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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Someone Like You Episode 5-6 Mini Recap

Question of the hour: Whose brilliant mind came up with those shirts?? Those are just so hilarious! Yu Xi's shirt says "Master" and Zhan Cheng's says "Loyal Servant". 

Zhan Cheng meets Xu Ya Ti, the baker who somehow makes the cookie that looks and tastes exactly the same as Zhan Cheng's fiancee used to make for him. The first thing Ya Ti says upon meeting Zhan Cheng is "Have we met before?" Not recognizing her voice, Zhan Cheng replies that he is pretty sure they have not met before.
Deciding to wait for Ya Ti to make a batch of cookies for them to take home, Yu Xi drags Zhan Cheng out to "experience" the great out doors. Sparing no small amount of imagination, Yu Xi describes everything she sees ... and a lot of stuff that are not even there. Pretending ignorance, Zhan Cheng just smiles even when he knows full well that Yu Xi's words are mostly fibs.

Trapped by a stormy rain and hampered by Yu Xi sprained ankle, Zhan Cheng volunteers to piggy back Yu Xi while she guides his steps with her voice.
Zhang Cheng and Yu Xi arrives back at the hostel and decides to stay over night. Worried about Zhan Cheng needing something in the middle of the night, Yu Xi comes up with the idea for him to knock on the wall of their shared room to call her.

Sitting in their separate room, Yu Xi sings a song for Zhang Cheng. Kristen Ren really has a very pretty voice, but I guess that probably runs in the family since her sister is a famous singer. 
Despite Yu Xi's wall knocking idea, Zhan Cheng still decides not to wake her up when he got up in the middle of the night. Carefully walking down stairs, Zhan Cheng is greeted by Ya Ti who is still up working on her cookie orders.

Volunteering his limited ability, Zhan Cheng starts to talk to Ya Ti as they work in the kitchen together. Zhan Cheng asks Ya Ti how she came up with her cookie idea, and strangely Ya Ti's answer is exactly the same as Luo Han's (hero's fiancee). With Zhan Cheng so close, Ya Ti can't help but keeps stealing glances at him.
The next morning Yu Xi wakes up with a severe neck pain after falling asleep against the wall from her fear of missing Zhan Cheng's wall knocking.

Rushing out after Yu Xi, the hostel owner kindly offers her some medicine and loudly reminds her that it's for her neck pain since she slept the whole night leaning against the wall. Hearing the owner's words, Zhan Cheng gives a slight happy smile.
Watching Zhan Cheng's car pulling away, Ya Ti finally can't stop herself and runs after the car while clutching her heart.
Bo Yan listens as Vanessa vows that Zhan Cheng will live in regret one day. 
Stunned after watching the recording Bo Yan obtained of Zhan Cheng, Vanessa is again filled with hope and patience to pursue him. Unfortunately, Vanessa's confession is again met with unwavering rejection from Zhan Cheng.
After some digging around, Zhan Cheng shows Mama Chen the proof that Yu Xi and Luo Han are really twin sisters. Standing in front of Luo Han's grave, Zhan Cheng tries to get Mama Chen to admit that she is Luo Han's mother, but Mama Chen surprises everyone by confessing that her two kids are adopted. Moved by Mama Chen's pleading, Zhan Cheng agrees to keep her secret.
Hopeful that maybe Yu Xi can thaw Zhan Cheng's frozen heart, Mama and Daddy Fang tries to causally ask her what she thinks of Zhan Cheng. Completely honest, Yu Xi rattles of all the picky personality traits of her boss. Finally noticing Zhan Cheng's darkening expression, Yu Xi quickly starts to back paddle and mentions some of Zhan Cheng's good points.
Back at home that night, Yu Xi presents Zhan Cheng with a call button that he can press anytime to get her to come running.
While washing dishes Yu Xi hears Zhen Cheng's calling bell (he accidentally put down his watch on top of the call button) and come running only to be met with a rather... um... stunning scene?
Shocked by the sudden glorious view of Zhan Cheng in the shower, Yu Xi has the following reactions: 1. She decides that she needs to go back and recheck if what she saw was true. 2. Having confirmed the reality of what she is seeing, Yu Xi decides to go back once again to see if Zhan Cheng has noticed her. 3. Chastising herself that she needs to leave as quickly as possible, Yu Xi slowly back tracks to get one last look. Ha! Ha! I love this girl!
Still not sure why we have this story line here, but Fei Fei (hero's sister) finally realizes that the Catholic preacher she has been confessing her one sided crush on her brother (Zhan Cheng, not biological siblings) is actually the same guy who helped her on the street last time.
Wanting to thank Zhan Cheng for keeping her secret, Mama Chen invites him to dinner but Yu Xi's friend Xiao Lin ends up showing up at exactly the same time. Unable to hide Zhan Cheng's blindness, Yu Xi obtains Zhan Cheng's permission to tell her friend the truth.
Standing outside of her house with Zhan Cheng, Yu Xi starts to tell Zhan Cheng a legend of two lovers when it starts to snow. Long story short, two lovers who are forced to be apart promises to meet once again when it starts to snow.
Taking Zhan Cheng to the tree where the two lovers supposedly promised to meet, Yu Xi tells him that the man in the story waited all his life and was finally able to see his lover when it snowed on the day he died. Seriously, why does Taiwanese show likes to use really sad stories in their show... 

Instead of thinking the story being romantic, Yu Xi tells Zhan Cheng that she feels the man had wasted his life only focusing on waiting while ignoring all the family and friends who also loved him. In a somewhat hopeless tone, Zhan Cheng tells Yu Xi that the man must have felt like life has stopped, and trapped in his sadness. 
At first happily going off to meet Bo Yan, Yu Xi comes back home in tears when Bo Yan willy nilly cancels his date with her for his company meeting instead of cancelling his gym date. Unwilling yet unable to deny the fact that his gym trainer appointment is more important than her, Yu Xi tries to pretend everything went well with Bo Yan, but Zhan Cheng tells her that she never has to pretend in front of him.

Zhan Cheng tries to tell Yu Xi that her presence in Bo Yan life are mere ripples that are caused by rocks being thrown in, but Yu Xi insists that with enough rocks thrown in, even the water will be changed.
The very next morning, William (Zhan Cheng's friend and partner) shows up with cotton candy for Yu Xi on the order of Zhan Cheng. Moved that Zhan Cheng would remember her passing remarks that she wanted to have cotton candy the night before when she was sad, Yu Xi happily accepts her prize.
On the way out of his department store, Zhan Cheng is ambushed by a bunch of reporters who is back to trying to figure out if he is blind or not. One particular reporter steps forth and holds two fingers in front of Zhan Cheng and asks "Just tell us this, how many fingers am I holding up." William snaps his figures twice in order to help Zhan Cheng cheat, but soon panic sets in when the reporter suddenly changes his fingers to the sign for number six. Fortunately, Zhan Cheng was able to give the right answer when Yu Xi arrives just in time to yell out a code word that only they know. 
However, just when it looks like the danger is past Bo Yan suddenly shows up announcing loudly that he has the evidence to prove Zhan Cheng is blind. In another sudden turn of event, Vanessa jumps out and publicly apologizes for the her assistant's (Bo Yan) unethical slander of Zhan Cheng. 

Staring at her boyfriend with disbelief, Yu Xi can hardly sit still after she goes home with Zhan Chen. Running out after making a quick excuse, Yu Xi shows up at Bo Yan's door to ask him why he was at the department store earlier that day. 


This show is really shaping up nicely. I am pleasantly surprised by the great acting coming from both of the leads. I think Kristen Ren has found the perfect character for her personality. 

I am intrigued that Yu Xi has found out so early on that she obviously doesn't mean a whole lot to her boyfriend anymore. I thought for sure we would be half way through the show before our heroine would get a clue, but it looks like her heart already knows what her mind refuses to admit. 

By the way, Zhan Cheng is turning out like the most perfect boyfriend material in the world. It does make me wonder if at this point of the story Zhan Cheng is being so nice to Yu Xi because he likes her OR because she reminds him of Luo Han OR because she is Luo Han's sister?

ps. I love how much enjoyment Zhan Cheng gets whenever Yu Xi gets caught by her fibs. 


  1. That shower scene was epically hilarious and showcased Kirsten Ren's perfect comedic timing. I've been reading comments of it being a scene born out of reality, with a delish boss and since he won't know, grab the chance. Hahaha

    The only thorn on my viewing pleasure is that douchey baby, he just really pisses me off. And honestly, the more that Yu Xi lives in her own stupid bubble about the guy, my irritation with the douche might rub off on her ( a bit!).

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I am totally with you on Yu Xi's boyfriend. It does make me wonder if he has always treated her so poorly from the very beginning?

    3. Its hard to say since there aren't alot of flashback scenes with them two and we don't even know the opinion of Yu Xi's mom and friend with regards to the boyfriend. But base on that one flashback (meteor shower scene), it seems he was an okayish bf. It seems he did changed after climbing 'a bit' the professional ladder. I guess he realised he wants to get ahead in life (money-, power- and fame- wise) by hooking up with Vanessa instead. :)