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Monday, January 26, 2015

What Happens to My Family Episode 47 Drive By Recap

12:26 PM Posted by ninja , 6 comments
Question of the hour: So sad to watch a forlorn Daddy Cha walking away. We can all hope for a miracle right? 

Just when it looks like Daddy Cha has caught Kang Shim in her lie, Kang Shim starts dry heaving. Hiding in the bathroom with Tae Joo, Kang Shim confesses that she is only pretending to have pregnancy symptom to throw Daddy Cha off her lie. 

Unfortunately, all of Kang Shim's good acting could not fool Young Seol. Hurt that Kang Shim and everyone else are only leaving her out of their big secret, Young Seol tells Daddy Cha her conviction that Kang Shim is not pregnant after all.  
While Daddy Cha remains suspicious, Chairman Moon is completely ecstatic over Kang Shim's "pregnancy" and showers her with gifts. 

The siblings meets together and is dismayed to hear from Kang Jae that Daddy Cha has suddenly changed his mind about receiving treatment. Wook Tak shows up to inform the siblings that Daddy Cha's suspicion of Kang Shim's pregnancy is growing. Young Seol sees Wook Tak's meeting with the siblings and rushes off to inform Daddy Cha about what she saw. Realizing that there really is no way of avoiding telling Young Seol the truth, Kang Shim interrupts Young Seol's meeting with her father. 
A crying Kang Shim begs Young Seol to help her realize her dream of having her father marrying her off and to help her convince Daddy Cha to receive treatment. Stunned by Kang Shim's words about Daddy Cha's illness, Young Seol starts to sob. Equally shocked, Joong Baek (Young Seol's husband) turns around to find Daddy Cha standing right behind him watching a crying Kang Shim and Young Seol holding each other. 

Rushing to Daddy Cha's side, Tae Joo comes as soon as he is called. While drinking together, Daddy Cha makes Tae Joo promises once more that he will take good care of Kang Shim. Hearing Tae Joo's solemn promise, Daddy Cha finally gives his approval to Tae Joo's marriage... again.  
A drunken Daddy Cha happily tells Kang Shim and Dal Bong how much he loves them. Turning to Tae Joo, Daddy Cha tells him to take care Auntie Cha. Completely unaware of the truth, Auntie Cha laughs at her brother's rare show of affection.
Watching their father being escorted back to his room by Kang Jae and Tae Joo, the rest of the Cha family can't help but feel sad that Daddy Cha's speech are words of goodbye to his family. 
The next morning, Kang Jae and Kang Shim wake up to find their father already gone on his "travel date" with Miss Cha. 

The camera turns to Miss Ko smiling as she watches Daddy Cha walking towards her. 


I was kinda afraid Daddy Cha and Miss Ko were just going to go off riding into the sunset... but fortunately according to the preview for next episode it looks like Daddy Cha will end up in the hospital for treatment sometime. 
How hilarious is that Professor Kwon and his wife ended up having a night together after Madam Kwon in her drunkenness begs her husband to stay with her. The next morning, a flustered Madam Kwon wakes up to find her husband reading news paper just a short distance away from her. I guess the cold war is over??  


  1. I don't like how Kang Shim is always bullying Tae Joo just because he loves her a lot. How's she going to be answerable to Chairman Moon about her fake pregnancy? I hope the Chairman is angry enough to call off his approval and Tae Joo will meet a younger and more beautiful women to marry in the near future .... ha...ha...ha... or unless the writer make her really pregnant, since they have actually spent a night together......

  2. the scene when drunk daddy cha asks TJ to take care of Auntie Cha breaks my heart, imagine how inconsolable auntie will be when she founds out :(

  3. This, by far, is the saddest episode. :'(

  4. I love KangShim and TaeJoo together..Hope they'll get married soon....

  5. I love KangShim and TaeJoo together..Hope they'll get married soon....

  6. I really wish the Chairman will stop treating like Kang Shim is much better than Tae Joo.