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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Someone Like You Episode 3-4 Summary

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Question of the hour: How can this show be so good at creating heart stopping scenes in almost every episode??

Time to introduce some annoying side characters. Director of a rival department store, Vanessa has long since harbored a crush on Zhan Cheng (hero). Now that Vanessa is back from studying abroad, she is ready to pursue Zhan Cheng in earnest ... again. However, worried that Vanessa will see through his pretense (of being able to see), Zhan Cheng uses the most cruel words to send her away. Angrily, Vanessa vows to be an enemy to Zhan Cheng and storms off. Vanessa's mask of anger lasts until the elevator and silent tears start to fall. Taking everything in, Li Bo Yan (the heroine's boyfriend) acts as the perfect assistant and keeps his silence.
In the mean time, our two leads' relationship is progressing nicely. Despite his cold exterior, Zhan Cheng seems to be fast developing a weakness when it comes to Yu Xi's wishes. When Yu Xi helps Zhan Cheng choose a scarf as a gift for his mother's birthday gift and expresses a desire to get one for her mom as well, Zhan Cheng secretly buys one for her.
Once Yu Xi discovers that Zhan Cheng's mom's biggest wish is to dance tango with him, Yu Xi uses every trick in the book to get Zhan Cheng to teach her tango so he can fulfill his mother's dream. Knowing the big obstacle his blindness would be, Zhan Cheng refuses Yu Xi's request but ends up relenting after Yu Xi demonstrates her supreme ability to not give up.

True to Zhan Cheng's prediction, the tango practice turns out to be extremely difficult and equally hard on Yu Xi's body since she keeps falling when Zhan Cheng fails to catch her.
However, the countless hours of practice does pay off and Zhan Cheng is able to fulfill his mother's dream with Yu Xi giving him verbal cues via a ear piece.
Once Zhan Cheng's parents remark how shockingly similar Yu Xi looks like Zhan Cheng's fiancee, Zhan Cheng decides to pay a visit to Mama Wang to figure out if Yu Xi and Luo Han (the fiancee) are siblings. Fiercely, Mama Chen assures Yu Xi and Zhan Cheng that she has only has one daughter and has no knowledge of Luo Han.
Excited by the announcement that a meteorite shower will happen that night, Yu Xi calls her boyfriend to make a date with him, but ends up accidentally seeing Bo Yan coming up with a lie to ignore her. Bothered by Bo Yan's lie, Yu Xi mutters her complaints about missing the meteorite shower. Overhearing Yu Xi's mutterings, Bo Yuan surprises her by taking her out on a boat to watch the meteorite shower.

The magical night ends up taking a dangerous turn when Yu Xi mistakenly thought Zhan Cheng fell into the water and jumps in search for him. Zhan Cheng hears Yu Xi's call for help and yells for the boat captain frantically. When the boat captain doesn't respond, Zhan Cheng jumps into the water as well.  
Fortunately, the boat captain eventually rescues our two leads, and Yu Xi glorious falls ills from the ordeal.
Taking care of Yu Xi through the night, Zhan Cheng couldn't help himself but traces Yu Xi's face with his fingers to get a "glimpse" of how similar she is to Luo Han but jumps when she groans in her sleep.
Once Bo Yan finds out that Yu Xi is a full time nurse for Zhan Cheng, his mid starts to work over time with suspicion of Zhan Cheng's vision. Using ploy and Yu Xi's trust in him, Bo Yuan shows up at Zhan Cheng's door and confirms that Zhan Cheng is truly blind.

When Vanessa is shown a recording of Bo Yuan holding a bag of take out while telling Zhan Cheng he is just a mail delivery man, Vanessa is shocked to realize Zhan Cheng is still blind.
Time to set the wheel in motion for our 2nd female lead. Zhan Cheng eats a cookie that tastes and looks exactly like the cookies that Luo Han used to bake for him. Excited for Zhan Cheng, Yu Xi eagerly traces the cookie back to a local baker that sells the cookie out of a hostel.
As an afterthought I figure I will include the beginning storyline of our two side character whose presence really are so small I am not sure they even count as side characters. Yu Xi's brother, Yu An meets Zhan Cheng's sister, Fei Fei (not related by blood and she has a crush on Zhan Cheng) on the street and helps her out when she has an allergic reaction to a dog. Unbeknownst to Fei Fei, Yu An actually knows her quite well since he is the priest that she confesses to behind the church veil.


I am really liking the chemistry between the two leads and Kristen Ren's portray of Yu Xi really is a lot of fun to watch. I am a bit nervous at the melo territory we are about to venture into once the 2nd female lead is introduced. The show has made no secret during its advertising campaign that the hero will be torn between our heroine who looks exactly like his first love and the second female lead who literally have the heart of his first love. So... I am expecting a bit of angst coming up. Let's just hope that Yu Xi will not lose her bright personality once the story gets going in earnest.   


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