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Monday, February 23, 2015

The Legendary Witch Episode 35-36 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: I really want to know how Woi Han was able to get that diamond ring on that chicken leg... 

Bok Nyeo faints in shock and grief after she hears the truth of the fire that took her husband's life from Woo Seok. 

Instinctively wanting to comfort Woo Seok by giving him a hug, Soo In ends up stopping herself and apologizing to him for not being able to give him a proper comfort. 
Soo In is urgently ordered back to the hospital once more when Do Hyun finds out that Soo In is living in the same house as Woo Seok. Reluctantly Soo In agrees to move out if Do Hyun will keep his promise of receiving treatment. Ignoring Do Hyun's call for her to stay, Soo In leaves with Joo Hee chasing after her. Joo Hee piles on the guilt and to also reminds Soo In of her status as Do Hyun's wife. Unmoved, Soo In replies that "Too much time has passed for things to return back to the way it was." 
Mistress Cha visits Bok Nyeo when she finds out about Bok Nyeo's fainting episode. Thanking Mistress Cha unceasingly, Bok Nyeo is even more moved when she finds out that Mistress Cha used all of her fiancee's death compensation to pay for little Woo Seok's hospital bill. 

Unable to rest until she at least vent some of her anger, Bok Nyeo storms over to Chairman Ma's house and yells out his crime. At first the Cha family members discount Bok Nyeo's words but when Madam Ma rushes out to kneel in front of Bok Nyeo, begging for forgiveness, Joo Hee and Joo Ran's husband start to get suspicious.  Of course, Joo Hee tries to convince herself that the whole thing is a misunderstanding since the last thing she wants is for Woo Seok to become an impossible dream for her... not that she had any chance to begin with. 
Chairman Ma pays Mistress Cha a visit and acts all concerned about Do Jin. Wondering why Do Hyun haven't jumped on the first chance to tell Chairman Ma the truth about Do Jin's biological father, Mistress Cha goes to visit Do Hyun at the hospital. 

Do Hyun tells Mistress Cha the shocking truth that Chairman Ma has known all along that Do Jin is not his son. 
Hoping the second time is a charm, Woi Han buys a real diamond ring this time to propose to Poong Geum. However, Woi Han's proposal hits a snag when Poong Geum keeps insisting that "their one night escapade" is just an accident and doesn't change anything at all. 
Undaunted, Woi Han tries once again by putting the ring on a fried chicken leg... unfortunately, Poong Geum storms off without looking at the chicken leg Woi Han is trying to show her. 
Thanks to Woi Han's newly wedded sister's surprise visit, Woi Han and Poong Geum ends up pretending Yi Moon's house is theirs while everyone else is renegaded to poor renter status. Impatient from being stuck in a little room with numerous people while Woi Han and Poong Geum are doing their blissful married couple act, Young Guk becomes furious when she finds Poong Geum sleeping in Woi Han's arm.   
Not understanding Do Jin's anger towards his mother, Mi O accepts Mistress Cha's offer of money so Do Jin doesn't have to work as a driver anymore. Storming into his mother's house, Do Jin gives the money back.

Do Jin finally tells Mi O about Chairman Ma not being his birth father and confesses that if it wasn't for Mi O and their son he would be out getting into trouble because of the pain. In the middle of their rather serious conversation, Do Jin all the sudden sees Mi O's cosmetic ad on tv and becomes surprisingly excited for someone who was so opposed to her modeling career before. 
Joo Ran gets the shock of her lifetime when she sees her own picture on the news announcing that she has generously donated 4 million won to a program supporting prison inmates. Ha!
Charging over to Top Safety to demand her money back, Joo Ran gloriously faints when she discovers that not only has she been swindled out of her money but Young Guk has even warned her when she was signing papers without bothering to look at them. 
Despite Do Hyun's desire to have Soo In by his side every second of the day, Soo In's time is taken up by the bakery especially since her newly developed healthy bread has become so popular that even foreign magazines are interviewing them. 

Pained to know that her brother had gone without eating all day because Soo In has been too busy at the bakery to visit him, Joo Ran prostrates herself on Soo In's floor and threatens to stay there until Soo In goes to visit Do Hyun. 
Do Hyun asks Soo In to leave with him to Boston and tells her to leave everything behind since he is willing to leave his family as well. Refusing Do Hyun's request, Soo In tells him that she has long decided that she will not just live her life as someone's wife or daughter-in-law, instead she will pursue her dream. You Go Girl!!!  
Do Hyun doesn't believe Soo In's words and blames everything on Woo Seok's existence. Seemingly to prove Do Hyun's point, Woo Seok walks in and tries to take Soo In away... resulting in a very childish conversation between the two man. Do Hyun "Let go, Soo In is my woman." Woo Seok "No, Soo In is my woman." 
Leaving Soo In in the car, Woo Seok leaves to get some hot tea for them. Unable to contain her emotions anymore, Soo In sobs her heart out in the car while Woo Seok watches with a pained expression standing not too far away. 
On the day Do Hyun is discharged from the hospital, he takes Soo In to the beach where he proposed to her before and tries to give her another ring to replace the one she lost in the ocean. Trying to end things cleanly with Do Hyun, Soo In lies and says that she never lost the ring but had buried the ring in Do Hyun's grave when she fell in love with Woo Seok to signify an end to their relationship. Distraught, Do Hyun tries to drown himself while Soo In tearfully pleads with him to not kill himself. This guy is getting rather tiresome... 

In the end, Do Hyun promises Soo In that he will not harm himself anymore if Soo In will give him 100 days to make her fall in love with him again. 

Back at home, Soo In is dismayed when Bok Nyeo informs her that Woo Seok is planning to move out so Soo In doesn't have to. Hearing Soo In's apology and seeing her sadness, Woo Seok pulls her in for a hug. Letting herself enjoy one moment of Woo Seok's much needed comfort, Soo In hugs him back. 
Back in her room, Soo In receives a text from Do Hyun with an attachment of their wedding picture to remind her of their happy times. Soo In walks out of her room and silently cries when she sees Woo Seok piggy backing his daughter while promising that he will visit her frequently with strawberry ice cream after he moves out. 
Holding to his vow that he will clear his mother's name, Woo Seok meets with a lawyer to reopen his father's murder case. 
The long awaited board member meeting commences and surprisingly Mistress Cha backs out of her plan to kick Chairman Ma out of his office. (Was it because she felt bad after finding out Chairman Ma knew the truth about Do Jin all along?) 

Chairman Ma takes the chance to reintroduce Do Hyun to the board members while Mistress Cha also follows suit and introduces Woo Seok. 


Did this show get extended without me knowing? As far as I know this show is suppose to end at episode 40... this seems like a lot of plot line to cover in four episodes time. I really hope Chairman Ma gets a proper punishment instead of some miraculous forgiveness at the end. 

While I am quite happy with Soo In's continual show of back bone with Do Hyun and his family, I am starting to get a bit tired with Do Hyun's "pity me!" tactic. I still feel kinda bad for him since it must be shocking to wake up one day to find your loving wife is well... loving to another man now, but the more clingy and desperate he is the less bad I feel for him. 

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  1. I agree with you. DO Hyun is acting flat out pathetic. Soo In just needs to break it off and marry Jin Soo already.