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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Legendary Witch Episode 27-28 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: Joo Ran "I am the oldest daughter of Shinhwa group..." Young Guk and her friend answer together "So?" 
Oh, My! I love these two together. Can we have a repeat performance?

Completely stunned by Soo In's assertion that Bok Nyeo is his mother, Woo Seok is even more confused when he hears Bok Nyeo asking Chairman Ma who is the conman that is posing as her husband's son. Nervously, Chairman Ma makes the feeble excuse that he is too busy to remember a conman's identity.

Woo Seok rushes to Mr. Lee's bakery and confirms for himself that he is Jin Woo, Bok Nyeo's son.
Back in the privacy of his room, Woo Seok cries as he matches the two torn pictures of him and a young Bok Nyeo.
Still not completely certain that he really is Jin Woo, Woo Seok is unwilling to tell bok Nyeo the truth in case he turns out not to be her son.

Woo Seok meets with Chairman Ma to officially resign from his job and also takes the opportunity to ask why Chairman Ma would label him as a conman to Mr. Lee. Without missing a beat, Chairman Ma lies to Woo Seok and presents himself as the one who secretly recommended him to Shinhwa Group's student sponsoring program. Not doubting Chairman Ma at all, Woo Seok leaves Shinhawa believing Chairman Ma was only trying to keep the truth of his birth parents from him for his own good.
Suspicious of Mistress Cha, Chairman Ma tries to get Do Jin to give up his Shinhwa stock option but fails when Mistress Cha vehemently forbids her son from doing so.

A confused Madam Ma forgets that she hid her pillow in the sauce urn and causes a ruckus trying to find it.
Mistress Cha finally figures out from Madam Ma's weird actions that the secret papers are in the pillow. Eagerly, Mistress Cha cuts the pillow open and finds the paper that incriminates Chairman Ma she has been searching for all these years.
As it happens, Chairman Ma also finds out that very day that Mistress Cha is the one who secretly took care of a child Wook Seok when he was in the hospital.

Rushing home, the first thing Chairman Ma does is to slap Mistress Cha hard across the face and accuse her of biting the hand that feeds her.
Snickering, Mistress Cha yells back "You have never done a thing for me!" In fact, according to Mistress Cha, Chairman Ma even owes her the life of her fiancee and the father of her child. In a flash back, we see a younger Chairman Ma shamelessly tries to pursue a pregnant Mistress Cha, despite her repeated refusal. Mistress Cha's fiancee shows up in time to see Chiarman Ma forcibly holding onto his fiance and after a few jeering words from Chairman Ma, runs away. Mistress Cha chases after her fiancee only to see him get hit by a truck.
Now that Chairman Ma knows her true intention, Mistress Cha leaves the Cha family home and shows up the very next morning at Chairman Ma's office with documents that reveals her goal to take over Shinhwa group.

A brief summary of what's going on with the other girls.
Weaving a web of trap right around Joo Ran, Young Guk spares no expense to set herself up as a rich lady who has high connections. Thanks to a previous cell mate who really is one of the high society, Joo Ran has no doubt at all that Young Guk is earning an impossible high return from a group called Secret S.
As an ex-chaebol, Do Jin is fast realizing the world is not going to treat him like a prince anymore. Fortunately, Do Jin is ready to swallow his pride for the sake of his little family and starts working as a driver.

Poong Geum is currently faced with a serious decision. The kind Mr. Landlord who seems to be truly wealthy is pursuing Poong Geum seriously with promises of giving her everything she ever wanted... but the man is already sixty years old. Looking at Mr. Landlord's puckered lips, Poong Geum decides to just close her eyes and swallow her distaste. Fortunately, Woi Han jumps out in time and stops Poong Geum from kissing the guy.
Thanks to Bok Nyeo's turtle door bell Woo Seok is starting to remember bits of his childhood memory.

Knowing how much Woo Seok is struggling, Soo In gives him a kiss to cheer him up.

After watching Bok Nyeo missing her son fiercely and Soo In's continual encouragement to not make Bok Nyeo suffer any longer, Woo Seok calls for a family meeting to reveal his true identity. At first everyone assume Woo Seok is going to announce his intention to marry Soo In, but they starts to wonder when Woo Seok performs a formal bow towards Bok Nyeo.


About time! I was starting to wonder how long Woo Seok was going to drag this thing out.

I am pretty excited for all the secrets to finally come to light. It's time for everyone to start battling Chairman Ma head on. Speaking of Chairman Ma, how shameless can a guy be to present himself as Woo Seok's savoir when he probably is the one that killed Woo Seok's dad and framed Bok Nyeo for murder.

This episode went a long way to soften my attitude towards Mistress Cha, especially when she sincerely apologizes to Madam Ma for hurting her in order to protect herself and her son. I do hope we will see Madam Ma recover her sanity. I am really curious after so many years if she would still be willing to protect her husband despite her knowledge of what a monster he is.


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