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Sunday, January 4, 2015

What Happens to My Family Episode 41 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: Wow, does people really think in that position?

Instead of jumping with joy that his only daughter is finally willing to get married, Daddy Cha questions Kang Shim in detail about what made her suddenly decides to propose to Tae Joo. Acting completely natural, Kang Shim insists that she harbors no strange reason for her sudden desire to marry. With a huff, Daddy Cha tells Kang Shim to invite Tae Joo over for dinner.

In the mean time, Tae Joo is berating himself for forgetting to give Kang Shim the engagement ring him bought. Thanks to Eun Ho though, Tae Joo is ready to give the ring to Kang Shim by doing the whole routine of pretending to bend down to tie he shoes then casually say "Can you hold this for me?" then hand her the ring. 

Unfortunately, Tae Joo's countless practice was all for naught when Tae Joo's shoe lace stubbornly remains tied despite his vigorous leg shaking.
Eun Ho tells Madam Baek and Chairman Ma about Tae Joo's intention to marry Kang Shim. Right away, Madam Baek is oppose to having Kang Shim as her daughter in law but Chairman Ma thinks Tae Joo can't possibly do better than Kang Shim. Chairman Ma! I knew you are a cool one! 
To prepare for Tae Joo's visit to the house, Kang Shim prepares an official paper that details the kind of questions that her family can't ask Tae Joo. 
Hilariously, Tae Joo is also begging Dal Bong to give him hints for the questions the Cha families will have for him... which means Tae Joo is now preparing all the answers for the questions Kang Shim has just forbid her family to ask him. 
Unable to watch Daddy Cha going forward with selling the tofu store, Dal Bong brings up his desire to take over the store once again. With a long sigh, Daddy Cha tries to explain to Dal Bong that the tofu store was only important to him because it allowed him to provide for his children. Daddy Cha further tells Dal Bong to not focus on just the money but to try to find a path that will bring fulfillment to his life. 

Furious to have his father assume that his only reason for wanting to take over the tofu store was money, Dal Bong asks "Is that really what you think of me?"
Daddy Cha "Yes, that's the kind of person you have shown me to be." Ouch, that really was a harsh thing to say, especially considering all the hard work Dal Bong has put in lately. 

Severely hurt by his father's words, Dal Bong throws all the tofu to the ground and storms out. 

Seo Wool chases after Dal Bong to beg him to stop being angry and go back one more time to convince Daddy Cha with sincerity but Dal Bong is too angry to listen and runs away from Seo Wool. 
Over come by the fight with Dal Bong, Daddy Cha passes out and throws the whole family into chaos. 
Unsure if they really should be keeping Daddy Cha's illness from Dal Bong anymore, Kang Shim and Kang Jae worries over how badly their brother would react to the fact their father is dying. 

Stunned by what he is hearing, Dal Bong shows up in front of his siblings and demands "What do you mean hyung can't do anything to save father?" 

While Kang Shim is still attempting to back paddle, Kang Jae ends the whole pretense by admitting "It's what you are guessing." 

Time to prepare ourselves for a hard episode next week. It's fairly obvious that Dal Bong is going to take this really hard since according to Eun Ho, ever since Dal Bong was young, his father has been his whole world. 

A side note that I didn't cover in the actual recap but I am quite intrigue to see how this story line develop: 
Madam Kwon meets with Miss Ko and accidentally lets Professor Kwon overhears her complaining to Miss Ko all about how unsatisfied she is with him. 
Boy, this is not going to be pretty for Madam Kwon. The kinda of things she said to Miss Ko could really be a deal breaker for Professor Kwon. 

Overall, I am really happy with how this show has been going for the last few weeks. The writer has done extremely well in balancing the sad with the funny and warm scenes. Keep it up show! 


  1. What about the episode 42 when is the review comming out

  2. Poor Dal Bong :(
    I know he's going to take this sad news the hardest, especially after that fight, plus comparing to his siblings he's still so immature that i'm worried for his sake, thank god Seo Wool is by his side.