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Saturday, January 31, 2015

What Happens to My Family Episode 48 Drive By Recap

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Question of the hour: I wonder if Dal Bong is starting to doubt his dream of becoming a tofu maker? He sure doesn't seem to enjoying it as much as I thought he would. 
The three siblings wake up to find Daddy Cha already left on his "trip" with Miss Ko. Before Kang Jae and Kang Shim can get too worked up on Daddy Cha's sudden disappearance though, Tae Joo shows up to announce that he has been ordered by Daddy Cha to stay at the house for a whole week while he was gone. 

Daddy Cha tells Miss Ko that he hopes to achieve two things with his order for Tae Joo: 1. A quick way for Tae Joo to become closer with the members of the Cha family. 2. By sending a troublemaker such as Tae Joo, it will give his kids something to worry about other than him. 
Realizing Tae Joo is set on carrying out Daddy Cha's order, the Cha family members greets Tae Joo somewhat awkwardly.
After several failed attempted to track Daddy Cha down, Kang Jae receives a pleasant surprise when he gets to work to find his father waiting there for him with Miss Ko already.

Sigh... I really like Kang Jae's ex-girlfriend... it would've been so much more interesting if Kang Jae's story was with her. 
Seo Wool eagerly shows up at the broadcasting station after receiving an invitation to come on a radio show for her personal blog. When Seo Wool finds out that the DJ who recommended her is none other than Eun Ho, she is dismayed. 

Back in the tofu store, Dal Bong finally reads Seo Wool's blog and realizes it tells the story of Seo Wool with himself and Eun Ho. Dal Bong smiles with self satisfaction when he reads Seo Wool's detail account of a conversation between herself and Eun Ho. In the confrontation, Seo Wool tells Eun Ho that the moment Eun Ho told her a false name, he has already rejected her and as a woman with self respect, she will not go back to a man like that.  
Seo Wool tells Eun Ho that she can't possibly go on his radio show since it will hurt Dal Bong's feelings. Eun Ho pushes all of Seo Wool's concern aside and tells her to stop dancing around Dal Bong's feelings. Challenging Seo Wool, Eun Ho asks "Don't you want to share your writing on the radio and see what people think of your work?" 
Still thinking about Eun Ho's words, Seo Wool walks right past Hyo Jin who is having a hard time carrying numerous grocery bags by herself. Offended, Hyo Jin stops Seo Wool and finds faults with everything she says. Seo Wool tries to smooth Hyo Jin's ruffled feathers, but Hyo Jin only gets even more offended when everyone starts to compliment Seo Wool's achievement with her blog. 

Watching Seo Wool's happy retreating back, Hyo Jin puffs her bangs and promises that she will get her revenge once Seo Wool marries into the Cha family. Ha, I guess she really is her mother's daughter. 
Tae Joo meets with Chairman Moon to clarify his one week stay at the Cha family home AND to confess the truth about Kang Shim's false pregnancy, but one look at his father's happy face over his grandchild, Tae Joo ended up not revealing the truth. 

Chairman Moon tells Tae Joo about Madam Baek's meeting with Kang Shim, and Tae Joo begins to call Kang Shim's phone in earnest. When Kang Shim keeps hanging up Tae Joo's phone call, Chairman Moon ends up personally calling his wife to check on Kang Shim. Furious that everyone seems to be making her into some evil mother-in-law, Madam Baek cuts her meeting short with Kang Shim. 

When Kang Shim realizes that Tae Joo still hasn't inform Chairman Moon about her lie, she tries to tell Chairman Moon the truth right there, but Tae Joo quickly jumps in with the declaration that they have decided on a wedding date. 

Tae Joo's rash words cause an uproar. Furious, Kang Shim tells Tae Joo that she has just barely promised Madam Baek that she will consult with her on all future wedding decisions and the next moment Tae Joo has made a liar out of her. Repentant, Tae Joo promises to meets with Chairman Moon and Madam Baek personally the next day to explain everything. 

Not surprisingly, Madam Baek takes great offense at the news of Tae Joo's wedding date and threatens to leave for Hawaii until Tae Joo's wedding is done.  
True to his status as a troublemaker, Tae Joo forgets to lock the bathroom door while he gets ready to take a shower and Auntie Cha gets a full view of a completely naked Tae Joo. 

Auntie Cha rushes out after Tae Joo emits a ground shaking scream and admits the whole embarrassing situation to her family. Hiding in the bathroom, Tae Joo is traumatized by the whole ordeal.  
Kang Shim gets ready to go visit Daddy Cha at the hospital only to find Tae Joo still despondent over the whole thing with Auntie Cha. However, Tae Joo does cheer up a bit after Kang Shim tells him that things could have gotten a lot more embarrassing if it was Hyo Jin or Seo Wool. 

After checking in on Daddy Cha, Kang Jae walks out with Miss Ko. Carefully but with a determined attitude, Miss Ko asks Kang Jae if he will accept her to formally stay by Daddy Cha's side. 
Kang Shim and Tae Joo arrives just in time to hear Miss Ko's question. 


Well, I guess Daddy Cha needs to get better if we are going to get a full on romance between him and Miss Ko. Come to think of it, we shouldn't have inheritance problem anymore right? Kang Jae is pretty set, so is Kang Shim. Dal Bong has the tofu store now... so that leaves Auntie Cha? 

I didn't find a good place to put the Kwon couple's story in the recap, but they are a hilarious side story. Madam Kwon can't remember what happened the night before since she was too drunk, but what she lacked in memory she made up in her imagination. 
That night, acting like two people on a date during dinner, the Kwon couple decides to just share one glass of wine... that ended up being two bottles... which ended up with this. 


  1. omg poor director moon, i loled so much at his scenes, he's really is the troublemaker in that family :D

    I never doubted miss ko intentions before, but now with the whole "marriage" business i'm wondering if she wants more than she lets on, although i hope not, and that the reason why she wants to marry daddy cha it's to be by his side in his final moment, she's being so helpful to turn out so twisted and i don't want daddy cha to be disappointed.

    seriously i think by the end of this drama we're going to watch a mass wedding with the cha family lol.

    Thanks for the recaps!

  2. i love the story, but the last episode wasnt so awesome. mostly i fast forward to tae joo and kang shim. I dont like dalbong much. Dont understand why any1 would choose dalbong over eun ho. but thats just me. its a question of personal preference i guess. but if u do end up with eun ho you'd be stuck with an awful mother in law.

    Well anywho i hope we get more story on tae joo and kang shim next week.