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Sunday, February 8, 2015

New World (T-Drama) Episode 1-4 First Impression

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Drama: New World

Synopsis: A young writer, Meow Meow publishes an old pictures of herself with three other kids in the local village newspaper. Through her inquiries, Meow Meow finds out that all three of her friends has become orphans due to a tragic car accident 20 years ago. Wanting to know how her friends are doing, Meow Meow starts digging into the accident and ends up embroiling herself in a conspiracy that traces back to 50 years ago.

Episode 1-4 Brief Summary

I'll just be honest that this show is kinda confusing to watch at first... which is why I waited until episode 4 to do a first impression. The show actually has quite a few storyline going at the same time but they are really all pointing at the big conspiracy that made the three kids orphans.

On a quest to find her three friends once she realizes they have all becomes orphans after a car accident, Qing Ting (Chinese for dragonfly) is the one Meow Meow wants to find the most. However, Meow Meow meets Shen Zi Hong without realizing he is the Qing Ting she has been looking for. Instead of revealing his own identity, Zi Hong tells Meow Meow that Qing Ting doesn't want to be disturbed. 
In the mean time, Zhang Guo Tang, a fugitive has shown up to initiate a full on attack on the city mayor... starting with his daughter who just happens to be Meow Meow's best friend. Forming a special team to investigate Zhang Guo Tang and protect the mayor's family at the same time, the police soon realizes that Zhang Guo Tang's actual target might be the mayor's father-in-law, Jiang Ming Kam, Chairman of a large corporation. 

Due to Chairman's Jiang involvement in the case, Zi Hong's adoptive father, Shin Yao Fu who is both the Chairman Jiang's assistant and driver is soon embroiled in the whole thing. 
Looking at the individual wooden plaque someone has hang up in remembrance of their friendship, Meow Meow's desire to find Qing Ting along with her two other friends increases. 
While Zi Hong has frequent interaction with Meow Meow and knows full well she is desperate to find him, but he still refuses to tell her the truth. 
Time to introduce our two other leads. Lin Zi Yan, the smart and efficient female detective who often surprises her team member with her ability. Liu Dong Han, a detective who is so rational that makes him almost cold, but as a man who is never afraid to stick to his belief, it is obvious there is fire underneath the cold exterior. 

Zi Yan and Dong Han are both part of the special team that are specifically formed to protect the mayor's family. 
The team receives evidence that Zi Hong's adoptive father might be Guo Tang's (the fugitive) secret informant and arrives at Daddy Shin's house to arrest him. Vowing to protect his adoptive father no matter what, Zi Hong surprises everyone when he single handedly took out a couple of detectives. 

In the end, Zi Hong and his father are both arrested under gun point. After some investigation, the team finds out that Zi Hong used to be in the special forces... specializing in bombs and technical development. 

Mao Mao, who just finally figures out that Zi Hong and Qing Ting is actually the one and the same person rushes to his house just in time to see him being handcuffed.
Despite Meow Meow's effort to pull every string she can think of, and the girl knows quite a few powerful people but in the end the detectives still stuck to their plans since they are using Daddy Shin to force Chairman Jiang to fly back from overseas to cooperate with the investigation. 

Once Meow Meow finds out that Daddy Shin and Zi Hong has been released, she rushes (again) to the house and overhears Daddy Shin trying to stop Zi Hong from getting involved with Guo Tang (the fugitive) in order to find out the truth about the tragic car accident. 
At the end of episode 4, we finally meet the famous fugitive Zhang Guo Tang who assures his friend that the special investigation team will have a hard time catching him since one of the team is his man. 

First Impression

For the first three episodes this show really didn't impress me too much. While it is obvious that the quality of the show is quite good... but the show just took itself too seriously. However, by the end of the third episode and from episode four on, I was definitely interested in the story development. The story itself is still really confusing by episode four, which I think it's meant to be but I think they are dropping enough clues to make the story coherent. 

By episode four there are not a lot of romance in the air yet, but I am taking a guess that Meow Meow's love interest will be Zi Hong and the two cool detectives will probably develop something as well. Although, it's probably not surprising that the two men already have other girls either already in love with them or is in the process of falling in love with them. 

All in all, if you are in the mood for some action sprinkled with romance then this show might just be worth checking out. 

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  1. Meow Meow trying to find her friends is a whole different case from Guo Tang, right? Or are they related? I'm very confused.