunken state, Soo In confesses "When I watch you suffering in pain I hurt so badly too."

Wryly, Woo Seok asks "If it hurt so bad, why don't you just date me then."
Shaking her head, Soo In protests "No no, how can teacher date someone like me. Joo Hee is right, I would be no help to you but be a hindrance to your future."

The next morning, Soo In wakes up late and rushes to the bakery only to find Woo Seok already there doing all the baking for her. So Sweet! 
Always one to stir up trouble, Joo Ran secretly visits Soo In's bakery and tells the local ajumma about the girls' prison stay. 

Happy to stir up trouble for the girls that took her precious Yi Moon away from her, the lead ajumma leads a bunch of others to deface the bakery and to declare that their neighborhood will boycott against the bakery. 

Even though it doesn't take the girls long to figure out Joo Ran was behind all the rumors but there doesn't seem to be much they can do but watch their once bustling business becomes empty. 
Worried about the survival of her bakery and missing Woo Seok who is away on his business trip at the same time, Soo In accidentally cuts herself. When Soo In runs home to get some first aid she intercepts a phone call informing her that Woo Seok's plane has suffered an accident and Woo Seok is one of the many that has been rushed to the hospital. 

In a panic, Soo In rushes to the hospital and assumes the first patient she sees that is lying by himself all bandaged up as Woo Seok.
Shocked, Soo In hurries over to the bedside and pours out her confession of how much she misses and loves Woo Seok in tears. 
In the middle of Soo In's moving confession, a sudden call of "Moon Soo In, what are you doing over there?" stops her cold. Soo In looks up and is overjoyed to see Woo Seok standing just a short distance away from her with a bandaged arm. 

Without any hesitation Soo In rushes over to Woo Seok and throws her arm around a rather surprised Woo Seok.  


Ahh... The lady finally admits her feelings. Poor Soo In, she must have been in such panic since her husband died of a plane accident so she must have been so scared that she might lose Woo Seok the same way. 

I am fairly excited to see what the girls come up with to rescue their bakery. It seems rather hopeless to me currently, but hey I have a lot of faith in Young Guk and Poong Geum to come up with some "unusual" ideas. 

As for Mistress Cha, I am kinda speechless at how far she is willing to go to make Shinwha Do Jin's, even if she has to drag her son kicking and screaming to the crown. However, maybe once we find out what terrible thing Chairman Ma did to her we would understand why she is willing to sacrifice her precious son. 


  1. It's Young Ok and Moon Soo In by the way- a lot of the different subbers have got the names wrong, so don't worry.
    Same. It looks like they won't be able to save the bakery, really. I really wish that Do Jin and Mi Oh were able to talk through everything, because both are such nice characters and all. Bo Kyung and Miss Cha are both kinda scary...

    1. Thanks for letting me about the names, but I am afraid now I have made the mistake we might have to stick with it since I am too far in on the recap to go back and change them all. I am going to go back and fix Soo In's last name though, since I think I only mentioned her last name a few times.

      I actually think they are going to be able to save the bakery since that seems to be their only way to go head to head with Chairman Ma. I am holding onto the hope that Woo Seok will end up working at Soo In's bakery as well.