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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 16 Recap

Question of the hour: OPPA!!! I wonder if we can order a Ri On oppa for all the heart broken girls out there?

Preparing for their date, Ri Jin is giddy with happiness while Do Hyun is looking into the mirror practicing his smile. Poor guy...
Sitting on the train together, Ri Jin and Do Hyun are like two kids enjoying a rare trip out.

In a flash back, we see Do Hyun meeting with Ri On and telling him everything he remembers about the past. After finishing his story, Do Hyun asks Ri On to write a story based on Seung Jin Group and to make sure it's a best seller.
Playing all day together, Ri Jin and Do Hyun laughs together without a care in the world. My favorite part is when Ri Jin teases Do Hyun by mentioning Yo Na and saying "I never thought one day I would be competing with my brother..." Pursing her lips, Ri Jin imitates Yo Na by calling "Oppa!!!" 
The happy time comes an abrupt end when the two arrives to a beach, and Do Hyun tells her that he is ending their contract. Not surprised by Do Hyun's words, Ri Jin already guessed that he has recovered all his lost memories but doesn't want her to remember them.
Ready for the coolest break up phrase?? Ri Jin "Go ahead and leave. Leave, if you have the confidence to show me your back."

Turning around, Do Hyun leaves as he cries silent tears.
Soon after Do Hyun leaves, Ri On shows up right beside Ri Jin. It didn't take much for Ri Jin to figure out that Ri On and Do Hyun obviously are in cahoots together. Unlike Do Hyun's silent tears, Ri Jin wails out her sorrow in Ri On's presence.
Secretary An comes back to see Do Hyun laying on the sofa and asks "Did you send her off?" With his arm covering his eyes the whole time, Do Hyun mutters "She told me to leave if I have the confidence to show her my back... so I coolly turned around and left."

Secretary An "Did you drink?"
Do Hyun "Yes, but no matter how much I drink I am still alert. I keep hoping Se Gi or Perry Park would come out and take over for a year but those guys are not doing it."
Ri Jin goes to the Cha mansion to meet with Chairman Seo who immediately dismisses her when Ri Jin informs her that she is no longer Do Hyun's doctor. When Re Jin gets ready to leave she happens to see a picture of Cha Joon Pyo (Do Hyun's dad) and unconsciously reacts in fear.

Stumbling out of the mansion, Ri Jin is overwhelmed with flash backs of her childhood when she was punished whenever little Do Hyun made a mistake.
Do Hyun rushes to the mansion just in time to see Ri Jin crouching in fear. Reaching out a hand to Ri Jin, Do Hyun freezes when she flinches from him.
Secretary An has been digging around for information on why Ri Jin's presence is such a vital secret for the Cha family. Secretary An presents Do Hyun with his findings, and Do Hyun points out the puzzling fact that his name is already on the family register before his dad brought him home. Secretary An wonders if the Cha family puts him on the family register before they even met him, but Do Hyun is sure that before his dad brought him home, the Cha family has no knowledge of his existence.

Ready to get some answers, Ri Jin goes to Mama Oh for information on her biological mom. In a flash back we see Seo Yeon (biological mom) telling a young Mama Oh that she is divorced and is going to U.S. to find the man she loves. Mama Oh goes on to tell Ri Jin that unfortunately by the time Seo Yeon got to U.S., the man only had a short amount of time to live, but Mama Oh assumes the man is Ri Jin's father.
Looking over her mother's pictures, Ri Jin all the sudden remembers a memory of Seo Yeon calling and hugging her. Stunned, Ri Jin realizes the name her mom was calling was "Do Hyun"
In the mean time, Do Hyun sees a young Ri Jin again and this time the little girl finally tells him her name "Cha Do Hyun"


Omo!!! Holy Cow! I didn't see that coming at all. I probably should've but I totally didn't. So, in another words, the Cha family actually decided to just let Do Hyun take over Ri Jin's identity? Why was Ri Jin even on the Cha family registry in the first place since she is not their blood line... right?? I am so confused. Judging from Madam Shin's action so far, I feel fairly certain that Do Hyun is Joon Pyo's son and since our two leads are the destined couple then Ri Jin can't possibly be Joon Pyo's daughter... so why would Chairman Seo's husband put Ri Jin on the Cha family registry? 

 I wrote in my last post that I cried for the last 10 minutes episode 15 but I was crying through this whole hour. I really need Yo Na back chasing Ri On around so I can laugh again. 

ps. I love Secretary An. He is like the one person in Do Hyun's life that is always with him no matter what. 


  1. They already mentioned that Ri Jin isn't Joon Pyo's daughter. The grandma said something like "Why wasn't that child your kid, if she was this wouldn't have happened."
    Ri Jin being on the family registry is explained as well, When Joon Pyo brought Do Hyun (male) home requesting to put him on the registry, he saw Seo Yeon there. The grandma said the grandfather had brought her back and the Ri Jin/ Do Hyun (female) was his kid.
    I think that since its already been said that the grandfather chose Seo Yeon over Joon Pyo he would allow Do Hyun (male) to be added to the registry, choosing Seo Yeon's bloodline over his son's bloodline.
    Which is part of why Joon Pyo hated Ri Jin/ Do Hyun (female), also why she was locked in basement and no one could no of her existence. After fire, with Seo Yeon already dead and Joon Pyo in a coma they couldn't add/change name on the registry so grandson became Do Hyun (male)
    ......If that makes any sense.

    1. Ahh... You are right, I did forget that Chairman Seo already said that about wishing Ri Jin is her son's child.