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Friday, February 6, 2015

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 9 -10 Recap

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Remember this kiss?

Ri Jin wakes up confused the next morning, but soon remembers the KISS. Embarrassed, Ri Jin tries to comfort herself with the thought that maybe Do Hyun was too drunk to remember the kiss. 

Sitting in his exercise room, Do Hyun tries hard to concentrate on his meditation to no avail, since all he could think of is his kiss with Ri Jin. 

Despite Ri Jin's fervent hope, Do Hyun assures her that he remembers everything about the night before. Completely embarrassed, Ri Jin tries to run away, but Do Hyun just smiles and start chasing her around. 
Ri Jin's embarrassment fads away after being chased all around and the two decides to eat lunch together. Watching Ri Jin stuffing all the food in her mouth, Do Hyun smiles with contentment and in a voice over we hear Do Hyun's plea with Se Gi "If you don't steal the time I have with this person, then I will promise you tens, hundreds, thousands time that I will give you my body, my memory to you in the next life." 
Sitting across from Do Hyun, Ri Jin goes on a rant that if he is feeling any warm emotion towards her right now then he must not mistaken it as love since it is just Do Hyun as a patient transferring positive emotion towards his therapist.  

Nodding, Do Hyun just flashes his trade mark smile at Ri Jin. Pausing, Ri Jin thinks to herself "There is that puppy smile again!" Making a quick excuse Ri Jin runs to the kitchen to calm her beating heart and chides herself for being the one in danger of transferring her emotion to the patient. 

By the time Ri Jin gets back to the office though, Do Hyun has disappeared with a note "I'm Nana" 

When Do Hyun comes to, he stumbles out of his bedroom to find Ri Jin patching a stuffed bear in the middle of his living room that is littered with beer cans. 

In a tired voice, Ri Jin recounts that except Se Gi, all the other personalities took turns showing up. After a tug of war with Yo Na, dancing with Perry Park to stop him from building a bomb and finally gingerly approaching Yo Sub, Ri Jin is completely worn out. Sitting with his head in his hands, Do Hyun tells Ri Jin "I am just glad that you are not hurt." 

The next day, Ri Jin officially takes on her persona as Do Hyun's personal assistant. 
At the company elevator, Ki Joon jeers at Do Hyun's fast hand at hiding his "lover" overseas while he tries to marry some rich heiress. However when the elevator opens, Ki Joon is dumbfounded by Ri Jin's appearance.  Ki Joon can only look at Do Hyun in shock when he whispers "I hid her in the safest place. Isn't the darkest place under the lamp? This way I can see her whenever I want."

Infuriated by Do Hyun's words, Chae Yeon tells Ki Joon that she is ready to proceed with their engagement now. 

Do Hyun receives a surprise visit first from his mother then Chairman Seo. When Chairman Seo starts belittling Madam Shin, Do Hyun's emotion starts to raise and the head ache also begins. After hearing Chairman Seo's words from outside of the office, Ri Jin charges in and uses an excuse to take Do Hyun away. How sweet is that Ri Jin acts so natural when she takes Do Hyun's hand. 
Ri Jin meets with Dr. Park who hilariously says "I feel like a parent who is meeting with his daughter who ran away with her boyfriend in the night. So now I am considering if I should drag her back."
Relieved to finally have someone she can confess to, Ri Jin remarks how hard it was for her to lie to everyone. 

Ri Jin "If it was so hard for me for such a short amount of time, how much harder it must've been for Do Hyun who had to carry everything by himself for 11 years."

Giving Ri Jin a glare, Dr. Park replies "That's why they say there is no point raising a daughter." 

Secretary An informs Do Hyun that the mysterious writer Omega has consented to give them the movie right to his book. Do Hyun shows up to his meeting with Omega only to be stunned when Ri On introduces himself as the famed writer. 

As part of the condition Ri On gave for signing the movie rights to Do Hyun, he arranges a meeting for Ri On to meet with Ri Jin. After their trade mark sibling wrestling, Ri Jin finally confesses her secret identity as Do Hyun's personal psychiatrist. 

While driving home, Ri On is immersed in regret as he thinks back to all the times when he inadvertently were the cause for Do Hyun and Ri Jin's repeated encounters. However, regret or not, Ri On's love seems to be destined for a sad demise as he listen to his own parents worrying over the possibility that their son might possibly be in love with Ri Jin. 

Ri Jin goes back to Do Hyun's house and finds him trapped in a nightmare. Looking at Do Hyun's cold sweat, Ri Jin tries go get some medicine but Do Hyun grabs her hand and mutters "Don't go, stay and play with me." We get a glimpse of Do Hyun's nightmare where he is also holding onto a little girl's hand while saying the same thing.  
Ri Jin falls asleep with Do Hyun while holding onto his hands... just like another little girl who once held onto his hands as well. 
In the dark,  Ri Jin wakes up to see Do Hyun's eyes are open already. 

Ri Jin "Are you feeling better now, Cha Do Hyun?" 

Silence follows and all the sudden Ri Jin eyes snap open wide. Shakily Ri Jin asks "Shin Se Gi?"
With a yelp, Ri Jin tries to scramble off the bed ... 
Holding Ri Jin to the bed, a furious Se Gi demands "Why are you here? Why are you in Cha Do Hyun's bedroom?!" 


Angry and hurt, Se Gi asks Ri Jin "Are you helping Cha Do Hyun to kill me?" Ri Jin tries to assure Se Gi that not only does she not have the skill to "kill" him but she is only there as a way for Se Gi to communicate with Do Hyun. 

Ready to take his revenge on Do Hyun for touching his woman, Se Gi locks Ri Jin in the house while he takes off in his red sports car. 
Pulling out an engagement ring for Chae Yeon, Ki Joon nods with understanding when she assures him that she is only experiencing common wedding jitters... however, she really doesn't look all that excited. 
Ri Jin rushes to Chae Yeon's house only to see Se Gi walking out of her door. Ri Jin tries to get Se Gi to tell her what he did with Chae Yeon but Se Gi is keeping mum. 

Frustrated, Ri Jin orders Se Gi to get into her car... and surprisingly, Se Gi is quite obedient. It almost seems like Se Gi is used to listening to Ri Jin's orders... anyone else getting that feeling?
Back in Chae Yeon's house, squatting down right to the floor, Chae Yeon can't forget Se Gi's (she thinks it's Do Hyun) words "Engagement ring? Too bad, I wanted it to give you one." 
Asleep on the couch, Ri Jin has a dream where Do Hyun gives her his trade mark smile and says "Thank you, Oh Ri Jin." Why does that feel like one of those goodbye dream when a love one dies?

Ri Jin wakes up with a start and rushes off to ID Entertainment to find Se Gi already there strutting around. Dragging Se Gi out of his meeting, Ri Jin soon gets into an argument when Se Gi tells her "Don't touch!" (Se Gi is referring to his rule that Ri Jin can't touch him unless she is going to choose him.)  
Her temper raising, Ri Jin starts a touching fight with Se Gi... until Secretary An stops them. It makes me wonder if Se Gi's memory of Ri Jin stops at when she is a child because they often revert back to interacting like kids... ignoring the kissing of course.  

True to Se Gi's personality, during a meeting when Ki Joon tries to rob Do Hyun's achievement of signing the mysterious writer Omega, Se Gi mince no words in denouncing Ki Joon's actions. 
Se Gi finds out that Ri Jin has been called away to a meeting with Madam Shin and shows up in a fury to warn Madam Shin to not call Ri Jin out anymore. Puzzled by Se Gi's anger, Ri Jin tries to calm him down but Se Gi yells back "In an abusive situation when a person's soul were getting shattered, there are three types of people. The victim, the abuser, and the witness. Even if one of those person were missing than the bad thing wouldn't happen. That woman is the witness and even now she is using her knowledge to survive in Seung Jin group." 
Back at home, Ri Jin looks at Se Gi with a solemn expression and asks the question that has been on her mind "In the memory that Mr. Cha is missing, the memory that only you have... am I in it?" When Se Gi refuses to answer, Ri Jin asks again "Am I in it? Tell me." Unable or unwilling to answer, Se Gi turns and walk away. 
Ri On finally pieces everything together and figures out that Do Hyun is suffering from DID (Multiple personality disorder) and storms right over to Do Hyun's house to drag Ri Jin away. With one glance, Se Gi points out that Ri On has no right to take Ri Jin away when his gaze is obviously not one of a brother. 

Leaning close to Se Gi, Ri On whispers "Then you have even less right than me, since you are a son of Seng Jin Group." Frozen by Ri On's words, Se Gi can only clench his hands and watch Ri On takes Ri Jin away. 

Unable to look away from the lonely figure in her rear view mirror, Ri Jin asks her brother "What did you say to him? Why does Se Gi look so sad?" Instead of answering, Ri On just reminds Ri Jin that she is about to face her parents. 
Watching Mama Oh trying to whack Ri Jin with a pineapple, Dr. Park dryly remarks "I always wondered what Dr. Oh ate as a child to become such a warrior... but I guess it was genetics." Ha!

Ri Jin confesses to Dr. Park that she is worried that Do Hyun might really be unable to come back anymore since Se Gi seems sure that Do Hyun will stay hidden now that his memory seal is broken. In reply, Dr. Park tells Ri Jin that while Se Gi could be right but on the other hand, this could be Do Hyun's chance to come back stronger. 
Ready to take care of all the old grudges and to mix things up in a spectacular way, Se Gi shows up at Chairman Seo's office to demand that she turns Seung Jin group over to him. Furious, Chairman Seo ends up getting into a fight with Se Gi, when he taunts her with her son's picture. So it seems like the show is trying to tell us that Chairman Seo's feeling for her son is quite twisted... but I am not sure if it's a motherly love gone wrong or something more?    
After causing a ruckus at Chairman Seo's, Se Gi's next stop is at his father's sick bed. In a nerve wracking manner, Se Gi caress his father's face and asks "Why did you save me? If it wasn't for you, I probably wouldn't have turned into a monster." Se Gi continues "I should let you rest in peace," as he gets ready to take off his father's oxygen mask. 

I am so confused!!! I got nothing other than something really really bad happened. It does look like there might be a slight problem that Ri Jin and Do Hyun might be blood related... but I don't believe the show would let that happen since they are obviously the OTP.... right?! 

I do have to confess that I feel slightly guilty that I am definitely in Do Hyun's camp now. Se Gi is cool and all, but even he admits that he is a creation to protect Do Hyun from pain, so it seems only right that Se Gi will eventually needs to fade away. Does that seem cruel?  


  1. I was attracted by Segi's charm and charisma at first, but as we get to see more of Dohyun and his struggles, and him falling for Rijin in a cute and funny fashion, I'm officially on Dohyun team! I think Segi is really stuck on a child mentality, the reason he is possessive of Rijin is because he sees her as his, instead of his woman. Dohyun on the other hand, sees Rijin as a woman he loves, but can't be selfish of because of his condition, so he could only silently plea Segi not to take away his happiest moment with Rijin. Another reason I think Segi is like a child because I was watching the bts and Jisung mentioned the carriage kiss as 'kiss' but the director corrected him and said it was only a 'peck'. It made sense Segi would only give a 'peck' because he is a child (despite his overflowing charm) instead of a kiss like Dohyun did.

    It made me feel sad for Segi because he took all the pain for Dohyun and all he wanted was to be with Rijin, but Dohyun's existence threatened his (since recovering his memories could make all his alters disappear) and how he's always tortured because of the memories that Dohyun pushed to him. It's funny that I feel for him as second lead even though he's one with Dohyun, but I don't feel a thing for Rion.

    The family secret and all is getting to me, we get bits and pieces to know what happened but not enough to know what was going on, it just makes me feel like pulling my hair out trying to figure out everything. This drama keeps getting better, I just love how Hwang Jungeum and Jisung rocking it. A lot of people commented it was all Jisung but I think the cast really worked hard to make him shine like Jungeum mentioned in the interview. I love JisungxJungeum.

  2. I personally don't think Dohyun, Ri Jin, or Ri On are related by blood. Dohyun is the biological son of the mistress and the man in the coma. The mystery child (who I believe is Ri Jin) is the child of the official daughter-in-law. I seem to remember some mention of the daughter-in-law going to the US and returning with a child, which lead me to believe that the child was fathered by some unknown man, not the man in the coma. So no blood relation between Dohyun and Ri Jin (or Ri On). And then Ri On (or Ri Jin) is the biological child of the awesome parents. So no blood relation there between the three of them. Unless Awesome Mom was a cousin or something to the official daughter-in-law...but still. None of them are siblings by my understanding.