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Sunday, January 4, 2015

What Happens to My Family Episode 40 Drive By Recap

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Question of the hour: How can this show have such great bromance and frenemies? 

In the middle of the new year party Kang Jae realizes Daddy Cha is missing and goes searching for him. Finding Daddy Cha suffering in pain alone, Kang Jae can do nothing but look on hopelessly.

While searching for Kang Jae, Hyo Jin overhears Kang Shim's marriage proposal to Tae Joo.

Completely shocked by Kang Shim's question, it doesn't take Tae Joo long to figure out why Kang Shim is doing this "It's because of your dad?"

Instead of giving Kang Shim an answer, Tae Joo asks for time to think over the marriage proposal before he decides.

Back in her own room, Kang Shim covers her face with embarrassment when she think back to Tae Joo's reaction to her proposal and assumes that Tae Joo must not have marriage in mind.

Not faring much better than Kang Shim, Tae Joo's whole world is thrown into chaos by the proposal. With no clue how he is suppose to answer Kang Shim, especially since he is actually quite hurt by the fact that Kang Shim is only proposing to him because of Daddy Cha's illness, Tae Joo turns to his trusted love adviser again... Wook Tak.

Despite suffering some obvious frustration to be offering love advise to his competitor, Wook Tak nonetheless asks Tae Joo one important question: "Do you fear marriage or fear a world without Cha Kang Shim more?"

I so love the fact Tae Joo keeps going to Wook Tak for advise and the fact Wook Tak actually gives him good advise. 
Feeling the urgency to makes everything ready for his impending death, Daddy Cha decides to lease out his tofu store. The news of Daddy Cha's intention to sell his tofu store spurs Seo Wool into action and she urges Dal Bong to approach Daddy Cha about taking over the store.

Dal Bong's suggestion to help in the tofu store is quickly refuted by Daddy Cha. In fact, when Dal Bong keeps pressing the matter, Daddy Cha yells that Dal Bong will never work at the tofu store and tells him to just concentrate on becoming a chef.

Kang Shim thought her embarrassment with Tae Joo was only her own knowledge, but to her dismay she quickly find out that thanks to Hyo Jin's big mouth, her whole family has found out. Trying to save her last shred of dignity, Kang Shim tries to deny the whole thing, but Hyo Jin insists that she saw everything with her own eyes.

With her super radar sense, Young Sul quickly confronts Kang Shim about the proposal and is furious when she finds out the truth that not only has Tae Joo not given Kang Shim an answer, he has also not contacted her at all.
Unable to just sit at home, Kang Shim finally decides to forget the waiting game and is ready to charge right to Tae Joo's door to demand a definite answer from him.

However, once Kang Shim storms out, she finds Tae Joo nervously waiting in front of her house. A bit surprised to meet so unexpectedly, Tae Joo and Kang Shim nonetheless takes the opportunity to lay all their issues out on the table. Tae Joo raises a bunch of questions such as what is Kang Shim's true reason of wanting to marry him and why did she not tell him about the Hong Kong promotion but in the end Tae Joo only has one question "Cha Kang Shim, do you love me?"

Exasperated that Tae Joo would even doubt her, Kang Shim yells "What woman would propose to a man she doesn't love! If I don't love you, then would I be on pins and needles just because I haven't heard from you all day? So now it's your turn to answer me. It's yes or no?!"

After a pause, Tae Joo answers with determination "yes."

Tae Joo's answer make all the Cha family members that have been eavesdropping on the whole conversation give a silent cheer... except Daddy Cha.
Watching his daughter in the arms of Tae Joo, Daddy Cha charges out and yells "Stop!" With a cold stare, Daddy Cha continues "Marriage? Who gave you permission?! "

I love Tae Joo's automatic knee jerk reaction to shrink whenever he sees Daddy Cha. Of course Daddy Cha does treat Tae Joo with more authority than he treats anyone else. I guess that's just how a dad would react towards any man that is trying to steal his little girl away from him.

Kang Jae trying to teach Hyo Jin that exposing other people's private matter in public is not appropriate. 
I do have to give it to Kang Jae for being extremely patient with Hyo Jin by trying to calmly teaching her how to be sensitive to other people's feeling. Something apparently her mother still sees no reason to teach her. Hyo Jin's character has a long way to go before she will even be likable to me,but at least it looks like Kang Jae is making some solid effort to make his marriage work. 


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