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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Legendary Witch Episode 29-30 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: Seriously show?! Doesn't this couple have enough problems in their life already?

Woo Seok drops the bomb that he is Jin Woo, Bok Nyeo's son that she has long believed to be dead. Shocked, Bok Nyeo locks herself in her room and sobs as she blames herself for not recognizing her own son.

Kneeling in front of Bok Nyeo's room, with tear running down his face, Woo Seok recounts his long time desire to meet his mother and to be embraced by her. Her guilt melt away by Woo Seok's words, Bok Nyeo finally comes out of her room to hold her son once again.

Laid up in the hospital after passing out from his burst of anger over Mistress Cha's threat to take over Shinhwa Group, Chairman Ma refuses to tell his daughters the real reason why Mistress Cha left him.

Now that Mistress Cha's has revealed her intentions she is going full throttle ahead to convince all the other stock holders to replace Chairman Ma.
Mistress Cha meets with Woo Seok and tells him the truth that not only is she the person that mailed the torn pictures to him but was also the one that helped him when he was in the hospital. Seeing Woo Seok's disbelief since he has been told by Chairman Ma that he was the one who helped him instead, Mistress Cha hands him an envelope containing information that shows Chairman Ma's evil deeds towards his own father.
Still unsure of Mistress Cha's words, Woo Seok's suspicion of Chairman Ma increases when he remember bits of the fire that took his father's life. (Little Woo Seok tried to wake his father up, but it looks like maybe his father might have been drugged or something.)
Woo Seok's doubt of Mistress Cha's words finally ended when she introduces him to men who once helped Chairman Ma to embezzle money from his dad. Storming into Chairman Ma's office, Woo Seok confronts Chairman Ma with his lies, but Chairman Ma just brazenly declares that there is nothing Woo Seok can do when the statute of limitation is already past.

Using the opportunity that Bok Nyeo is gone with Woo Seok on a mother and son trip, Young Guk tries to score points with Yi Moon, but ends up getting interrupted when her suitor come knocking on the door. Unfortunately, the visit ended quite badly when Young Guk's suitor's denture falls out.

Young Guk's "mission" with Joo Ran is going extremely well, with Joo Ran trusting that Young Guk is her way to make some great investment. I love how Young Guk can still maintain her pretense when she is on the toilet! Ha. 
Having made up her mind to accept Mr. Landlord's apartment thus cementing her relationship with him, Poong Geum nonetheless can't bring herself to be happy about her decision. Over drinks with Woi Han, Poong Geum tells her sad story of how after her first husband died from working himself to the bones she made the decision that she will only marry a rich man.

Obviously unwilling to see Poong Geum go to Mr. Landlord but knowing his poor man status makes him ineligible, Yi Moon can do nothing but swallow his jealousy.
With a fanfare, the residents of the dorm prepare to send Poong Geum away with Mr. Landlord but the party comes to a screeching halt when Mr. Landlord's wife shows up. Totally surprised to find out that the supposedly single Mr. Landlord turns out to be a father to five children, Poong Geum is unprepared when Mrs. Landlord starts to attack her physically.

In the middle of the chaos, Woi Han all the sudden charges into the fray and declares himself to be the man who will marry Poong Geum. An outburst of cheer erupts and Woi Han dips Poong Geum for a passionate kiss. About time!
In her anger after finding out that Joo Hee has severely undercut her own prices in order to take Soo In's baking contract away from her, Soo In rushes right to Shinhwa group to confront Joo Hee. When Joo Hee shamelessly admits that her goal is to ruin Soo In's bakery by whatever means possible, Soo In is so furious that she slaps Joo Hee. Woo Seok shows up at the lobby just in time to see the slap and chides Soo In for acting rashly in public. Taking Wook Seok's words as a sign that he is taking Joo Hee's side, Soo In glares at Woo Seok angrily and announces that they might need time to reconsider. 
Apparently, a woman fury is easily dissolved in the face of a engagement ring since Soo In is soon embracing Wook Seok after he puts a gold band on her. 
Suddenly the scene turns to what looks like a hospital room where Soo In's husband, Ma Do Hyun is lying unconscious. 
Walking out of her bakery, Soo In smiles in happiness while her husband opens his eyes and whispers "Soo In!" 


Umm... if blinking could make noises... are my exact thoughts. Holy cow!!! What is going on?! Seriously show?! Do we really have to go there? Can't the last scenes just be a dream sequence? 

I can't even imagine what kind of choice Soo In has to face. Her husband seems to be a good man who obviously still loves her but I am afraid Soo In has long moved on. After the initial shock wears off, I am feeling a lot of pity for Do Hyun who will just feels like he passed out for a while but wakes up to a complete different world. 


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