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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 13 Recap

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Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 13
Do Hyun comes out of his meeting with Chairman Seo to find Ri Jin numbly looking at the basement wall of the Cha mansion. Do Hyun catches Ri Jin in time as she passes out from memories of a little girl drawing on the wall.

Seeing Ri Jin trapped in her childhood nightmare, Do Hyun tries to wake her up but is unable to. Concerned, Do Hyun tries to walk away to call for help, but is stopped when Ri Jin holds out her hand while muttering "Don't leave. Stay and play with me."
Do Hyun wakes up beside Ri Jin's bed to find her already gone. Searching through the house urgently, Do Hyun finds Ri Jin going through the fridge to find food. Pulling out her doctor status, Ri Jin convinces Do Hyun to take her out for Korean BBQ... hmm... I am so hungry!!!

Over food, Do Hyun tries to get Ri Jin to tell him about her nightmares, but Ri Jin replies that she has a dream interrupter already in her brother. In a voice over, Do Hyun wonders if Ri On really is just a brother to Ri Jin.
After their meal, on a lark, Do Hyun and Ri Jin ends up going to a fortune teller separately. Do Hyun is told that his path to love is filled with road blocks, while Ri Jin is chastised for dating multiple men at the same time (ha! like Se Gi and Do Hyun?) and is told that she should just stop since all those relationships will just end.
Do Hyun and Ri Jin meets up at a coffee shop again and gets into a tug of war when Ri Jin notices Do Hyun looking up the validity of fortune telling on his phone. The tug of war ends up getting the two in a rather suggestive position.
Laughing at the same time, Do Hyun and Ri Jin points at each other when they realize they both went to the fortune teller.
Back at home, Ri Jin casually tells Do Hyun to call her if he needs something. Stopping Ri Jin, Do Hyun asks "Can I only call you when something happens? Can't you look at me as a man?" Despite being surprised by Do Hyun's question, Ri Jin relents and shyly suggests that they go on a ride where they will take the first step by letting Do Hyun get to know her.

Unfortunately, while Ri Jin is happily changing  Chae Yeon chooses the very night to call Do Hyun and threatens him until he agrees to meet her at a bar. Sitting at home alone, a rather ticked off Ri Jin thinks back to what the fortune teller said about her love being a dead end and angrily promises that she is going to start attending church. (I am trying to figure this out... attend church to combat the prediction of a soothsayer maybe?) Finished with her cursing Ri Jin calls her brother to get a ride from him. At first unwilling to interrupts a rather promising date for Ri Jin, Ri On quickly snaps to attention when she tells him that her nightmares are back.
Sitting with Ri On in the yard, Ri Jin reminisce with her brother about her first crush who turns out to be a jerk and how Ri On tries to protect her from discovering the truth. Looking at Ri On, Ri Jin asks him to cover her eyes once more if it looks like she is about to make another mistake.

Ri Jin goes on to tell Ri On that even though she is struggling with her own nightmare but she can't tell Do Hyun because he is dealing with something that is already a hundred times harder than her problem. Wistfully, Ri Jin expresses her longing to go back to the hospital so she can busy her mind with work.

Standing not too far away, Do Hyun's face becomes stoic as he listens to Ri Jin's words.
When Ri Jin turns around and almost sees Do Hyun, Ri On quickly throws his jacket to cover her eyes.

Leaving by his lonesome, Do Hyun grabs his chest in pain as he remembers back to all the times Ri Jin has helped him, including all the danger he placed her in. Regrets sets in as Do Hyun remembers Ri Jin's hopeful face as she suggest they go on a ride so he could get to know her better. I am assuming he is regretting that the one time she is ready to talk to him about her problems, he is the one that turned away. 
True to her words, Chairman Seo fires Do Hyun from Seung Jin Group. Ki Joon and his father happily start to plan for their ascension to power... except they are worried about the unknown child that everyone seems to be searching for.
Outraged by the news that her son has been fired from the company, Madam Shin rushes back from Japan. Wanting to meet with his mom anyway, Do Hyun takes the opportunity to trick Madam Shin into admitting that there was another girl in the Cha mansion years ago.
Ri On calls Do Hyun out for a meeting to warn him from developing a romantic attachment with Ri Jin. What begins as a serious conversation takes a sudden surprising turn when Do Hyun's head ache brings Yo Na out.

Completely overjoyed to see Ri On in front of her, Yo Na screams out "Oppa!!! Ri On Oppa!"
My stomach hurt so bad from laughing... I especially love Ri On's expression. 
Determined to plant a kiss on her Ri On oppa now that he is within her grasp, Yo Na throws herself at Ri On.
At home, Ri Jin gets a frantic call from Ri On begging for her to save him from Yo Na. Deciding that she wants Ri On to chase her, Yo Na takes off running down the street... which for some weird reason is lined with crowds of people ready to take picture of Yo Na.
Ri Jin shows up just in time to see Yo Na back to her tricks of trying to force a kiss on a very scared Ri On. Despite supreme effort on Ri Jin's part to stop Yo Na, the lucky girl still gets her prince's kiss.
Furious that Yo Na kissed Ri On, Rin Jin punches Yo Na out. Until the last second before Yo Na passes out, she is still reaching her hands out to Ri On, calling for her oppa.
Do Hyun comes back to find Ri On's face right on top of his. Surprised and just a bit scared, Ri On jumps away from Do Hyun. It doesn't take long for Do Hyun to figure out that Yo Na was the one that came out when Ri On keeps referring to himself as oppa when speaking. Ha, can I change my mind and start shipping Yo Na and Ri On?
Still fuming, Ri Jin let it slip "Before us, you kiss..." Catching on very quickly, Do Hyun starts to smile sheepishly. Ha, I was wondering why she was so mad about the kiss. I guess it was all jealousy that Do Hyun kissed someone else other than her... even if it was her own brother... umm... I guess that makes it even more icky when you think about it. 
Suddenly serious, Do Hyun asks Ri Jin "Only for two months, couldn't see see me as a man?" Ri Jin brings up their contract where they agreed to not have any romantic relationships with each other, but Do Hyun just tells her that he is willing to pay any penalty fee.
Stuttering when she sees Do Hyun taking determined steps towards her, Ri Jin asks "What are you doing?"

Do Hyun "You said we have to start with a kiss..."
Ri Jin "That's not what I meant at all!"
Smiling, Do Hyun just takes Ri Jin's hand to pull her to him... until he happens to glance down and see the half burnt picture of Ri Jin's mother.

Stunned, Do Hyun asks "Why is this picture here? Why is mother's picture here?"
Ri Jin "Mother?"
Do Hyun "Yes, this is my mother... the mother on the family register." 


Oh, my, I have not laughed so hard from watching a show for quite a while. We probably don't have time left for Yo Na to come out again, but I really would like to see her chasing Ri On around again! 

It was actually nice to see Do Hyun do some self reflection from Ri Jin's point of view, since I am sure pretty soon Do Hyun will need to be strong enough to support Ri Jin. I don't like the way Do Hyun keeps stressing the two month time frame though... 


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