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Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #15

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Shine or Go Crazy (Aired Ep 7-8 this week)

I have only watched the first episode on this one so I can't say much about it, but I figure I should mention it since Mama Ninja has been watching it pretty faithfully and she is a picky lady so this one must be pretty good. 

Ho Goo's Love (New K-drama)
I was a bit surprised by some of the serious moments in this show, but there are plenty of comedy to go around.  I am going to need at least two more episode to make a judgement on this one. 

Healer (Finished this week)

Jung Hoo ah... I will miss you!!! Great ending... could have used at least another 30 minutes but I was plenty satisfied.

Episode 19-20 Favorite Moment: HERE

New World (T-Drama, Aired Ep 5 this week.)  
This one is getting interesting! First Impression:HERE 

 Someone Like You (T-Drama, Airing Episode 5 this week)
I think Episode 5 really made me decide to stick with this one. First Impression: HERE

 The Lady & The Liar (C-Drama, Aired episode 19-20 today)
Still watching this one, but I am getting worried by the death count.. 
Episode Summary: HERE
What Happens to My Family (Airing 52-53 this week)
This one is heading to the ending but the story is going strong. Check it out if you are in the mood for a great family K-drama.  

Ninja's Watch List This Week
1. The Legendary Witch
2. What Happens to My Family
3. Kill Me, Heal Me
4. The Lady & The Liar
5. Shine or Go Crazy

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  1. I caught up with the first episode of Shine or Go Crazy last week I ended up marathoning 6 episodes. The storyline is pretty cliche with the girl crossdressing as guy, and guy falls for her without knowing her identity, but the hijinks were amusing, or maybe it's just my love for Jang Hyuk. I was never moved by Oh Yeon Seo as an actress, but she looks good in sageuk.