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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Legendary Witch Episode 31-32 Mini Recap

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Woo Seok confronts Chairman Ma about all the illegal business dealings he had done to Woo Seok's father's bakery. Not repentant at all, Chairman Ma just gives Woo Seok bunch of justification for his actions. Storming out of Chairman Ma's office, Woo Seok tells Joo Hee that he will never help someone like Chairman Ma. Alarmed by Woo Seok's words, Joo Hee is even more confused when her brother-in-law tells her that Woo Seok sees Chairman Ma as an enemy to his family now. 

Woo Seok meets with Mistress Cha again and hears the whole story of how she has been the silent helping hand in his life all these years. 
Mistress Cha's plan to oust Chairman Ma is going quite nicely, especially after Joo Ran's hair pulling fight with Bo Gyeong (Do Jin's ex-fiancee) that angered Bo Gyeong's mom so much that she decides to side with Mistress Cha using their considerable stock. 

Grasping at straws to find any dirt on Mistress Cha, Joo Ran turns to her trusted thugs again and have them follow Mistress around. 
Thinking they are following Mistress Cha around to catch her having an affair, the thugs instead shot pictures of Mistress Cha visiting Ma Do Hyun (Soo In's husband) when he wakes up from his coma. 
Completely stunned to see pictures of her dead brother alive and well, Joo Ran shows the picture to her equally shocked family. 
With tears in her eyes, Mistress Cha apologizes to Do Hyun and from their conversation we find out what happened two years ago. On the morning when Do Hyun was suppose to fly out to a factory, Mistress Cha stops him to plea with him to keep the secret that Do Jin is not Chairman Ma's biological son. (Do Hyun has found out by doing a DNA test because there were some rumor floating around.) After Do Hyun promises to keep her secret, Mistress Cha still worries and ends up following Do Hyun with her car to convince him to write her a promise note. In the middle of talking to Mistress Cha on the phone, Do Hyun's car is hit by truck. Horrified, Mistress Cha is about to rush to Do Hyun's car when she also receives news that the helicopter that Do Hyun was suppose to leave on that morning has crushed. 
Despite knowing if she sends Do Hyun to the hospital all her plan of ousting Chairman Ma goes down the drain, Mistress Cha still sends for an ambulance (for transporting Do Hyun). Faced with curses and promise of revenge from Do Hyun's sisters, Mistress Cha seems surprisingly resigned. I totally didn't expect Mistress Cha to set aside her own revenge plan for Do Hyun's welfare. 
At the same time, Soo In wakes up with a scream when she has a nightmare of where she and Woo Seok are trying to run away from broken mirrors and falling ceiling. Muttering to herself, Bok Nyeo wonders "Broken mirror means separation." Temporary right?? 

Time to pause on the main story and take a look at what is happening on the side characters. 
Mi O receives a chance to restart her CF modeling career but Do Jin is voicing his opposition much to Mi O's frustration. Since Do Jin is still keeping his job as a driver a secret from Mi O, I am assuming he is afraid Mi O's success might mean he won't be worthy of her... of course in my view, he is more worthy of her now than when he was a mama's boy. 

Determined to patch things up with Do Jin's mom no matter what, Mi O makes seaweed soup for Mistress Cha's birthday and reluctantly Mistress Cha accepts the soup. I am actually really surprised how forgiving Mi O is of Mistress Cha. 
After their "public kiss" Poong Geum and Woi Han's relationship is sort of... unclear. As Woi Han points out, Poong Geum is definitely treating him a lot nicer after the kiss, but they are not really dating either. 

Using his relative's wedding as an excuse, Woi Han convinces Poong Geum to go to the reception as his fake girlfriend. The picture on the right is when Woi Han is hashing out all the possible questions Poong Geum might have to answer at the reception. 
Young Guk is finally ready to reel Joo Ran in after sparing no expense to set a trap for her. There was one little hiccup though when Young Guk is jerked awake by some burning rocks during a massage session with Joo Ran and in the moment of surprise Young Guk allows her pretense to slip with swear words and the question "Am I in jail?" Looking at Joo Ran's shocked face, Young Guk quickly reverts back to her refined gesture and makes the excuse that she had a nightmare her grandfather was trapped in a jail. 

Not doubting Young Guk at all, Joo Ran happily signs an investment contract with Top Safe investment under the sly smiles of Young Guk and her friend. 
Back to the serious stuff. Chairman Ma rushes to his son's bed side and can hardly believe that his precious son is alive after all. Calling Mistress Cha to his office, Chairman Ma offers to let Mistress Cha's action slide (hiding Do Hyun) if she would cancel her lawsuit. However, instead of backing down, Mistress Cha assures Chairman Ma that going to prison is nothing if it mean dragging him down with her. 
In the mean time, the news of Do Hyun being alive is fast going around since Woi Han tells Poong Geum under her laser interrogation and Joo Hee shows up at the bakery in her happiness that this means Woo Seok will be single again. I really don't get this girl. Is she just happy that no one will be happy now? Since she can't possibly thinks Woo Seok would accept her just because Soo In is gone? 
While waiting for Woo Seok to come back with coffee, Soo In receives a phone call from Poong Geum telling her the shocking news that her husband is still alive. Poor Woo Seok comes back just in time to see Soo In getting into a taxi. 
Rushing into the VIP hospital room, Soo In drops her bag at the sight of Do Hyun and calls "Yeobo! (Husband)" 


This is not good at all... I feel really bad for Do Hyun. From everything we have seen so far, Do Hyun seems to be a good guy and a good husband through and through. In fact, he even seems like the kind of guy that would stand up to his own father to protect the woman he loves. 

However, it is obvious that after what she has been through, Soo In has already moved on. At this point, Soo In and Do Hyun just seem like total victims of circumstance that I am not sure if there is anyway to solve this without hurting someone really badly. We just need Woo Seok's wife to also come back alive to make this even messier. 

By the way, I will confess when I saw how happy Chairman Ma was to see Do Hyun I was a bit mad that such an evil guy will have the good luck of finding his son alive when he sees nothing of destroying other people's family. 


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