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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Legendary Witch Episode 23-24 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: Anyone else as happy as I was to see Joo Ran get a face full of water?

For this week's episodes I am going to again be diving the story between the four women according to their story line.

Bok Nyeo
Determined to put her moves on Yi Moon, Young Guk steals a letter from Bok Nyeo's pocket. Having never learned to read, Young Guk bribes Nam Byeol to read the letter, and finds out that Yi Moon has asked Bok Nyeo to meet that night.
Dressed in her finest, Young Guk shows up to meet with Yi Moon and lies that Bok Nyeo refuses to come so she was sent instead. Already angry, the next morning Yi Moon gets even more frustrated to see Bok Nyeo completely unapologetic when in truth Bok Nyeo had never read the letter.
Thanks to Nam Byeol though, Yi Moon and Bok Nyeo's misunderstanding is quickly resolved. Realizing they have to do something about Young Guk, Yi Moon and Bok Nyeo sets her up with a elderly gentleman on a double date. Judging from Young Guk's reaction though, she is not too impressed with her date.
Ha, I totally didn't expect Yi Moon and Bok Nyeo to try to set Young Guk on a blind date... but the more I think about it the more it seems appropriate. 

Poong Geum 
Always a charmer, Poong Geum is attracting the attention of their well off landlord, much to the annoyance of Wol Han. 

The stabs of jealousy turns right into raging protectiveness when Poong Geum gets into an argument with the local ajummas who are trying to oust the girls from the neighborhood. 

Mi O
Thanks to his crazy ex-finance, Do Jin finds out about his son's existence. 
Racing to meet with Mi O, Do Jin breaks down in sobs after Mi O ruthlessly refuses to accept Do Jin back into her life much less to be a dad to their son. 

Despite Mi O's harsh words though, Do Jin's pain is swaying her heart and after encouragements from everyone, Mi O finally decides to take Do Jin back. 
Disenchanted with his mother, Do Jin leaves the Ma household despite Mistress Cha's pitiful begging. 

Do Jin tries one last time to get his family to accept Mi O and their son but that was just wistful thinking on his part.  
In the end Do Jin ends up walking out of the Ma household after he leaves his car keys and credit cards behind. Promising to live on his own ability to protect his little family, Do Jin officially is not a member of the Ma household anymore. 
I wasn't quite ready to forgive Do Jin for how badly he treated Mi O... but I am impressed after his show of guts in leaving the Ma wealth behind. 
 Soo In
Rushing to the hospital, Soo In breaks down in loud sobs after she sees Woo Suk is alive and well. 
Not one to pass up an opportunity to milk his wounded arm, Woo Suk pouts until Soo In feeds him and washes his face. (Although, Nam Byeol ends up taking over the face washing.) 
While Soo In tries to back paddle from her hospital confession, Woo Suk refuses to let her and the two finally confirms their feelings. 

Yeah! While I feel bad that Soo In's husband died but I doubt she could ever smile like she is now while living in the Ma house. 
Joo Hee finds out about Soo In's change of heart from Woo Suk and storms right to the bakery to slap Soo In to vent her anger. 

This lady really is venturing into the crazy person territory... wait, maybe she did that couple episodes ago already. 
All but certain that Woo Suk is the son of his old bakery partner, Chairman Ma changes his tune and tells Joo Hee to give up on Woo Suk. Of course, Chairman Ma's order falls on deaf ears. 
Thanks to bribes from Chairman Ma, Woo Suk's last hope of finding more about his parents hits a dead end. 

Knowing Chairman Ma is already suspicious of her especially after he finds out that she was the one to take Woo Suk to the orphanage where Woo Suk found his childhood picture, Mistress Cha sneaks into Madam Ma's room to find Bok Nyeo's secret documents. Unfortunately, Madam Ma wakes up and admist the chaos tells Mistress Cha "I know what you are trying to steal. I won't give it to anyone other than Bok Nyeo" 
Just when Woo Suk thought all hope in finding out about his birth parents are gone, a surprise phone call from a man who used to work in Bok Nyeo's bakery calls both Woo Suk and Bok Nyeo to arrange a meeting. 

As Bok Nyeo and Woo Suk both rush out to meet the man we are left to wonder if they will actually find out about the truth next week!!! 


I really hope the truth comes out next week, but I am afraid judging by how calm things are in next week's preview my wish probably won't come true. 

How awesome was it to see Do Jin's ex-fiance gets into an all out fight with Joo Ran?! That was so great! We just needed Joo Hee to get into the fight and it would have been a crazy women reunion. 

While I am happy with the story so far I am starting to get impatient for Bok Nyeo and Woo Suk to find out about Chairman Ma's secret and start down the path to avenge themselves. It just seems like the girls and Woo Suk has been nothing but sitting ducks while Chairman Ma has plenty of time to plot his evil plans. So here is to really fierce wishing that the truth will be out at least by episode 26! 


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