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Monday, February 9, 2015

What Happens to My Family Episode 51 Recap

The whole Cha family gathers to welcome Daddy Cha home, and even Miss Ko is included thanks to Kang Shim's invitation. Wow, even Kang Shim has accepted Miss Ko, I guess she just needs to convince Dal Bong now. 

Seeing how happy her brother is, Auntie Cha tells Daddy Cha to just go ahead and set a wedding date with Miss Ko. Stuttering, Daddy Cha quickly tries to laugh Auntie Cha's question off, but refusing to budge Auntie Cha keeps pushing the marriage talk. Angrily, Daddy Cha storms out of the house dragging Miss Ko with him.

Daddy Cha apologizes to Miss Ko for his sister's marriage talk, but ends up being shocked when Miss Ko replies that she thinks the idea of marriage is a good idea.
Storming back into the house, Daddy Cha gets into an argument with Auntie Cha. Unaware of Daddy Cha's sickness, Auntie Cha tells her brother that she wants a sister-in-law so she can be freed to go experience life. Hurt by Auntie Cha's words, Daddy Cha tells her that she doesn't have to wait long before she will be free.

Worried about the cold war between Daddy Cha and Auntie Cha, Young Sul comes up with the idea to get Seol Wool and Hyo Jin to start a fake fight. 
Unfortunately, Young Sul's idea seems to back fire as the two siblings ends up fighting even more fiercely over Seol Wool and Hyo Jin. Just as all the kids look at each other in fear that have made things worse, Auntie Cha and Daddy Cha each has a good laugh over the kids' theatrics. 
With Daddy Cha back, everything seems to be alright once more as he makes Seol Wool and Hyo Jin promise to get along and also saves the day when Dal Bong gets in trouble with his customers. 
To make Madam Baek feel important, Kang Shim can only force herself to be cheerful as Madam Baek drags her around to plan a wedding that fits Madam Baek's taste. 

After hours of endless torture, Kang Shim finally calls Tae Joo for help, but even Tae Joo seems unable to offer any relieve. 
By chance, Wook Tak runs into Kang Shim and shares a drink as Kang Shim vents her worry about her father and her frustration at the wedding planning. Standing not too far away, Tae Joo listens to Kang Shim's words with a worried expression. 
After carrying a completely drunk Kang Shim back home and listening to her cry for her mother, Tae Joo decides that the best thing he can do is to ask Eun Ho to distract his mother so Kang Shim could have a day off. Not one to disappoint, Eun Ho pulls through and Kang Shim wakes to the happy news that she has the whole day to herself. 
Realizing how much Kang Shim is keeping inside after listening to her drunken cry, the Cha girls decides to hold an impromptu party by presenting Kang Shim with gifts from each of them. It was really cool that Auntie Cha has taken the time and effort to compile a recipe book with Tae Joo's favorite dishes for Kang Shim   
Lying side by side in Kang Shim's bed, the two girls decides to wait until after Kang Shim's wedding to tell Auntie Cha the truth... since they comfort themselves that nothing can happen before then. 
On the day of the Kang Shim and Tae Joo's wedding everything seems to be going smoothly, until... 
Madam Baek unwittingly lets the cat out of the bag by talking to Auntie Cha about Daddy Cha's stay at the hospital to treat his cancer. 
Back in the wedding hall, everything is ready except Auntie Cha is no where to be found. While everyone has no clue why Auntie Cha has all the suddenly gone missing, Miss Ko is quickly suspicious when she sees Madam Kwon's guilty face. 
Sending out almost every member of the Cha family to find his sister, Daddy Cha himself searches everywhere while calling Auntie Cha's name in earnest. 

Hiding in the bathroom stall, Auntie Cha sobs as she repeats "What are we going to do? What is oppa going to do?" 


Man, next week is going to be a hard episode to watch... wait, I think I said that last week too. While this episode was certainly slower in terms of plot development but I still liked all the warm fuzzy feelings it conveyed. 

Judging from the previews, things doesn't look good for Daddy Cha... BUT there got to be reason why the writer keeps hinting about the possibility of Miss Ko marrying Daddy Cha right? Dare we hope that Daddy Cha will recover enough to get married? 


  1. Hello i really like your blog about what happens to my family..
    but there is correction..this is episode no:51 not episode:50..
    hope you correct it.. take care..:)

    1. Corrected! Thanks for letting me know!

  2. I would like to say thank you so much for your episode recaps, I really enjoy reading them week after week. I was hesitant at first to watch this drama in fear that it would turn out like so many others but I was glad that, for the most part, it did not.

    I have to make the following comments about Kang Jae and his wife/ ex girlfriend. His wife has the effect of an ex wife out on a date with her ex husband and his new girlfriend. There is no chemistry between the two of them at all and the compatibility is just not there.

    Did he not marry her for the sole reason to gain the hospital in the end? Did he not leave his ex girlfriend because the per-verbal hospital directors grass looked greener? And did he not get upset when his sisters lover returned after he dumped her for the exact same reasons 14 years earlier?

    It seemed at first the writer was heading in the direction of ending this train wreck waiting to happen but for some reason he decided to keep her around. It seemed to happened during the episode of the taxi ride, I was hoping that when she went home to mommy that that would be the end but it keeps getting dragged out.

    I would pay good money if the writer doesn't end this drama with a 1 - 3 yrs from now scene in which these two remained together and it's a little Kang Jae running around considering he was asking his Dad if he could raise the boy if it turned out to be his in an earlier episode.

    Drama Lover 1938