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Saturday, January 24, 2015

What Happens to My Family Episode 46 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: Why does an excited Daddy Cha reminds me so much of Tae Joo? And who would have though watching the Cha kids trying to trick their dad would be so funny? 

Fuming over Kang Shim's "pregnancy", Daddy Cha charges home in a whirl wind. As one who married off a daughter who was pregnant before her wedding, Auntie Cha counsels her brother by reminding him that the joy of having a grandchild really does magically sooth one's anger. 

In the mean time, still stunned by Kang Shim's lie, Tae Joo tries to convince Kang Shim that since he is not someone who ever lies, then they should just make the lie come true. Angrily, Kang Shim rejects Tae Joo's suggestion right away because she refuses to have her name drag through the mud in the company rumor mill. 
Putting on her cute face, Kang Shim asks "You wouldn't even lie if I do this??" 

Having no immunity towards Kang Shim's begging, Tae Joo throws up a white flag right away. 
Kang Jae approaches Daddy Cha once more with his plan to treat his father with some new treatment. Hesitantly, Daddy Cha admits his desire to live long enough to see Kang Shim's baby and agrees to a one week stay at the hospital under the guise of going on a trip with Miss Ko. 

Excited to hear Daddy Cha has finally decides to receive treatment, all the kids agrees that is vital Kang Shim keeps up her pregnancy pretense. 
However, Daddy Cha is obviously not easily fooled and remains suspicious of Kang Shim's pregnancy. 
While Kang Jae was talking on the phone to Kang Shim about her fake pregnancy, Hyo Jin overhears the conversation and ends up guessing the truth. A tearful Hyo Jin promises Kang Jae that she will keep the secret. However, the very next morning, Hyo Jin starts crying right at the breakfast table and soon Young Seol is using her skills on Hyo Jin to get her to spill the beans.  

Seo Wool saves the day by bursting into Hyo Jin's room and cuts Young Seol's interrogation short. 
Still suspicious, Daddy Cha meets with Chairman Moon and tells him about Kang Shim's pregnancy. 

An overjoyed Chairman Moon sends flowers to Kang Shim's office with a card that thanks her for his grandchild. 
Happily playing his grandfather role, Chairman Moon gives Kang Shim some money to treat herself AND tells her to stop coming to work until the her pregnancy is past the danger period. 

Speechless, Kang Shim and Tae Joo charges right back home to confront Daddy Cha. 
Instead of apologizing in the face of Kang Shim's complaint that she has just lost all her credibility at work in one swoop thanks to him, Daddy Cha just narrows his eyes and asks "Your pregnancy is fake isn't it?!" 
Just when it looks Kang Shim has no choice but to confess the truth, the situation takes a drastic turn when Kang Shim starts to dry heaving. Excitedly, Auntie Cha yells "Oh! Kang Shim is experiencing morning sickness now!" 

This show really is getting better and better. I was really looking forward to Tae Joo pulling out all stops to convince Kang Shim to make her lie come true... but it looks like we are probably not going that route. 

How cute was it that Tae Joo and Eun Ho are like best buds. I find it hilarious that out of Madam Baek's remarriage, she is probably the most unsatisfied while all the men in that family is getting along fabulously. 

I am also really liking how well Professor Kwon is treating Kang Jae, especially the way he is giving Kang Jae his full support in providing treatment for Daddy Cha. 
I had assume this whole time that Miss Ko only pitied Daddy Cha... but this is starting to look like true love?! 


  1. so is kang shim pregnant?

    1. Nope, she is only saying that to get her dad to receive treatments.