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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What Happens to My Family Episode 43 Drive By Recap

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Question of the hour: Anyone know why Kang Shim has both the engagement ring and the wedding ring on? Is that a Korean tradition or was Tae Joo just too drunk? 

Furious to see Dal Bong still hasn't given up his desire to work in the tofu store with him, Daddy Cha has a show down with his son at the fried chicken store. Not backing down at all, Dal Bong is determined to realize his dream of working at the tofu store just as he has always wanted to ever since he was little. Facing his father head on, Dal Bong asserts his intention to keep working at the tofu store no matter what Daddy Cha says.
Unfortunately for Dal Bong, his newly found determination gets a rather troublesome start when everyone realizes that not only has Dal Bong forgotten the tofu store closes on Sunday (the very next day) but he has soaked three whole bags of soybeans which means they will have more tofu than they could possibly sell.
The tofu crisis aside, Tae Joo is sitting forlornly back in the Cha family dining room when he all the sudden tells Kang Shim that he has to leave on an emergency business. Turns out, Tae Joo's emergency business is none other than go drinking with Daddy Cha. After a few glasses of alcohol, a drunken Tae Joo complains to Daddy Cha for getting him to move all those heavy soybeans on the day he is making his official son-in-law visit. With a sad expression, Daddy Cha answers Tae Joo "This way you will remember me for a long time. Years from now, Kang Shim and you will talk about this and you guys will remember what happened today." Moved by Daddy Cha's words, Tae Joo holds onto Daddy Cha and cries with happiness after Daddy Cha officially gives his permission for Tae Joo to marry Kang Shim.
A completely drunk Tae Joo hollers loudly outside of the Cha household until Kang Shim comes out to greet him. Despite being drunk, Tae Joo still remembers his shoe lace routine and finally manages to give Kang Shim her ring. Hiding a short distance away, every Cha family member smiles broadly to see Kang Shim and Tae Joo in an embrace after Kang Shim accepts the ring.
I love their interaction here with Kang Shim telling Tae Joo that she loves him and Tae Joo answers "I know." 
The next morning, Daddy Cha gets up early to take care of the tofu crisis Dal Bong has made, but Daddy Cha is surprised to find that Dal Bong and Seo Wool are already at the store making tofu. Watching his brother working hard, Kang Jae takes the opportunity to ask Daddy Cha to reconsider accepting Dal Bong's request. Perhaps moved by Dal Bong and/or Kang Jae's words, Daddy Cha ends up going into the store and showing Dal Bong personally how to make tofu.
Looking at the numerous trays of tofu, Daddy Cha makes a deal with Dal Bong: If Dal Bong can sell all the tofu, then Daddy Cha will accept Dal Bong's request about wanting to inherit the store, but if Dal Bong fails then Dal Bong needs to give up his dream.

At first Dal Bong and Seo Wool are filled with hope that they could really sell all the tofu, but as time passes it starts to hit home what an impossible mission they have embarked upon. However, thanks to Eun Ho and mostly Miss Ko who pulls some very unusual strings, Dal Bong and Seo Wool's tofu starts to sell like crazy. How can Miss Ko be so cool?! 

After a night of heavy drinking, Tae Joo wakes up with no recollection of what he did the night before and panics as he searches in vain for the ring. In contrast to Tae Joo's morning of panic, Kang Shim sits at the breakfast table leisurely admires her ring while showing it off to Young Sul.
Fathers apparently are a troublesome lot for Kang Jae who is splitting his time during his day off between taking care of Professor Kwon who is currently in a cold war with his wife and making sure Daddy Cha's condition stays stable. While treating Professor Kwon to some hang over soup, Kang Jae gets an emergency phone call to go check on Daddy Cha who is laid out from a mild cold.
That night, Daddy Cha wakes up from sleeping all day to see Dal Bong and Seo Wool still energetically selling tofu. Watching the two kids laughing with one another, Daddy Cha mutters "That right, this is what living is like." A cough all the sudden takes hold of Daddy Cha and we see traces of blood in his hand from the cough.

Barely able to stand up, Daddy Cha leans against the store window and keeps on muttering "This is life."

Ahh... So SAD!!! Don't die on us Daddy Cha! I guess with Young Sul's sharp sixth sense it won't be too long before Auntie Cha finds out about Daddy Cha. Boy, that will also be really difficult to watch. 

There is one thing about Young Sul I didn't include in my recap last episode but since a reader commented on it, I figure I'll bring it up here. Young Sul's dissatisfaction with how everyone is fawning over Tae Joo increases when she contrasts that with how little attention her husband receives. I am not sure where this story line with Young Sul is going especially it will be probably dwarfed once Auntie Cha finds out about Daddy Cha's illness. 

My whole problem with Dal Bong wanting to work at the tofu store lessened quite a bit after his assertion that he has always wanted to make tofu just like his father ever since he was little and even after working at other jobs, his dream remained unchanged. As long as Dal Bong had put some serious thought about giving up what looked like a promising career in cooking, I don't see any problem with him being a tofu maker anymore. 

I can't wait until next week to see what Tae Joo did to not only tick off Kang Shim but also makes Daddy Cha rescind his approval! 


  1. Thanks for the recap! I can't wait for the next episode. I think Daddy Cha and Kang Shim are mad at Tae Joo because he forgot about the proposal. He has no idea that he proposed since he was looking for the ring.

    1. Oh! I think you are probably right! I totally forgot about Tae Joo forgetting about the ring.

  2. I really like how most of the characters are not typical cut-outs and that there aren't "evil" characters who I want to poke their eyes out. Miss Ko is awesome, and even Hyo-jin's parents are fun to watch lately.

    I'm preparing the tissues for when Aunt Cha learns about Daddy Cha's illness. When she told him not to be sick, I was already tearing up. It's going to be heartbreaking...

  3. 10 episodes to go, i though this episode was a bit slow compared to the last one but that ending with daddy cha makes me fear for the worse, it'll be really sad to see him die, and worse, auntie cha will be devastated by the awful news (now that young sul is sensing something wrong with her uncle it will be only a matter of time until auntie finds out).
    thanks for the recap!

  4. Dal Bong told Seo Wool when she first showed up that his Dad is his role model and that he wants to take over the toufu shop one day. I guess since it was so many episodes back, many people forgot about it.
    I don't like Young Sul. She is a greedy person who is never satisfied. She's always looking to see what others has that she doesn't have and *itch about it.

  5. The cousin had to put her own career goals aside when she got pregnant. Odd from the American perspective. I'm sure it hurt her to see her mother impressed with the titles of the other relatives and inlaws. We know she treasures her SIL, she has told him so. But the daughter never heard the praise since she was away with the daughter. That part of the story is quite odd. And why hasn't she started earning money toward her gambling debt? Why is she fragile cause she is pregnant?

    It must be frustrating to watch these drama if you live in Korea. Gosh if even a doctor doesn't feel he has a good life but must marry for his future what do ordinary people feel about their own lives? Too many series have this theme.

    Why would Ms Baek have a problem with the marriage of her step son? Gamgshim did help her own marriage happen. They were certainly in the same boat of trying to gain support.