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Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #14

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 Kill Me, Heal Me (Aired Ep 9-10 this week)
This one is getting better and better. Ji Sung's acting is just awesome! 

New World (T-Drama, Aired Ep 4 this week.)  
One girl in search of her three friends and in the process uncovers a tragic accident ... which might not be an accident after all that made her three friends orphans. Lots of crime, action and maybe a bit of romance. 

I was losing interest fast on this one... but then I watched episode three and my interest is piqued again. I will write a first impression on this one soon. 

 Someone Like You (T-Drama, Airing Episode 5 this week)
I just watched episode four and this one looks promising enough I am strongly considering adding it to be recapping list. First Impression: HERE
 Hyde Jekyll and Me (Aired Ep. 3-4 this week)

A story about a woman who falls in love with a man who has split personalities. 
So per Ninja Mama's recommendation I watched ep. 3-4. It really does get better and I just might add it to my watch list now. 

 The Lady & The Liar (C-Drama, Aired episode 19-20 today)
I still like it a lot but I am a bit worried that the heroine is just going to remain your perpetually good and naive girl. 

What Happens to My Family (Airing 50-51 this week)

We are entering the last stretch of this lovely story and the story is still going strong... so check it out if you haven't yet. 

Ninja's List This Week

1. Kill Me, Heal Me
2. Healer
3. The Lady & The Liar
4. What Happens to My Family
5. Enchanting Neighbor (K-Daily)


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