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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ninja Drools #3 Salad with Korean Chili Paste Dressing

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#1 Mr. Back Ogling a Fish Cake Stick
I have seen these kind of yellow fish cake in a few K-dramas but have never tried them, but after watching this scene I decided to pick one up to try when I saw it at a Korean grocery store. Once you peal off the yellow packaging, the fish cake is white inside and has a mild sweet fishy taste. For those of you that have had those pinkish Japanese fish cake (Kamaboko) that they sell on wooden board, the fish stick tasted a lot like that.

#2 The Legendary Witch

The food competition where Bok Nyeo won with her rice flour donuts. 
Are those frogs? Anyway, they look adorable whatever they are. 

Soo In's sandwich that she sold in the food truck. Is that sliced cabbage? 

# 3 Birth of a Beauty 
Lunch boxes that Sara took to the TV station. 
Rice balls that Sara used during one of her food competition. 
A different kind of beef rice ball that Sara developed for Tae Hee's company. 

#4 I think these pictures are from Kill Me, Heal Me

Ahh... Asian BBQ... the absolute best. 

#5 I can't remember where I got these pictures from... anyone recognize the show they were on? 

#6 What Happened to My Family 
Are those cake chunks on those whipped cream?! What a brilliant idea! 

Hyo Jin's packed lunch for Kang Jae... are all Korean women such over achievers when it comes to lunch boxes? 
Creme caramel like dessert that Eun Ho was eating. I like the strawberry topping. 

Ninja Eats: Korean Chili Paste Salad Dressing 
I had some Korean red chili paste and was in the mood for some salad, so I throw together a salad dressing that turned out quite good.

Sorry, I don't do measurements... one of the many reasons I never became a baker. 

Chili paste
Soy Sauce
Sesame Oil
Apple cider vinegar
Couple pinches of sugar depending on how sweet you like your dressings.

You can obviously use any ingredients you want for the salad, but in case you are curious, I had spring mix, cottage cheese (just a bit), almond, raspberry, pan fried eggs, apples, Korean glass noddles (my favorite add in for my salads... sort of ups the calories but it's so worth it). 


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