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Saturday, February 7, 2015

What Happens to My Family Episode 50 Recap

Question of the hour: Poor Kang Jae, I wonder if Daddy Cha really understand the extent his son cares about him? Although I guess who would've guessed from how Kang Jae acted before?

With some quick thinking Daddy Cha convinces Auntie Cha that he is getting a full body check up at the hospital because "My Miss Ko is so worried about me." Faced with endless questions from Auntie Cha, Daddy Cha ends up changing the subject by accusing Auntie Cha that she is jealous of Miss Ko and their great relationship. 

Fuming, Auntie Cha goes home with her brother's taunting words ringing in her head. 
Back in the hospital, looking at his father who seems to think nothing of leaving the hospital, Kang Jae loses his temper and yells at Daddy Cha for not considering his own life. Perhaps realizing for the first time how much Kang Jae actually cares for him, Daddy Cha can only nod when Miss Ko tells him that it would take some time before Kang Jae stops being angry. 
Meanwhile, in the Moon family things can only be described as chaotic. Angry with how his mom is blaming everyone else for her childish behavior, Eun Ho tells Madam Baek how embarrassed he is of her. Rushing to his wife's rescue, Chairman Moon decides to teach Eun Ho a lesson by hitting him. Jumping to Eun Ho's defense, Tae Joo tries to shield him from Chairman Moon's kicks. Angrily, Chairman Moon declares that because he sees Eun Ho as his son therefore he has a responsibility to correct his behavior. Eun Ho pauses in surprise when he hears that Chairman Moon actually considers him his son. 
In her frustration with the whole situation, Madam Baek accidentally let it slip that Kang Shim's pregnancy is fake. Apologetically, Tae Joo tells a stunned Kang Shim that Chairman Moon is so disappointed that he is not going to have a grandchild that he has declares that he doesn't want to see Kang Shim's face.  
Feeling quite guilty that her slip has caused such a huge rift between Chairman Moon and Kang Shim, Madam Baek cancels her Hawaii trip and tries to arrange a meeting for Kang Shim with her husband. However, Chairman Moon is too angry to listen to reason and storms out of his office, completely ignoring Kang Shim. 
Feeling down from everything that is happening, Kang Shim goes to the hospital and visits Daddy Cha. Thinking Daddy Cha is asleep, Kang Shim pours out her heart only to realize Daddy Cha has woken up in the middle of her confession. Wiping Kang Shim's tears away, Daddy Cha apologizes to Kang Shim for causing her so much heart ache. 
Listening to the Kang Shim's sobs outside, Miss Ko tells Kang Jae that she needs to leave for a bit. When Kang Jae asks for more details, Miss Ko just gives him a mysterious smile. 

Turns out, the very cool Miss Ko ends up convincing Chairman Moon to pay Daddy Cha a visit at the hospital. 
While waiting for Kang Shim to come home, Tae Joo has a little manly drinking party with Dal Bong and Joong Baek. The conversation turns to what exactly does Tae Joo likes about Kang Shim, and Tae Joo happily points out two heart stopping occasions that caused him to fall in love with her. I love this part! 
Occasion #1 When Kang Shim falls asleep in Tae Joo's office and wakes up stretching her body without realizing Tae Joo is also there.

Occasion #2 Kang Shim goes into her lion mode when she confronts the man who scammed her out of her money. 
Just when the three boys drank to manly powers again, Tae Joo catches sight of Kang Shim and hurries off to carry her purse for her. Watching how eagerly Tae Joo rushes off, Dal Bong and Joong Baek both shakes their heads at him. However, soon Joong Baek is also rushing off when his precious wife Young Seol summons him. 
Speechless, Dal Bong is about to sneer at the two men's action until he sees Eun Ho walking Seo Wool home and it's his turn to jump up to greet his woman. 

Once Dal Bong sends Seo Wool into the house, he glares at Eun Ho for smiling after Seo Wool's retreating back. Still, Dal Bong invites Eun Ho to go for some chicken and beer. However, just when Eun Ho agrees to Dal Bong's invitation, he is called back home by Chairman Moon. 
Looking at all his family members gathered together, Chairman Moon proceeds to make each of the family member apologizes to each other. With everything out in the open, Chairman Moon tells Kang Shim to stop calling him Chairman now but to start calling him "father". 

After the family meeting, Chairman Moon also takes the opportunity to cement his and Eun Ho's relationship as true father and son now. That's so cool! Eun Ho always looks so lonely but it looks like he really has a loving family and a friend in Dal Bong now. 

After a week of treatment, Daddy Cha is finally able to come home much to everyone's happiness... especially Dal Bong's who can't hardly contains his tears as he holds onto Daddy Cha. 


I thought for sure Auntie Cha was going to find out in this episode but it looks like that might be tomorrow... thanks to Madam Kwon's big mouth judging from the preview. 


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