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Monday, February 16, 2015

The Legendary Witch Episode 33-34 Mini Recap

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Soo In rushes to Do Jin's bed side and sobs when she hears him attributes his concern for her being left alone as the reason why he couldn't allow himself to die. 

Listening to Woo Seok's concerned message on the phone, Soo In breaks down in tears again and screams at the heavens for the situation she has found herself in. 

Overjoyed by the prospect that Woo Seok could be hers now that Do Jin is back in the picture, Joo Hee eagerly meets with Woo Seok to tell him the news. I can't wait for her to finally realize Woo Seok and her father are mortal enemies. 
Do Jin finds out about his mother's role in Do Jin's sudden return to the land of living and is stunned when he is told that Chairman Ma is not his father. Disappointed with his mother, Do Jin tells her "you have become just like Chairman Ma." 

Despite his anger with his mother, Do Jin is soon calling for her help when he gets hauled into the police station for getting into a fight with one of his drunken customer. Mistress Cha offers to give Do Jin monthly living expense so he doesn't have to work as a driver, but Do Jin refuses. 
Poong Geum goes to Woi Han's sister's wedding as his fake wife. From Woi Han's boisterous siblings, Poong Geum finds out that Woi Han has single handily put all four of his siblings through school and starts to change her perception of him.  
Due to the insistence of Woi Han's siblings, Poong Geum and Woi Han end up staying overnight in the same room. Assured by Woi Han's promise that he will never cross the pillow line he has set up, Poong Geum lays down to sleep. However, after a while Poong Geum can't stand the furnace like hot room and takes off the outer layer of her cloth. Sensing Poong Geum is finally sleep, Woi Han sneaks outside to put out the fire furnace that is underneath their room.  Without the fire, the room soon turns freezing cold, and Poong Geum snuggles up to Woi Han in her sleep... and the rest is history. 

The next morning, Poong Geum is in deep regret but Woi Han acts like the cat that has gotten the cream. 
A despondent Soo In gets off the bus stop to find Bok Nyeo waiting to throw her arms around her. It's times like this that it really shows Soo In is not alone anymore. 

Honest with Woo Seok, Soo In tells him everything about Do Jin's return even though he has already heard the whole of it from Joo Hee. Before Soo In can finish talking to Woo Seok though, Joo Ran shows up to order her back to the hospital since Do Jin is frantically asking for her. 
Looking at Soo In who calmly tells him that she has a bakery that relies on her so she can't stay by him 24/7, Do Jin starts to see the worrisome clues that Soo In is not the same wife whose world used to revolved around him. In fact, the woman who he thought would be left desolate alone in the world without him seems to all the sudden have friends and a career to worry about. 

A visit from his mother soon reveals another shocking suspicion as Madam Ma angrily accuses Soo In of having an affair while Do Jin is studying abroad. (In her confused mind, she can't understand Do Jin was dead and thought he was studying abroad.) 
By chance, Soo In forgets her phone in the hospital room and soon Do Jin's suspicion is confirmed when he sees intimate pictures of his wife with Woo Seok showing off their couple rings. 

Calling Woo Seok on the phone, Do Jin asks him to come to the hospital for a meeting. From Woo Seok, Do Jin is stunned to hear that Soo In was framed by his father and even ended up serving prison time. 
Woo Seok shows up at the bakery just in time to catch Soo In rushing off towards the hospital since Do Jin is refusing all treatment. Stopping Soo In, Woo Seok asks her to stay and think of his pain for once. Caught by her concern for Do Jin, Soo In can do nothing but to continue on her way even when Woo Seok threatens that if she leaves then he wouldn't wait for her anymore. 

Soo In shows up at the hospital to find a Do Jin who keeps saying he should have died two years ago. Willing to do whatever to save his son, Chairman Ma even tries to kneel to Soo In in apology. Despite Do Jin's hopeful look, Soo In could not give her forgiveness and stiffly leaves the hospital. 
Soo In comes home just in time to meet Mistress Cha who took her son and Mi O home. Woo Seok shows up just in time to overhear Soo In tearfully saying if Mistress Cha would have given Do Jin back to her two years ago, she would have never met Woo Seok nor gone so far with him. Unfortunately, Woo Seok turns away (don't they ALWAYS turn too fast) before he hears the rest of Soo In's words. Kneeling down, Soo In cries even harder as she sobs out that if only things happened differently then she would not be causing Woo Seok so much hurt. 

Not realizing that all of Soo In's words were built on her pain for causing him hurt, Woo Seok sits in the darkness of his room and lets his tears fall. 
Eaten by his jealousy, Do Jin demands that Soo In takes off her couple ring. Relenting, Soo In agrees to take off her ring... when she is in the hospital. 

Meeting Woo Seok in front of the bakery again, Soo In tries to apologize for leaving the night before, but Woo Seok notices her naked finger and leaves without saying anything more. 

Back in the bakery, Soo In takes out her ring and puts it on a chain so she can wear it around her neck. 
Hearing that Woo Seok is still pursuing his mother's arson case, Chairman Ma meets with Woo Seok to try to give him a large sum of money so he will just forget the past. When Woo Seok refuses and declares that he is going to pursue his mother's case until the very end, Chairman Ma shows his true color and threatens Woo Seok. Chairman Ma's familiar sounding threat triggers Woo Seok's childhood memories and he remembers watching Chairman Ma pouring gasoline on his house. 


I was a bit worried at first that Soo In might be tempted to go back to Do Jin, but judging by this episode Soo In has long moved on from Do Jin and only has eyes for Woo Seok now. I am also comforted by the fact it looks like even with her husband back, Soo In is keeping her temper so she is no longer the easily pushed around girl anymore. 

While I think Do Jin is quite innocent in all this and fully understands his attitude towards Woo Seok, I am not sure he would fall in love with this new Soo In. Judging by their interaction so far, I think Do Jin fell in love with a weak Soo In who has no one in the world except him, but now Soo In is no longer that woman anymore. The new Soo In has a family, friends, and most of all a will to fight for herself. So with that in mind, I don't think Soo In would even be tempted to go back to Do Jin when she knows already that she doesn't love Do Jin anymore. 

I will have to admit that in a way it is kinda sad to think things from Do Jin's perspective. Here is a guy who thought for sure he would come back to find his desolate wife still loving him as much as he loves her... but instead she obviously is living a happy life without him and has long since moved on.  So... the lesson we can all take from this is ... um... expected the unexpected if you wake up from a coma??  


  1. I don't mean to be rude, but do you proofread before uploading this? I'm really confused on the names. Sometimes you call a person the wrong name.

    1. I do proofread... but most time I tend to do it when it is way too late at night and my brain are just too scrambled especially when it comes to the names. (I especially struggles with the Chinese names for some reason) I will try putting extra effort in keeping the name straight but do let me know when you find a mistake and I will correct it. Thanks!

    2. I just re-read this post again, and as far as I can tell all the names are correct. Let me know where you see a mistake and I'll fix it. Thanks again.

    3. I'm sorry, aren't the one in hospital supposed to be dohyun?

  2. won jae is joo ran's husband not soo in's husband.

    1. Thank you! I went back and corrected them.

  3. Do hyun not do jin so in's husband