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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Legendary Witch Episode 25-26 Mini Recap

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Favorite Pick up line: Woo Seok to Soo In "Do you smell something burning? Oh, wait, it's my heart sizzling for you." Ha! Should we all make it a goal this week to use that line sometime... remember to keep a straight face while you are saying it! 

Right before Bok Nyeo's ex-employee meets with both Woo Seok and Bok Nyeo, he is whisked away to meet with Chairman Ma who lies to him and labels Woo Seok as a conman who is posing himself as Bok Nyeo's illegitimate son for money.

Not realizing they are actually waiting for the same person, Woo Seok and Bok Nyeo eventually laughs at their similar fate of being ditched.
Upset that his search for clues for his birth parents hits another dead end, Woo Seok turns to Soo In for comfort. Obediently, Soo In suggests things like drinking and Kareoke but none of those are what Woo Seok had in mind. Refer to the above picture for what Woo Seok thinks is the proper way to comfort him... actually he meant hugging... but somehow it evolved into kissing... go figures.
Without the Ma family, Do Jin is quickly realizing life is pretty difficult for the normal folks. Do Jin apologizes to Mi O for not having enough money to provide a better life for her, but Mi O just blames herself for not having a good enough background to suit the Ma family.

Having no other place to go, Do Jin ends up crushing at Woi Han's study dormitory.

Young Guk lies on her "sick bed" being overwhelmed with the shock of being set up with a grandpa. When the very same grandpa shows up bearing flowers (this time remembering to put his hearing aid in), Young Guk finally loses her temper.
A still ticked off Young Guk decides to make everyone's life difficult by declaring that since the bakery is doing so poorly, then all the girls are forbid from dating at all. The girls starts to complain loudly but quickly buckle under Young Guk's threat to pull her money from the bakery if the girls refuse to comply.
The girls decide to do something nice with all the left over bread and gives them to elderly homes and public service employees.

While the girls are out and about they hear a high pitch scream. Upon seeing two men bothering a young lady, the girls charge right into the fray and fight the men off. Walking the distressed young lady home, the girls are surprised to find out that the young lady is actually the daughter of the ajumma that has been trying to oust them from the neighborhood.
Bashful that the "dangerous" ajummas are actually the one that saved her precious daughter, the neighborhood ajumma shows up at the bakery to personally offer her gratitude and recognizes Joo Ran as the woman who told her bunch of lies about the bakery in the first place.
Standing in front of the city office, Mi O asks Do Jin once more if he is sure marrying her is the right decision for him. With confidence, Do Jin assures Mi O that he is sure life with her and their son is the right one for him.
Thanks to Joo Ran's big mouth, Mistress Cha finds out right away that her son has gotten married and rushes to the bakery just in time to see Do Jin and Mi O back from registering their marriage.

Yelling and screaming, Mistress Cha keeps asking Do Jin how he could possibly choose Mi O over his own mother when he of all people knows how much she has suffered. With a pained look, Do Jin tells his mom to stop sacrificing for him and leave the Ma family.

Crying in the car, Mistress Cha remembers the sweet moments she shared with Do Jin's dad while she was pregnant with him.
Obviously a much better detective than he is a business man, Won Jae (Joo Ran's husband) finds out that Mistress Cha was the one that recommended Woo Seok to Shinhwa group's student sponsoring program years ago.

Just when it looks like the evil side has all the cards, Bok Nyeo's past employee Mr. Lee contacts Bok Nyeo again and two was able to meet. Bok Nyeo is furious to hear someone could be so shameless as to pose as her illegitimate son.
Now that Woo Seok is definitely not the ideal son-in-law, Chairman Ma orders Joo Hee to start going on marriage meets. On the night of her marriage meet, Joo Hee ends up standing in front of Woo Seok's house completely drunk. Soo In comes home just in time to see Woo Seok and Joo Hee in an embrace.

Stoically, Soo In calmly tells Woo Seok to safely send Joo Hee home. Woo Seok comes back from Joo Hee's house to find a still stoic Soo In working in the bakery kitchen.

After a brief try of keeping her uncaring pretense, Soo In finally threatens to go get drunk and kiss other men if she sees Woo Seok embracing other women again. Woo Seok pulls Soo In into a hug and tells her to keep sharing her true emotions with him. Most importantly, Woo Seok assures Soo In that he won't hold other women ever again.

Now that Chairman Ma is certain Woo Seok is Jin Woo, Chairman Ma decides to get rid of Woo Seok by sending him to Vietnam for good using work as an excuse.

Unwilling to go to Vietnam and more importantly to be kept from being a baker, Woo Seok decides to hand in his resignation after talking over his decision with Soo In.

Not one to disappoint, Young Guk cooks up a plan to make Joo Ran pay for spreading rumor about the bakery. Decked out to nines as the rich ajumma, Young Guk goes to Joo Ran's bank and within Joo Ran's ear shot shows off the great investment return she has been getting from a specific firm. Intrigued right away, Joo Ran pays special attention to the name of the firm Young Guk mentioned.
Soo In sees Woo Seok's picture that he got from the orphanage, and finds out that Woo Seok has tried asking for help on the bakery union's homepage but the man who contacted him never showed up.

Knowing she is fast running out of time now that Chairman Ma is suspicious of her, Mistress Cha sends Wook Seok the other half of the torn picture that has a young Bok Nyeo on it.  

The more Bok Nyeo thinks about some strange man is out there posing as her son the more bothered she is by it. Bidding a quick goodbye to Soo In, Bok Nyeo goes to Shinwha group to meet with Chairman Ma only to be told he is out of the office.

Watching Bok Nyeo leaving on a taxi, Soo In starts to wonder about what Woo Seok mentioned that morning and eventually pieces everything together. (Finally!!!) Soo In rushes to find Mr. Lee who confirms that the picture Woo Seok has from the orphanage is one of Bok Nyeo's husband and her son, Jin Woo.

Soo In calls Wook Seok just as he walks out into Shinhwa group's lobby and wonders why Bok Nyeo in the lobby as well.
Telling Woo Seok to stay calm, Soo In drops the bomb that Bok Nyeo is the mom Woo Seok has been searching for. Completely shocked by what Soo In is telling him, Woo Seok stares at Bok Nyeo is disbelief as she stands a short distance away from him.


Whew!! It's FINALLY OUT! I really was starting to lose hope! I was really surprised that Soo In was the one to piece everything together, but hey, I am just glad that someone was smart enough to do it.
One of my favorite scene this week is where Woo Seok asks Soo In if she will ask him to stay or not. After a brief pause, Soo In reply with determination "Stay, It has only been a short time since we have been together, but I can't imagine my life without you." 

Holy molly, a heroine who is not afraid to say what she means!!! I love how truthful Woo Seok and Soo In are with each other... well, if you ignore the couple episodes where Soo In is in denial about her feelings. But so far, I really like Soo In and Woo Seok as a couple. 


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