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Sunday, January 11, 2015

What Happens to My Family Episode 42 Drive By Recap

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Question of the hour: Poor Dal Bong!!! How is he going to be to handle this? 

After Kang Jae confirms his worst nightmare that Daddy Cha really is dying, Dal Bong becomes furious over being kept in the dark by what seems like everyone around him. 

All night, Seo Wool searches everywhere for Dal Bong with Eun Ho's help but it wasn't until the next morning that Eun Ho finds Dal Bong sleeping in his office. 

Kang Shim and Kang Jae shows up at Eun Ho's office to try to convince him to go back home. Still furious, Dal Bong and Kang Jae gets into a heated argument that ended with Kang Jae punching Dal Bong a few times. 

Overwhelmed with despair and anger, Dal Bong yells at Kang Jae "When did you ever become such a good son? If you cared about dad so much why didn't you find out earlier? Aren't you suppose to be a great doctor? How did you not know? How?!" 

Tearing up, Kang Jae replies "SO! That's why I am telling you to shape up, because it is enough for dad to have one unfilial son already.  
After Kang Jae leaves, Dal Bong finally breaks down and cries in Kang Shim's arms. 
Moving on to happier scenes. Still stuck on his strategy of pretending to tie his shoe lace and handing Kang Shim the ring, Tae Joo finally manages to pulls his plan of... just to be interrupted by his father and Madam Baek.

I LOVE how Chairman Moon always tells his employees to turn around whenever something embarrassing comes up... doesn't that just make them pay more attention with their ears? 
Caught red handed in the middle of a marriage proposal, Tae Joo decides to come clean and informs his father and Madam Baek that he is planning to marry Kang Shim in a month. 

Despite being a tad bit bothered by the fact his son has not only seen no need to ask for his permission but has also decided to get married in such a hurry, Chairman Ma is still obviously happy with Tae Joo's good news. In contrast, Madam Baek takes Kang Shim away and warns her that she will surly regret this marriage. Moreover, Madam Baek goes one step further and tells Kang Shim she will take steps to make Kang Shim's married life difficult. With a slight smile, Kang Shim replies "I will take that as Madam giving your approval." Kang Shim, you are so cool! 
On the appointed day of his official visit to the Cha family, Tae Joo is positive that he is prepared in every way possible... until Daddy Cha tells him to go unload twenty plus bags of soy beans for the tofu store. 

Under Daddy Cha's watchful eyes (and the rest of the Cha family's as well) Tae Joo sees no choice but to plaster on a bright smile while his legs threaten to give out under bags of heavy soy beans. When Tae Joo finally finishes hauling all the bags into Daddy Cha's tofu store, much to everyone's amusement he ends up drenching himself with water while trying to freshen up in the bathroom. 
Thanks to Young Seol's husband who generously lends Tae Joo a set of new cloths, Tae Joo eventually makes it to the much awaited dinner table. Everything finally seems to be going right as Daddy Cha and Kang Jae takes turn poring Tae Joo drinks until Young Seol's husband bursts into the house telling Daddy Cha that Dal Bong has stationed himself in the tofu store.  
Let's back track a bit back to when Dal Bong is still in Eun Ho's office. Seo Wool tries to persuade Dal Bong to stop being angry when every moment is so precious now for him and Daddy Cha. Dal Bong confesses to Seo Wool that he simply doesn't have the confidence to act normal in front of his dad. Holding onto Dal Bong, Seo Wool assures him "I will be by your side." 
Pausing in his act of making Tae Joo drunk so he can see what kind of drunk his future son-in-law is, Daddy Cha rushes back to his tofu store to find Dal Bong and Seo Wool in the middle of soaking the soy beans. 

Taking a determined stance, Dal Bong informs his dad "I quit my job at the restaurant today and starting tomorrow I will work at the tofu store." 


To be honest I am a bit confused as to why it is so vital for Dal Bong to inherit Daddy Cha's tofu store but apparently the writer seems to consider it important so I am just going to roll with it. I feel terrible for Dal Bong. How horrible is that he can't even have the time to be angry because time is just too precious of commodity for Daddy Cha. 

Before we go any further, I do need to cover Madam Kwon's little short epic show down with her husband. 
Professor Kwon sits fuming at home until Miss Ko drags his completely drunk wife home. The next morning, Madam Kwon wakes up to find her husband ready to rake her over the coals for her words about how nagging he is and how boring it is to live with him anymore. Instead of being apologetic to her husband for hearing her whole conversation with Miss Ko due to her mistake of pressing the wrong button on her phone, Madam Kwon's accuses her husband of not respecting her privacy by eavesdropping on her. Speechless, Professor Kwon watches his wife with a toss of her hair goes back into her room. 

Poor Professor Kwon, now that Madam Kwon has recaptured some of her old self back, I don't think she is going to revert back to the refined madam anytime soon. 


  1. tq for the great recap :D
    about DB want to run the tofu store, i think because he is proud about his father as a tofu maker and want to be like his dad, i forgot in which ep, DB told SW about that his dream

  2. Young Seol is upset of Director Moon not thanking her for helping make it possible for him to get Kang Shim.
    She so what needed to be known of it.