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Monday, February 2, 2015

What Happens to My Family Episode Episode 49 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: Poor Tae Joo... I wonder if the Cha family bathroom is out to get him?

After a private talk with Miss Ko, Kang Shim is still suspicious of Miss Ko's motive for wanting to marry her father. However, Kang Jae seems to believe that Miss Ko's feelings are genuine, which forces Kang Shim to consider how she should react if that is true. .
Dal Bong calls Eun Ho for some drinks and asks him to protect Seol Wool from bad people... including himself. Smiling, Eun Ho agrees.

The next morning, thanks to his drinking bouts the night before, Dal Bong ended up sleeping in. Daddy Cha gets a phone call from one of his regular customers wondering why the store is not open. Auntie Cha gets waken up by Daddy Cha's phone call and rushes off to wake Dal Bong as well. Faced with a bunch of dissatisfied customers, Dal Bong can only apologize and promise to have a couple trays of tofu for Mr. Sa, one of Daddy Cha's loyal customers two hours later.
Worried about Dal Bong and all his customers, Daddy Cha asks Kang Jae to let him leave the hospital. Angrily, Kang Jae asks Daddy Cha how much longer he can possibly take care of Dal Bong's problems. Realizing the truth of Kang Jae's words, Daddy Cha dejectedly agrees to stay put at the hospital
Two hours later, Dal Bong has the tofu ready but since the soy beans were soaked too long, the tofu has an obvious spoiled taste. Unsure of what to do especially when he remembers his father's words about the importance of a store's good name, Dal Bong eventually sells the tofu to Mr. Sa despite his misgivings.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Sa comes back not too long after and proceeds to vent his anger by throwing Dal Bong's tofu right at him.
Fortunately, after Mr. Sa's anger rant, instead of being depressed, Dal Bong decides to face his mistake head on. So much so that when Seo Wool tries to refuse the radio station's invitation, Dal Bong quickly grabs the phone and accepts the invitation for her. Urging Seo Wool to pursue her dream, Dal Bong echos Eun Ho's words and tells her to stop worrying about his feelings so much.

Seo Wool shows up to meet with the radio station staff, and as promised, Eun Ho does his job of protecting Seo Wool from being ordered around like a maid.
Frustrated with his wife's repeated threat of going to Hawaii in order to avoid going to Tae Joo's wedding, Chairman Moon becomes angry himself. Recounting his shame of not being a good parent to Tae Joo, thus his inability to even complain too much of Tae Joo's refusal to call him father, Chairman Moon tells Madam Baek to go ahead and leave if she can't even be supportive of his son

Storming out of Chairman Moon's office, Madam Baek is somewhat embarrassed to see that Tae Joo has overheard the whole argument but still decides to order a plane ticket anyway.
Sitting across from Madam Baek, Kang Shim decides to confess everything and tells Madam Baek that her pregnancy was all a lie for the sake of Daddy Cha.
Feeling pity for Auntie Cha who still has no clue of Daddy Cha's illness, all the kids gather together to figure out when they should confess the truth and ends up deciding they will wait until after Daddy Cha's treatment. Daddy Cha calls Kang Shim right during the meeting and everyone happily take turn greeting Daddy Cha. 
Moved by Daddy Cha's phone call and the knowledge of how much his own father wishes to hear from him, Tae Joo calls Chairman Moon and finally utters the long overdue salutation of "Father." It's about time! 
Like an alarm clock, Daddy Cha wakes up at 4am and sneaks out of the hospital to go check on his baby boy. I love how Daddy Cha had to crawl past the nurse station. 

Daddy Cha arrives back in his neighborhood just in time to see Dal Bong kneeling in front of Mr. Sa, pleading with Mr. Sa to give him another chance. 
Temper raising to see Mr. Sa still refusing to forgive Dal Bong, Daddy Cha calls Mr. Sa on the phone and goes on a rant. Reminding Mr. Sa how generous he was when Mr. Sa needed help, Daddy Cha tells him to quickly forgive Dal Bong. To emphasis his words, Daddy Cha even shows Mr. Sa his fist. Ha! 
Overjoyed to have Mr. Sa give him another chance, Dal Bong's day becomes even brighter when he receives a phone call from Daddy Cha to cheer him up. 

Feeling satisfied knowing that Dal Bong hasn't lost his passion for the tofu store even after making such a big mistake, Daddy Cha turns around to leave.... and runs right into Auntie Cha. Noticing Daddy Cha's hospital gown right away, Auntie Cha looks at her brother in shock.


Oh, my, next week is going to be a hard episode to watch. But I guess it's about time Auntie Cha finds out about the truth... of course I shudder tho think how Auntie Cha will react once she realizes the whole world already knows and she is the only one in the dark. 

I was kinda disappointed in Dal Bong's decision to sell bad tofu to Daddy Cha's loyal customers and in fact kinda wish the whole mess wasn't solved so easily so Dal Bong can really be taught a lesson. However, I am impress with how Daddy Cha was willing to give Dal Bong another chance to learn from his mistake instead of judging him base on one mistake alone. 


  1. Kang Shim shouldn't have trusted Madam Baek telling about the fake pregnancy and her father illness, she probably going to run and tattle the couple to Chairman (unless that what they wanted?).
    Also i agree that Dal Bong's mistake got easily solved but at least his father told him that he trust him so that's nice.
    The best person to tell what happening to Auntie Cha is her own brother, better hear from him i think, but it's going to be so hard to see her reaction in the next episode.

    Thanks for the recap.

  2. Thank you so much for the recap!
    I always watch this without sub (cause I really cant wait for them ;) , so your recaps are helping me a lot in process to understand what is being said. Really really Thank you so much!

  3. Dal Bong is always like taking 2 steps forward and 4 steps backwards. But I still love him :) Actor acting Tae Joo is best actor in the drama.