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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 11 Recap

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Question of the hour: Oh, my.. I am starting to sway towards Ri On. After all, should a woman really pass up a guy who is willing to do the Pokemon Team Rocket cheer with her? 

Se Gi shows up at Ri Jin's house and pleas with her not to kill him. "I am willing to use Cha Do Hyun image if that means I can stay beside you."

Hearing Se Gi's words, tears start to fall from Ri Jin's eyes.
Holding out his hand, Se Gi urges Ri Jin to leave with him. Just when Ri Jin puts her hand into Se Gi's, Ri On shows up to spoil everything. Reminding Se Gi once again that as the son of Seung Jin group, he has no right to be with Ri Jin, Ri On drags his sister away.
Sending out all available men to find her son who has disappeared from the hospital, Chairman Seo faints after watching a security recording of Se Gi pointing at the camera taunting her.
After some persuasion from Ri Jin, Ri On finally drives her back to Do Hyun's house. Before they part though, Ri Jin talks Ri On to do their childhood Team Rocket Pokemon chant. Hilarious! 
Ri Jin walks into the house to find Se Gi sitting by the couch unwilling to sleep. When Ri Jin asks why, Ri On replies "Because if I fall asleep, I might disappear." 

Se Gi's words makes Ri Jin thinks back to when Dr. Park asks her if she is swaying between Se Gi and Do Hyun. Smiling, Ri Jin admits that while she did sway at first, but now she feels that Se Gi and Do Hyun is one and the same. I totally thought "Wow! Thanks Ri Jin! You just totally gave me the justification to cheer for both of them." 

Grumpily, Se Gi asks "By the way, who did you come for? Me or Cha Do Hyun?"

Equally grumpy, Ri Jin yells at Se Gi to stop messing around and go to sleep. Putting out her hand, Ri Jin offers her hand as a comfort to Se Gi. Turning his head away to hide a slight smile, Se Gi gruffly replies "a man does not rely on a woman's shoulder."
With Chairman Yeon's sudden fainting spell, Ki Joon decides to quicken his pace to marry Chae Yeon before the stock holder meeting. Despite receiving praises for her wedding gown, all Chae Yeon can think of is Se Gi (but she assumes it was Do Hyun obviously) whispering to her that he is willing to keep meeting her in secret after she gets married. Seriously, Se Gi's ability to cause trouble is unmatched... well, unless we count Perry Park's bomb making habit. 
Still trying to make Ri Jin make a choice between him and Do Hyun, Se Gi makes a spinning game using his and Do Hyun's face. Ha! 

Unfortunately, even though Se Gi's portion took up 98% of the wheel, the spindle somehow rests on Do Hyun's area. Screaming in disbelief, Se Gi tries to tell Ri Jin that the spin doesn't count.
A patient Ri Jin convinces Se Gi to go to work and even gets him to promise not to use violence or does things that would bring tarnish to Do Hyun's name. Reluctantly, Se Gi agrees to Ri Jin's conditions.
Se Gi and Ri Jin doesn't make it too far into the company before the two starts to fight like kids again until Secretary An stops them. Not surprisingly, a very brash Se Gi calls Ki Joon out for his plan to oust him when Ki Joon gives him another seemingly impossible task again. 
Se Gi's impossible task is to convince an idol to continue his contract with Seung Jin group despite the company's unwillingness to let him act in a movie he desperately wants to be in. Tempted to resort to Se Gi's brand of persuasion, Se Gi nonetheless remembers his promise with Ri Jin and ends up allowing the idol to fulfill his acting dream. 
Without thinking, Ri Jin starts to complain about Se Gi's action of going against Ki Joon's direct order not to allow the idol to act since it will bring trouble onto Do Hyun. Angry that Ri Jin is still worrying about Do Hyun despite his effort to change himself, Se Gi decides to leave work and go play with Ri Jin instead. 
Like two care free kids, Ri Jin and Se Gi goes on a date. 
The playing time comes to an abrupt end when Ri Jin and Se Gi walk past the place where Do Hyun kissed Ri Jin, and she starts to have flash back of that night. Looking at Se Gi solemnly, Ri Jin asks "The pain that only you know... could you share it with Mr. Cha?" After a brief pause, Se Gi turns to leave and mutters "Even when is just two of us, it feels like a three person date." 

Unable to find her son, Chairman Seo gets into a fierce argument with Se Gi, that ends with Se Gi sneering at his grandmother for still choosing Seung Jin group over her precious son. Chairman Seo yells at Se Gi that he should remember that Daddy Seo is in a coma because of saving him from the mansion fire. Enraged, Se Gi screams back "I never asked him to save me. Instead of me, that child should have been saved. That was the only human thing to do." Hmm... So maybe Daddy Seo was so angry over his wife giving birth to another man's child, that he abuses little Ri Jin to vent his anger? But if Do Hyun is older than Ri Jin then technically Daddy Seo cheated first before his wife... 
While driving, Se Gi's head starts to hurt and we see a trapped Do Hyun finally remembering his fears. In Do Hyun's memory, he is playing with a little girl when the door suddenly opens. In a panic, Do Hyun throws his body over the little girls' trying to protect her. The door opens wider and Daddy Seo steps in with his hand raised. 
Back in her parents' house, Ri Jin goes into Ri On's room and accidentally finds all the documents Ri On has been gathering on Do Hyun. It doesn't take much for Ri Jin to figure out there must be some big secret concerning her and Seung Jin group since her brother has been so adamant that she doesn't mention Seung Jin group to their mother. 
Do Hyun (or one of Do Hyun's personality... I am wondering if it might be Nana, the little girl we haven't met yet) wakes up to find himself in the same room as Daddy Seo. Shaking in fear, Do Hyun (or whoever he is) cowards in a fetal position while muttering "Father, I did wrong.. I did wrong." 


Well... I guess I don't have to choose between Do Hyun or Se Gi anymore since Ri Jin has obviously decided to just take both of them as her own. Smart girl... Of course, it must be true love if Ri Jin can still like Do Hyun so much after seeing Yo Na side of him since one can argue that Yo Na must also be part of Do Hyun's personality. 

I am feeling a lot of sympathy for Se Gi after watching this episode. Se Gi has always seemed so invincible and uncaring, but it is apparent now that the memories he is holding for Do Hyun is causing him unbearable amount of pain. 


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