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Friday, February 13, 2015

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 12 Recap

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Do Hyunregains consciousness to find himself in a hospital room with his dad. Even though Daddy Seo seems to be in a coma, but Do Hyun notices a slight movement in his hand. Fear overtakes Do Hyun and he falls to the floor while begging for forgiveness as childhood memory of Daddy Cha coldly approaching little Do Hyun to punish him for making a mistake on the piano envelops him. 

Before Do Hyun can figure out all the images that is filling his mind, Chairman Seo's men rushes in and drags him away. Kneeling in front of his grandmother, Do Hyun has no idea of the confrontations Se Gi started, and instead tries to apologize for visiting his father without Chairman Seo's permission. Watching a now meek Do Hyun in front of her, Chairman Seo finally clues in of her grandson's secret.

Back in Ri On's room, Ri Jin is having her own confrontation to figure out why her brother has gathered extensive information on Do Hyun. Using his writing as an excuses, Ri On convinces his sister that the information is only to help him come up with ideas. Unwilling to chance another discovery by, Ri On burns the photo of Ri Jin's mother.
Now that memories of his locked childhood is coming back to him, Do Hyun is extremely fearful to the point that he sees his father's image in a taxi driver's face and starts to hyperventilate until he throws up.
Chae Yeon cries to her mother that Ki Joon is not the one she can spend her life with despite her mother's effort to convince her otherwise. Worried about Se Gi possibly harming Chae Yeon, Do Hyun calls her and tells her not to take anything he said to her seriously. Apparently Do Hyun's words have the opposite desired effect since the next thing he knows is Chae Yeon showing up in front of his house and throws her arms around him.

Ri Jin comes back home to see a Chae Yeon hugging Do Hyun and quickly kick into her girlfriend pretense. Rushing like a bull to separate Do Hyun and Chae Yeon, Ri Jin twists Do Hyun's ear and apologizes to Chae Yeon for her boyfriend's tendency to start chasing girls whenever they get into a fight.
It takes a second to cut through Ri Jin's torrent of angry words for Se Gi's bad behavior to allow her to finally register that the person standing in front of her is not Se Gi but Do Hyun.

With a mischievous smile, Do Hyun asks "Are you disappointed I am back?"
Giving Ri Jin a solid punch in the stomach, Ri Jin's eyes starts to brim with tears.
Crying out all her frustration, Ri Jin yells out all her fear that Do Hyun might never come back especially after she had that goodbye dream of him.

Moved by Ri Jin's tearful confession, Do Hyun pulls her in for a hug.
and a kiss on the forehead. 
After a quick run down of what Se Gi has been up to and a self esteem booster for Ri Jin to see Do Hyun getting jealous of Se Gi again (but not even bothering to deny his jealousy this time), Do Hyun asks the one question he has been dying to know - What's up with the wheel?

Sparkling with joy, Do Hyun exclaims "There is God!" when Ri Jin tells him that despite all the odds the spindle landed on his tiny line in the battle of who Ri Jin should choose.
Next morning, the perfect assistant Ri Jin convinces Do Hyun to not revert back to his old standby wardrobe but to channel his inner Se Gi in order not to surprise the company employees by his sudden drastic change in style... again.

Arriving at the company, Do Hyun is puzzles by all the female employees that are greeting him like some idol. Telling Do Hyun to wave his hand for the girly scream affect, Ri Jin leaves Do Hyun with food for thought as she points out that there is no reason for Do Hyun to hide himself but to show his charming Se Gi side to those around him.
Preparing himself to take care of various trouble Se Gi caused, Do Hyun is surprised to find himself being thanked by the idol that is famous for being picky. 

Grateful to finally have one person who is willing to encourage him on the path of acting, the idol decides to work on his acting skill through small roles instead of trying to get lead roles. Informing Do Hyun that he has turn down the movie lead role Seung Jin group didn't want to accept, the idol asks Do Hyun to cheer for him like Se Gi did the day before. With Ri Jin's encouragement, Do Hyun let's himself go and gives a loud cheer causing everyone to clap. How awesome is that Do Hyun is finally getting a glimpse of the freedom of channeling his inner Se Gi. 
Our four leads pairs off in two separate show downs. Not the timid guy anymore Do Hyun coolly informs Ki Joon that he can stop fussing since he has no interest in Chae Yeon anymore. On Ri Jin's side, Chae Yeon tries to tell her that Do Hyun is only using Ri Jin get Chae Yeon's attention. Knowing full well the reason when Do Hyun is acting the way he does, Ri Jin just reminds Chae Yeon her engaged status. 
Furious to find the easily manipulated puppy turning into a loin right before his eyes, Ki Joon calls his secretary in only to be even more enraged by seeing his secretary has chosen Se Gi as his fashion guru. I laughed so hard when I saw the secretary's new style and "Se Gi" mannerism. 
Apparently a whole lot more capable than I ever thought, Secretary An gets a hold of the surveillance tape in Chairman Seo's office and with the voice recording device Secretary An sneaked into Se Gi's coat, Do Hyun was able to hear the whole conversation between Se Gi and Chairman Seo. Stunned to confirm his suspicion that there really was another child that was in the basement with him and also confirming with Ri Jin about the abused he probably suffered as a child, Do Hyun assures Ri Jin that he will be strong enough to handle the pain so that he wouldn't need Se Gi anymore. 
Conversing with Se Gi again through the bathroom mirror, Se Gi asks "So who is going to do this? You or me?" (Se Gi is referring to the big secret)
Smiling confidently, Do Hyun tells Se Gi "Me, of course. Because you are me... and I am you". 
Hmm... Se Gi's reaction wasn't as negative as I thought.  
Despite his big words about how strong he will be, Do Hyun nonetheless finds himself stumbling in panic by the thoughts of his dad after Secretary An receives a phone call summoning him to the mansion. 
Knowing now that Do Hyun is suffering from multiple personality, Chairman Seo tells him to leave immediately for U.S. While the old Do Hyun would have readily run back to U.S, this new Do Hyun dares to ask "Chairman, have you ever once regarded me as your grandson" Surprised by Do Hyun's question, Chairman Seo just looks at him silently while Do Hyun tells her that he has decided to stay and piece together his broken self to find out what picture he can make. (Do Hyun is referring to Ri Jin's words that his broken bits of personalities can be pieced together to form a grand picture.)

In the mean time, Ri Jin is waiting at the mansion for Do Hyun and goes down to the basement to fetch a bottle of wine as a favor to the housekeeper. Unsettled by her fear of basements, Ri Jin is ready to leave after finding the right bottle of wine, but is stopped by her memory of a girl drawing on the basement wall.


So here is my guess ... probably not a good one, but I am going with it anyway. It looks to me that Do Hyun was probably at the very least severely emotional abused by his father. The emotional abuse is made worse when instead of pushing Do Hyun for his "mistakes", Daddy Cha punishes the little girl. What confuses me is if Do Hyun's mom knew of her son's abuse. While I wouldn't call Mama Cha a a good person by any stretch of imagination, I really can't see her just standing by while her son is being abused. So maybe she only knows about the abuse little Ri Jin suffered but not how her son is involved in it. 

I guess in a way Ri Jin is quite lucky compare to Ri Jin, since she has been able to live in a loving home with her memories sealed, but Do Hyun has been living in pain the whole time. However, it looks like Daddy Seo will come out of his coma eventually, and so will the real monster...


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