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Sunday, February 15, 2015

What Happens to My Family Episode 52 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: How puffy are you guys' eyes after this episode?

Forcing herself to act as normal as she can, Auntie Cha tells her nervous oppa that she is only having some digestive problems, and assures everyone that she will be just fine.

Thanks to Auntie Cha's return, Kang Shim and Tae Joo's wedding goes off without a hitch. 
Finally married! Turing to look at her father, Kang Shim mouthed "Thank You" to him. 
The sudden disappearance of Auntie Cha from the Cha family home once again sends everyone searching and even causes the newlyweds to delay their honeymoon. The mystery of why Auntie Cha is acting so out of character is answered when Hyo Jin confesses to everyone that her mom let the secret out by accident. 
While all the Cha kids are out searching for her, Auntie Cha arranges a meeting with Miss Ko and finds out all the details of Daddy Cha's illness. Concerned by how devastated Auntie Cha looks, a furious Miss Ko calls and yells at an already guilt ridden Madam Kwon.  
Auntie Cha finally goes home and vents her anger at the kids for being kept in the dark, especially since she is the only one who have spent the last 60 years with Daddy Cha. Not surprised by Auntie Cha's reaction but are now even more worried about her, the kids can do nothing but give Auntie Cha time to calm down. 
Unfortunately, instead of calming down Auntie Cha is just getting started. Her mind filled with all the wrong things she did and said, Auntie Cha marches into the kitchen and starts to throw away all the kimichi she made. Ignoring the kids' effort to stop her, but ending up breaking down at the sight of Daddy Cha, Auntie Cha sobs her apology for always making her foods too salty. Hearing his sister's almost frantically blaming herself for his illness, Daddy Cha couldn't help but breaks into loud sobs himself. 
Comforting Auntie Cha in her room, Daddy Cha tries to assure her that his illness is no fault of hers, but the two siblings only end up having a cry feast again while all the kids cries with them right outside. I did find it funny that in the middle of crying Daddy Cha yells "I am not dead yet!" 
Taking a breather from the roller coaster day, Kang Shim apologizes to Tae Joo for making him spending their wedding night in her room, but Tae Joo just smiles and tells her that he thinks it's special. 

Quick to realize that as the head daughter-in-law, she is left to worried about cooking now that Auntie Cha is in crisis mode, Hyo Jin seems surprisingly mature for once and even happily accepts Seo Wool's suggestion to plan a menu together. 
In the middle of the night, Dal Bong sneaks into Daddy Cha's room and happily snuggles up to his father. 

Despite sleeping right next to his father, Dal Bong doesn't realize his dad is in serious danger until Kang Jae storms in to find Daddy Cha unconscious after coughing up large amount of blood. 
Staring numbly at the blood stained sheets, Auntie Cha refuses her daughter's suggestion to follow Daddy Cha to the hospital but insists on that Daddy Cha is not so quick to die and that she needs to stay behind to watch the house for her brother. 
Relieved to find Daddy Cha's condition stabilizing, the three siblings are surprised when Woo Tak stops by the hospital to inform them of 1. Daddy Cha was planning to retract his lawsuit that morning. 2. To tell them of the very last wish Daddy Cha wanted. 


I guess we'll find out about Daddy Cha's last wish tomorrow... I will confess that I almost completely forgot there was even one more condition left. 

I was really touched by how supportive Tae Joo was through out this whole thing. It did make me appreciate how wise Daddy Cha was to insists that Tae Joo move into the Cha family home because it means when crisis hits, Tae Joo truly acted like a member of the Cha family. 

Last episode tomorrow! I am hoping for a miracle for Daddy Cha... 

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