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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Healer Episode 17-18 Favorite Moments

9:07 PM Posted by ninja , 3 comments
Episode 17 

 Favorite Moment #1
Young Shin finally meets her mom, Myung Hee face to face. Liking Young Shin on sight without knowing why, Myung Hee greets her warmly while Young Shin can't stop her tears from coming. 

Favorite Moment #2
Jung Hoo agitates Moon Sik's secretary by randomly throwing books on the ground. I wonder if the best punishment for this guy is to tie him up and lock him in a messy room? 

Favorite Moment #3
I thought this was going to be a huge conflict with Young Shin wondering if Jung Hoo killed someone, but I am glad instead it show cased the extent Young Shin trusts Jung Hoo.

Young Shin "Can I ask you a question?"
Jung Hoo "Yes."
Young Shin "Have you killed someone before?"
Jung Hoo "No."
Smiling, Young Shin replies "I knew it!"

Episode 18

Favorite Moment #1
Not much of a victory, but I was way excited that Jung Hoo and Moon Ho was able to get the big baddie's picture to the public. 

Favorite Moment #2
Drugged by the big baddie, Jung Hoo is too sleepy to get up and elects to just sleep right on Young Shin. This scene just makes me happy that Jung Hoo finally has someone he can lean on. This is also where Jung Hoo tells Young Shin his wish to try living a normal life. 

Favorite Moment #3
Holding Jung Hoo to his wish of living like everyone else, Young Shin makes Jung Hoo enter her house through the front door ... AND get her father's permission before dating her. 
Faced with a very angry (over the public kissing right in front of his very eyes) Daddy Chae and Uncle decides to personally teach Jung Hoo a lesson. I laughed hard, when Daddy Chae tricks Jung Hoo by asking "was the fish soup tasty?" Relaxing a bit, Jung Hoo replies "Oh, that soup really was very good." Furious again, Daddy Chae chases Jung Hoo around while saying "SEE! He is the sick friend that Young Shin nursed through the night!" 

A bit nervous by the loud noises coming from Daddy Chae's office, Young Shin doesn't forget to get a bowl of ice cream to enjoy the show. 

Favorite Moment #4
True to his promise to live a normal life, Jung Hoo goes back to work as the bumbling nerd again. I love how he is still getting jealous over seeing Young Shin laughing with Moon Ho. 

Favorite Moment #5
Moon Ho walks into the office to see a sleeping Young Shin with her hands grasping Jung Hoo's arm. 
Moon Ho "Aren't you guys a bit obvious?"
Giving a slight shrug, Jung Hoo says "Young Shin can't sleep when other people are around."
Moon Ho "Then how about you?"
Smiling, Jung Hoo replies "I am not other people." 

It's both kind of sad but really awesome at the same time that Young Shin who has so much scar from her childhood can feel safe with Jung Hoo. Kinda one of those things where no matter what your mind might say, your body has already made the decision judging by how she has always been able to feel safe when she has his arm to grab onto. 


  1. I love the moment when Moon Hoo is devastated after Moon Sik's TV appearance, Jung Hoo stays behind with him. That shows me the bond starts to form from JungHoo's side. He now considers Moon Ho in his closeness circle of people who he cares about. I also like the part when Jung Hoo tells Moon Ho that he considers to stay and help but then has to leave because of Young Shin, and Moon Hoo totally understands and encourages them to leave.

    In short, I like Moon Ho as much as I like Jung Hoo haha... I really really wish he won't get killed

  2. Ooh, for me, I love Moon Hoo the most. I too hope he won't get killed. Cos if he dies, I won't watch the show any more!