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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Healer Episode 19-20 (End)Favorite Moments (Spoilers)

8:37 PM Posted by ninja , 2 comments
Favorite Moment #1
Jung Hoo is being threatened to find out the tip Someday News received from a lady in Russia, Jung Hoo was able to remember a brief conversation (while part asleep no less) he had on the phone and find the evidence. So cool! 

Favorite Moment #2
 This one is sad, but it is still really cool to watch Jung Hoo confess to a killing he didn't commit just so his woman would be safe.

Favorite Moment #3
Hearts pounding from being worried about Young Shin's safety, Jung Hoo breath a sign of relief when he finally sees Young Shin's face and opens he arms wide. Without a pause, Young Shin steps right into Jung Hoo's arms.
So pretty...

Favorite Moment #4
I totally cheered when Myung Hee finally leaves her husband. It was interesting when Myung Hee said "I finally understand why even though I tried so hard all these years I couldn't fall in love with you." It was almost satisfying to see Moon Sik's world fall apart from losing his wife... but in a way it was almost scary how easy it must have been for Moon Sik to keep fooling himself that he did nothing wrong.

Favorite Moment #5
Jung Hoo and ajumma finally meets!!! I love that despite the fact they are being chased by numerous men, Jung Hoo still takes the time to pull ajumma's hat up and remarks "ajumma... this is what you look like?"

Favorite Moment #6

I laughed so hard over this scene! Detective Yoon is overjoyed to receive a phone call from his sunbae. I can't believe the guy has harbored a crush on his sunbae ajumma for some many years. I simply love their interaction.

Episode 20

Favorite Moment #1
Jung Hoo shows up just in time to save Young Shin and her family from being harmed by two men. Completely surprised by the fighting machine Jung Hoo is, Daddy Chae looks at him with uncertainty. In contrast to Daddy Chae, Young Shin's uncle looks at Jung Hoo with stars in his eyes.
I love how uptight Daddy Chae got again when Jung Hoo hugs his daughter. I totally thought when Jung Hoo came back the second time he was going to kiss Young Shin like he did the last time, but after a glance at Daddy Chae's expression, Jung Hoo just tells Young Shin to listen to her father.

Favorite Moment #2
Not a feel good moment, but it was some what sad to see Moon Sik living in his own hell with only his dead friend's ghost to keep him company. I also find it interesting that he insists to Jung Hoo that his name is not "Moon Sik" but his wife's first husband's instead. I wonder if Moon Sik loves Myung Hee so much that he fools himself into thinking he is her first husband.

Favorite Moment #3
I love this declaration by Jung Hoo. Things I like: High places, first snow, white comforter, small hands, that hair. Things I hate: Everything that stops me from being with those things. So cool!!

Favorite Moment #4
Korean dramas with their toilet humor... oh well, I find myself laughing nonetheless. Ajumma surprises Detective Yoon in the man's bathroom. In surprise, Detective Yoon covers his mouth... with his unwashed hand and smiles when adjumma just yells at him to wash his hands and come out.
Ajumma asks Detective Yoon to help with their effort to take the big baddies down. Almost convinced that Jung Hoo is the Healer he has been chasing all this time, Detective Yoon only has one question "Sunbae, there are really only two kinds of people in this world. Those whose existence benefits the world and those whose existence doesn't. Which one is Healer?"

Looking at Detective Yoon's deadly serious face, ajumma holds up a spoonful of ice cream to his face. Taken back for a second, Detective Yoon howls "Sunbae!!!" I really wish we could've had a whole lot more interaction between these two. They are just way too cute. 

Favorite Moment #5
The super team!!! I love Young Shin's look by the way. 

Favorite Moment #6
Ahh... I did always wonder if Moon Ho had a thing for Young Shin, but it was nice to see the news lady who has loved him for so long finally got her man in the end. 

Favorite Moment #7
Happy endings! 
Call me shallow, but these are my favorite kind of endings! 

Brief Thoughts on the Ending:

Mama Ninja wished there was at least a few more episodes to round out a few things but I personally would've just like a little more time to tie up a few lose ends. 

  • I would love to see Young Shin introducing Jung Hoo to her mom as her boyfriend. It looks like Myung Hee obviously knows the truth already, but I really wished they have shown a proper mother daughter reunion. 
  • I know the writer are trying to go the noble route by not beating the crap out of Moon Sik's creepy secretary... but I still wish Jung Hoo at least messed with his mind a few more times.
  • It was a bit anti-climatic how the big bad went down... I need more to feel like they really got what they deserved. 
  • Would have really liked more scenes where Jung Hoo trying to score points with Young Shin's dad and uncle.
  • Finally... can we have another show just on the noona romance between ajumma and detective Yoon? 


  1. A show just on the noona romance between ajumma and detective Yoon would be great. Also one where the delicious Moon Ho gets more airtime. Sorry, I was never one who's into pretty boys. JH is cute enough on his own but when a real man like Moon Ho is in the room, wow! I guess only a girly girl would choose JH over a real man!
    don't hate me... just my honest feeling about real men and pretty boys who are neither men nor girls!

  2. You know I am usually in your camp when it comes to preferring more mature manly man... but for some reason I am totally on Jung Hoo side in this one. Now, if Moon Ho is also a mean fighting machine, then I might have to change my vote.