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Monday, January 19, 2015

What Happens to My Family Episode 45 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: Wow, even Hyo Jin is suspicious now... I wonder between Hyo Jin and Young Sul who will find out first?

Back from the hospital with a neck brace Tae Joo is still determined to bug Daddy Cha until he gives his approval. At first unrelenting, Daddy Cha visibly softens though when Tae Joo gives a hint that he still remembers Daddy Cha's words from the night he got drunk AND when Tae Joo starts calling him "Father."

The Cha family happily celebrates Tae Joo gaining his hard won approval ... again, while Daddy Cha sits in his room tearing up from hearing the joyful noises from his family.
In contrast to how happy the Cha family is, the Kwon family is still in an uproar over Professor Kwon and his wife's cold war. The cold war escalates into a full on fight when Hyo Jin and Kang Jae tricks the two into having dinner together.

Upset by her parents' continual fight, Hyo Jin finally vents her disappointments when she hears Professor Kwon's disrespectful words towards her mom.

Comforting his crying wife, Kang Jae warns Hyo Jin to treat her parents better so she won't live in regret like he does. Kang Jae's words sparks Hyo Jin's suspicion and she starts to dig around for clues.
Auntie Cha finds Daddy Cha's blood stain handkerchief and while she puzzles over it Kang Shim sweeps in an snatches it away. Making a feeble excuse that she spilled coffee on her father's handkerchief the day before, Kang Shim rushes off to find Kang Jae.

Completely in the dark, Auntie Cha truthfully tells Daddy Cha about Kang Shim whisking the handkerchief away when he tries to causally asks about the whereabouts of the handkerchief.

Thinking about all the unusual behaviors his kids have exhibited lately, Daddy Cha starts to get suspicious. Daddy Cha goes to Wook Tak to ask him to help him with his suspicion but of course Wook Tak just turns right around and tells Kang Shim about it.  
Upset by the realization that her dad's illness is worsening, Kang Shim's confidence to keep up the pretense of a blissful bride is shaking. Speaking from his painful experience, Tae Joo tells Kang Shim that the most important thing she could do for Daddy Cha right now is to help him laugh as much as possible and to let him see her smiling face.

Unable to shake his increasing suspicion, Daddy Cha tries to get some answers from Dal Bong. Having been warned by Kang Shim, Dal Bong plays dumb and tries to act completely clueless about Daddy Cha's illness.
Thanks to Tae Joo's comforting words, Kang Shim puts on a happy face and goes forward with Chairman Moon and Daddy Cha's meeting.

What follows is a hilarious competition between Chairman Moon and Daddy Cha. Unhappy to see that Chairman Moon is still treating Kang Shim like his personal secretary, Daddy Cha jabs back by showing off how close he is to Tae Joo. Completely unaware how jealous his father is becoming, Tae Joo fawn over Daddy Cha and even cuts Daddy Cha's meat for him.

The somewhat smooth meeting between Daddy Cha and Chairman Moon hits a major bump when Daddy Cha finds out that Kang Shim is trying to get married within a month's time.

I was kinda disappointed with Chairman Moon treating Kang Shim like a secretary BUT I am hoping he really was just doing it out of habit and will quickly change the moment he sees his mistake. 
His warning bell ringing, sitting across from Kang Shim, Daddy Cha demands to know why she is in such hurry to get married. Unable to really offer any good excuses, Kang Shim just insists that there is not reason for her to wait to get married.

Back at the Moon household, Chairman Moon complains to Tae Joo about his quickness to start calling Daddy Cha father when he still insists on calling his own father "Chairman". Unable to understand why Daddy Cha is being so picky about his precious son, Chairman Moon threatens to oppose to the marriage as well. Not worried about his father's opinion at all, Tae Joo just tells Chairman Moon that he will get married within a month's time no matter what.
Confused by Kang Shim's rush to get married, everyone around Kang Shim starts to wonder if she is pregnant. Speechless by everyone's speculation, Kang Shim calls her brothers to figure out a solution but the only thing that seems certain is that she has to go through with the wedding in order to give Kang Jae a reason to convince Daddy Cha to start accepting treatments.

Thanks to Miss Ko, Daddy Cha also realizes that if Kang Shim truly has no idea about his illness then there is only one other explanation. Rushing into the coffee shop where Kang Shim is meeting with her brothers, Daddy Cha shakily asks "Kang Shim... Are you pregnant?"

Clutching her fist, Kang Shim looks at Daddy Cha right in the face and declares "Yes, I am pregnant."


Well... I didn't see that coming. I thought for sure we were going on a tour of who finds out next but this is a surprising development... but I love it! Especially if it looks like (according to next week's preview) Tae Joo and Kang Shim might have to make that lie true!

I didn't cover this in the recap, but it looks like Seo Wool is writing a blog and Eun Ho is her faithful reader. I am really hoping we are not going through another round of who Seo Wool really loves because I don't think I have the patience for that. 


  1. Thanks for the recap!
    I must admit that Chairman Moon treating Kang-shim like his secretary made me slightly irritated much like Daddy Cha, but hopefully, it was just out of habit and will change soon. Still, I did find the swap and petty rivalry to be funny especially when they started complimenting the other person's child and bashing their own.

    I also really liked the scene where Tae-joo comforted Kang-shim by sharing his own personal struggle and experience. It was touching and showed that love might be an emotion but it's also an action.

    Lastly, Daddy Cha is breaking my heart. Yoo Dong-geun is simply Daddy Cha, and it's amazing.

  2. I'm not really a fan of Chairman Moon! I've always thought he treated his son rather shabbily, esp in front of Kang-shim. So to read that he treats Kang-shim in this way is not a surprise to me.

    I hope too that Seo Wool will not be shaky again about her feelings. If she does, than please once and for all, cut her out and find another girl for Dal Bong.