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Monday, February 16, 2015

What Happens to My Family Episode 53 (End) Recap

The three kids find out that Daddy Cha's last wish is to have a Cha family singing competition. A bit speechless by Daddy Cha's wish, Kang Shim nonetheless promises to her dad that they will abide by his wish if he would just wake up. Immediately after Kang Shim's words, Daddy Cha moves slightly, causing the kids all to anxiously call his name. Still with his eyes closed, Daddy Cha mutters "Kang Shim, you have to keep your promise okay..." Looking at each other, the kids can only give a slight reluctant smile and go full steam ahead with the singing competition. 

Out of the whole family, Young Seol and Hyo Jin are the two most opposed to the singing competition. However, Young Seol is soon won over when Daddy Cha declares a substantial money prize and Hyo Jin relents when Madam Kwon eagerly appoints herself as her coach. Not one to miss out on the fun, Chairman Moon also signs up for the competition as well.  I really liked what Chairman Moon said about Daddy Cha's unconventional way of dealing with his illness "We all have to walk that path one day, so why not have as much fun as possible." 

The last one to come around to the idea of the singing competition is Dal Bong who is hurt by watching everyone happily singing in preparation while his father is in the hospital. 
Thanks to our trusty Seo Wool though, Dal Bong is soon set right when she tells him that they have little enough time to make Daddy Cha happy so why is he so worried about his own sensibilities. Thoughtful after Seo Wool's words, Dal Bong starts to sing in the tofu store as well. 
In the midst of what looks like happy preparations for the party, the reality of Daddy Cha's impeding death forces itself on Kang Shim when she goes to pick up her wedding album only to be also handed a self portrait of her father that he has privately took in preparation for his funeral.  That just seems so sad to be taking a picture knowing full well it is for your funeral. 
The day of the party arrives and everyone throws self respect to the wind in order to put on a show for Daddy Cha. In the middle of the crazy celebration, Kang Shim slips away to cry her heart out in Tae Joo's arms before putting on her happy face again. 
Despite some stiff competitions (not really actually), Auntie Cha wins the singing competition and the grand prize money. Man, I have heard the song Auntie Cha was singing from so many different dramas lately that I can even sing it now. 
Par Miss Ko's request, Daddy Cha gets up to sing his favorite song, and as he sings we walk down the memory lane with Daddy Cha once more. 
In the middle of the night, Auntie Cha is woken up by her brother calling her name. Half asleep, Auntie Cha sits up to answer only to see no signs of Daddy Cha. Gingerly, Auntie Cha knocks on Daddy Cha's bedroom door and walks in to check on him. A loud wail soon follows to wake the whole family up. Standing right out side of their father's door, all the kids are frozen as they hear Auntie Cha's cry knowing what they fear the most has finally happened.

A Year Later...
We take a tour through all of our beloved characters' life to see what has changed a year later. 

Dal Bong is doing great with the tofu store and is even finding success at adding onto Daddy Cha's basic tofu recipe by incorporating various healthy ingredients. 

An owner of a much larger chicken store now, Joong Baek's business seems to be doing quite well, and is firm in telling Young Seol that he will not be sending their son overseas like they did to their daughter, since families are suppose to spend time together. 
We meet Kang Shim again when Tae Joo welcomes her back from a business trip to Hong Kong. The husband and wife jokes with their respective changes in titles since they have both received promotions. 

Back at home, Chairman Moon and his wife is trying to figure out if their crying grandson takes after Kang Shim or Tae Joo's picky personality. 
Still very much focused on being a good doctor, Kang Jae's reputation at the hospital has sky rocked. Hyo Jin drops in with a lunch for Kang Jae and tells him the happy news that she is seven weeks pregnant. Holding Kang Jae, Hyo Jin asks her question again "Do you love me?" With a slight smile, Kang Jae replies "Do you even have to ask?" 

In a tango lesson together, Madam Kwon and her husband also receive the happy news that they are soon to be grandparents. Madam Kwon is ready to start planning out all her grand child's future education needs, but Professor Kwon just tells her to leave it to the kids and focus on their own sexy dancing. 

BTW, what happened to Miss Ko? I am curious what happened with her... but I guess she is kinda out of the picture once Daddy Cha is gone. 
A full time writer for the Eun Ho's radio program, Seo Wool can hardly find time to sleep but she is enjoying her work immensely. Eun Ho mutters a slight complaint at the sight of Seo Wool's still naked finger, and calls Dal Bong to threaten him "If you don't propose tonight, then I will!" 

Hanging up the phone with Eun Ho, Dal Bong looks at his ring box nervously. How cute is that Eun Ho went with Dal Bong to help him pick out a ring for Seo Wool.
On the anniversary of Daddy Cha's death, all of the kids come home. Looking at Daddy Cha's picture, Kang Shim tells her father how much she has missed him. The sadness soon is swept away though when Joong Baek calls home to tells everyone that it looks like Dal Bong is finally ready to pop the question. 
Rushing out to witness this momentous occasion, the peanut gallery is soon making comments in frustration when Dal Bong can do nothing but keeps talking about everything except popping the question. 
Just when it looks like there is no hope, Dal Bong all the sudden takes out his ring box and shove it right in front of Seo Wool's face and tells her to take it. 

Seemingly transfixed by the ring, Seo Wool remains silent then finally said "No, I don't want to." Gasping, Kang Shim grabs Tae Joo's arm in fear that her little's brother heart is about to be shredded into a thousand pieces then everyone stifles their laugh when Seo Wool says "I want you to put it on me." 

Everyone gathers around the newly engaged couple to congratulate them. 

With a sly smile, Tae Joo tells Dal Bong that he should've asked him for some pointers since he could've given lots of suggestions for the proposal. 
Dryly, Kang Shim adds "So he can propose twice like you did?" Ha!

While everyone files in to the house for dinner, Dal Bong is the last one to leave. Hearing a familiar laugh, Dal Bong spins around to find his father standing not too far away. 
With a smile, Daddy Cha says "That's right. This is what living is..." then turns around and fades as he walks away. 

Eyes brimming with tears, Dal Bong answers Seo Wool's call and goes back into the house. 

The END.


Whew! What a ride it has been! Other than the brief struggle I had with the logic of Daddy Cha suing his kids, and my problem with pairing Kang Jae with Hyo Jin, (I still think he had a whole lot more chemistry with his ex) I find surprisingly little to complain about this show. 

This writer certainly has a talent in making the most annoying character all the sudden interesting and lovable... ie. Madam Kwon, Young Seol and Miss Ko. THAT, is an admirable skill especially in a family drama where the annoying character usually just get even more annoying. 

While I was kinda hoping for a miracle for Daddy Cha I am not disappointed with his death. I guess in a way, that was the point of the whole show. Daddy Cha wanted his family to truly live like a family who care about each other and in the end they learned the lesson he taught them. All and all, one of my top favorite k-family drama. 

Special thanks to all of you guys who stuck with this recap! What did you guys think of the ending? 


  1. i cant believe that the series came to an end...
    after all those saturdays and sundays i've kept vigil for...
    and no, i'm not crying! it's just that something fell in my eyes and they turned wet...

  2. Thank you so much for recapping this entire show so faithfully! I've been saying for weeks now that surely Daddy Cha wouldn't die, this drama was too light-hearted for that, but turns out I was wrong in the end. Still, I think the writer did a great job on weaving all the different storylines together, and not making things too silly or weepy.

  3. Thank you for recapping this drama

  4. I was crying so much during episode 52 and 53 that i need a rest now.

    The ending was lovely, i knew that Daddy Cha wasn't going to make it, at least he seemed truly happy with his last wish being fulfilled when he gathered his family members to sing at the event, it was a nice sight for him to see before he passed away.
    Oh and I thought it was funny how Kang Shim's baby looked the same age as Young Seol's baby who was pregnant waaay first lol (never mind her older son that never appeared on the show), also Seo Wool finally "stamping" Dal Bong was really cute.

    I usually don't watch many weekend dramas, they're too long and i often lose interest but this drama was amazing (I'm waiting for next project from this writer).

    Thank you so much for recapping this drama, I'm sure it wasn't easy to recap 50+ episodes so fast like you did so I'm really grateful!

  5. Thanks for the recap. Can't believe it's over. I feel like once Saturday comes, there'll still be a new episode. Alas, it's time to say farewell.

    Though I enjoyed the show before, I watched with added joy after hearing the writer during the KBS awards ceremony. She said it was her letter/message to her father who had passed away because she wasn't good at expressing her love. Dal-bong's last monologue felt like her final sendoff which made it extra special for me.

    Though it was hardly perfect, I loved watching the show and will miss it dearly for a while. Thanks for recapping!

  6. I love this drama! Thank you for the whole recaps. All the character are likeable, not a single one is annoying or hateful. But, yeah, I think Kang Jae's acting is bad, but its not ruin the show.

    I follow this show a little bit late cause I think it will be the same like any other boring weekend family drama. Then it turns out not boring at all. The story is nice, the main character is great. All the actor deserve the big applause! Firstly I am falling in love with Dal Bong - Seo Wool couple. They are so cute!

    The ending is good. Yea but I think it would be nice if Daddy Cha is still alive and see Dal Bong marriage in the future, haha. I learn so much from this drama. About how to make your parents happy, make them proud, and always give the respect. I will miss this!! *cry*

    Hai Ninja, once again, thank you! I look forward for another wonderful recap! Cheers!! :D

  7. Thanks for the effort in faithfully doing all the recaps. Much appreciated.

    I share your feeling re KJ and HJ pairing. I think he would have been better off with his doctor colleague!

    I am sad that Papa Kang has passed from this life. But he achieved his goal of making his family a real family. If he had his cure, they might have gone back on their old ways. The sense of loss they feel and wanting to keep his memory alive will keep them together.

    Great drama. Made me cry a lot but worth every heartache!

  8. This drama was so good and your recaps made it even more interesting. Thank you so much.
    :) :) :)

  9. Whats the song that daddy cha sang?

  10. Whats the song that daddy cha sang?

  11. I wish Eun-ho had the opportunity to meet Kang-jae's ex. Just to tie up those loose ends.

    (The series is in its penultimate week here. We get things late here in Malaysia, unfortunately)

  12. I just finished rerun watching this great drama...may i know whats the song that dal bong listen at the store and sang at the competition? Also the song that eun ho listen in the car..

  13. I just finished rerun watching this great drama...may i know whats the song that dal bong listen at the store and sang at the competition? Also the song that eun ho listen in the car..

  14. i'm little dissapointed why daddy cha have to die...T_____T

  15. Another johnny come lately to your recaps. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together and with screen caps!