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Sunday, January 18, 2015

What Happens to My Family Episode 44 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: Poor Tae Joo... Who would have thought  giving a ring away would be so difficult?

With five trays of tofu still left to sell, Daddy Cha tells Dal Bong to admit defeat and give up his dream of inheriting the tofu store. However, Dal Bong insists that since it's only 8pm, he still has time to sell the rest of the tofu.

Daddly Cha overhears Eun Ho offering to buy all five trays of tofu in order to help Dal Bong. Knowing Eun Ho really can't eat five trays of tofu by himself nor can he use stale tofu for the restaurant, Dal Bong refuses Eun Ho's offer.
Thanks to Kang Jae, Kang Shim and Young Sul's help, Dal Bong finally sells the rest of the tofu. Daddy Cha finds out about his family helping Dal Bong and yells at his son for always relying on his family to get through life without working hard. 
Hurt by Daddy Cha's words, Dal Bong sobs as he describes how he can hardly breath from the pressure of wanting to do well. "I really feel like I have worked really hard!" 

Stumbling back into his room, Daddy Cha falls to the floor and cries as well. 
The next morning, Dal Bong is ecstatic when Daddy Cha informs him to report to the tofu store at 4am sharp. Jumping with joy, Dal Bong wakes the whole house up with his special brand of laugh! 
Hard at work, Dal Bong finds out very quickly that making tofu is extremely difficult. Undaunted, Dal Bong promises Seo Wool that he will work hard to realize his dream. 
Believing he has somehow lost the rings, Tae Joo proposes to Kang Shim with the new rings he bought. Stunned, Kang Shim can't believe Tae Joo has completely forgotten about his proposal the night before. Flashing her hand for Tae Joo to see the exact same ring he has in his hand, Kang Shim angrily pulls her rings off and gives it back to him. 
Shooting laser beams at Tae Joo, Daddy Cha declares that since Tae Joo doesn't remember anything of the night before then he can forget that he ever approved of their marriage as well. 
Dejected at the sudden turn of events, Tae Joo can only stare at his two rejected rings.

The next day, Tae Joo tries once again to approach Kang Shim but when his apology is met with cold shoulder, Tae Joo can't help but starts to let his frustration show. Even more angry now by Tae Joo's show of frustration, Kang Shim looks like she is not going to forgive Tae Joo anytime soon. 

Kang Shim and Tae Joo's lover's spat is cut short when Chairman Moon all the sudden shows up unannounced. Threatening with his kick, Chairman Moon makes Tae Joo kneel and propose to Kang Shim right in front of him. Albeit not the most romantic proposal, but Kang Shim still shyly allows Tae Joo to put the ring on her. Before Chairman Moon leaves, he tells Kang Shim and Tae Joo to arrange a family meeting with Daddy Cha. 
Remembering how vehemently Daddy Cha refuses to accept him, Tae Joo gingerly approaches Daddy Cha's door. 
Tae Joo all but whines like a little girl to get Daddy Cha to give his approval, unmoved Daddy Cha tells Tae Joo that he can kneel as long as he wants. Seeing that nothing is working, Tae Joo holds onto Daddy Cha's pants to stop him from leaving. 
In the chaos of struggle between Tae Joo and Daddy Cha who is holding onto his pants for dear life, Daddy Cha falls backward and lands right on Tae Joo's head. 


What a warm fuzzy feeling episode. The Cha family is really starting to act like a true family. I was surprised at how quickly Tae Joo was able to get Kang Shim to forgive him though ... but I guess who can refuse Chairman Moon's threatening leg! 


  1. I don't like the way Chairman Moon treats Tae Joo. He deserves to have his catty wife who lives his money more than she loves him.

  2. Sorry, I meant .. "loves his money"