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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Angry Mom Episode 3-4 Mini Recap & 2nd Impression

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Tossing No Ah (hero/also the home room teacher) aside when he tries to stop her from punching the boy (Bok Dong)who is her most likely suspect as the one who threatened her daughter, Kang Ja goes after Bok Dong until everyone is hauled to the office by Teacher Do (the previous home room teacher).

Teacher Do wants to expel Kang Ja immediately for her audacity to still attack another student in full view of a teacher, but Hong Sang Tae, the true leader of the school since he is the son of the school president takes an interest in Kang Ja and changes Teacher Do's mind.

Sang Tae catches Kang Ja and Bok Dong arguing with one another in the man's bathroom. Remembering that Samg Tae possibly liked her daughter before, Kang Ja chews Sang Tae out for not being a man (because he just stood by and allowed Ah Ran to be bullied when he thought she didn't like him). At first surprised by Kang Ja's words, Sang Tae ends up being even more intrigued by her.
Kang Ja overhears a conversation between Teacher Do and No Ah where Teacher Do talks about why it is wrong for any student who feels threatened to resort to violence. Teacher Do proposes that he hopes the school can become a place where the kids can count on the teacher for protection. Nodding with approval, Kang Ja's opinion of Teacher Do improves dramatically.

No Ah catches Kang Ja while she is trying to follow Bok Dong and drags her to a coffee shop for "teacher and student" talk. Waving all his good will aside, Kang Ja just tells No Ah that when those who is suppose to protect fails then people like her has no choice but to protect themselves.
Ah Ran's best friend Yi Gyeong follows Kang Ja to her diner and was finally able to see her friend when Kang Ja takes her to the hospital to see her daughter. Sobbing in self blame when she saw the stoic expressionless Ah Ran, Yi Gyeong promises to tell her secret in order to protect Ah Ran. At first unmoving, Ah Ran snaps out of her frozen state when Yi Gyeong is about to leave and warns Yi Gyeong to not say anything because if she tell then she and Kang Ja could be killed.
Teacher Do gets a promotion from the school president and becomes Chief Do who is over all the school finance. Chief Do goes to a secret room in the school library with Chairman Hong's (school president) assistant, Joo Ae Yeon where she shows Chief Do all the secret books that could potentially harm a lot of people if they were to get out.

Chief Do comes out of the secret room and is dismayed to be confronted by Yi Gyeong who followed him all the way there. Threatening Chief Do, Yi Gyeong warns him to stay away from her and her best friend Ah Ran or she would tell the world about the secret room.

Looking at Chief Do with determination Yi Gyeong tells him "Maybe I can't be your woman but I can be your Achilles Heel." In a flash back we see Yi Gyeong sitting in Chief Do's bedroom half dressed while he tells his dad "Maybe I can't be your son but I can be your Achilles Heel." Chief Do is the illegitimate son of the Minister of Education.  
Furious that the easily controlled girl is a thorn on his side now, Chief Do calls Dong Chil, the man who does all his dirty deeds and orders him to get rid of Yi Gyeong for good.

Calling Bok Dong to a club, Dong Chil tells a dismayed Bok Dong to make Yi Gyeong's death look like a suicide. Kang Ja follows Bok Dong all the way to the dance club and is shocked when she realizes Dong Chil is the man that is controlling Bok Dong.
The shock of seeing Dong Chil surprised Kang Ja so much that she could hardly stand when No Ah finds her stumbling in the club hallway. When both Bok Dong and Dong Chil comes out of the room, Kang Ja hides herself in No Ah's arm while her hands shake with emotions.

In a flash back we see that Dong Chil is the older brother of Kang Ja's boyfriend back in her high school days. Convinced that Kang Ja is the reason that his little brother's grade has been slipping and losing his ambition, Dong Chil beats Kang Ja up and tells her to stay away from his brother. Bloody from being beaten, Kang Jae pulls out a knife and tells Dong Chil that the real reason his little brother lost his ambition was because "Do you know what his dream is? He wants to be a persecutor! But he is giving up his dream because he said he can't send his own brother to prison!"
Furious after hearing Kang Ja's words about his little brother, Dong Chil grabs the knife from her and tries to force himself on her. Dong Chil's brother arrives shortly after and gets into a fight with Dong Chil in an effort to protect Kang Ja. In the middle of the chaos as the three struggles during their fight, Dong Chil's little brother is stabbed by accident and dies as Dong Chil wails in grief.

In a follow up flash back we see that Kang Ja ended up being sentenced for her boyfriend's death. During the sentencing, Dong Chil goes crazy trying to choke Kang Ja to death while accusing her of killing his brother. Wait, wasn't Dong Chil the last person to have the knife? So why is Kang Ja the one blamed for killing Dong Chil's brother? 
Poor Yi Gyeong keeps wanting to confess her big secret but never seems to find the perfect time to do so. Yi Gyeong tried with her mom, but she was too busy to listen. She thought about telling No Ah when he was holding the "tell me your troubles" session with each of his student, but his optimistic poems of how lovely life is made her angry "To teacher Park (No Ah) life is filled with roses but to me it's like hell." 

When Yi Gyeong finally gathers her courage to tell Kang Ja the truth, Chief Do shows up to scare her away. 
Seemingly genuinely worried that Yi Gyeong's life might be in danger, Bok Dong warns Yi Gyeong to stop provoking "them" and to run away. Looking at a worried Bok Dong, for the first time Yi Gyeong feels a stir of sympathy for Bok Dong and realizes maybe he is also to be pitied since he is only a pawn in other people's hands. 

However, confident in her knowledge of Chief Do's secret, Yi Gyeong believes that she and Ah Ran would be safe. 
Paying Ah Ran a visit in the hospital, Yi Gyeong tells her best friend that she was once foolish enough to believe Chief Do's flowery promises but she realizes her mistake now. Glad that Ah Ran has finally seen through Chief Do's facade, Ah Ran smiles when Yi Gyeong hugs her and promises that she would be the one to start protecting Ah Ran now. 
It is interesting to note that Chairman Hong's assistant, Ae Yeon seems to know Dong Chil quite well and in a few flash backs we see that Ae Yeon actually was one of Kang Ja's classmates back in the days. 

Unable live in fear with the physical abuse under Chairman Hong's hands anymore, Kang Ja decides to take a gamble and agrees to help Chief Do in exchange for his promise that he will free her from Chairman Hong. 
Chief Do finds out that Yi Gyeong has submitted an anonymous tip to the authorities that a student (herself) is involved in a sexual relationship with a teacher (Chief Do). Since Yi Gyeong didn't name actual names, Chief Do was able to sweep the whole thing under the rug, but he becomes even more convinced of the urgency of getting rid of Yi Gyeong. 

Yi Gyeong sneaks back into the school library in hopes that she can take pictures of the secret room as evidence but she is shocked when the secret door opens to reveal Chief Do's sneering face. Scared out of her mind, Yi Gyeong starts running away towards the roof top with Chief Do chasing after her.  
Kang Ja drags Bok Dong to her diner and actually ends up feeding him dinner. Warning Bok Dong about working for someone like Dong Chil, Kang Ja's only request of Bok Dong is that he would apologize to Ah Ran. Complaining that he knew there is no free food in this world, Bok Dong just mumbles "I'll think about it." 

Walking out of Kang Ja's diner, Bok Dong gets a phone call from Dong Chil and he races towards the school library. Standing on the roof top, a shocked Bok Dong looks over the ledge. 
The next morning, Kang Ja and No Ah shows up at the school only to be told that Yi Gyeong had committed suicide the night before. In the teachers' office, Yi Gyeong's mom is wailing in grief and pleading for her daughter to be alive again. Poor mom, she will probably be hunted for the rest of her life wondering what her daughter wanted to tell her the night Yi Gyeong tried to talk.
At the funeral home, No Ah is overwhelmed with grief and self blame. Kang Ja tries to get him to go see the police so he can find out what Yi Gyeong's autopsy result was, but No Ah just sobs as he mutters "It's because of me, it's because of me..." 
Putting on a grief stricken face for all the see, Chief Do even calmly accepts Yi Gyong's comforting words. However, Chief Do's pretense slips for a moment when the police informs him that Yi Gyeong was already three months pregnant. I can't decide if Chief Do is shaking because he realizes he just killed his own child or is he just afraid the pregnancy could reveal his relationship with Yi Gyong? 
Still trying to calm a sobbing No Ah down, Kang Ja looks up in surprise when she hears her own daughter Ah Ran yelling at Chief Do "You killed Yi Gyeong! You killed our Yi Gyeong!" 

Second Impression

I was seriously hoping they wouldn't kill Yi Gyeong. Poor girl, she was just a lonely girl who fell for the lies of a jerk who should've been the one to protect her instead of taking advantage of her. 

Whew, this show certainly deals with some really serious topics and while it is painful to watch I am amazed at how well written this show is. The relationships between all the characters are especially great and despite my initial doubt about our hero I am growing to really like No Ah's earnest effort to not only help his students but his ability to self reflect as he realizes his own somewhat over optimistic view of the world. 

Now that Ah Ran has finally snapped out of her frozen fear, I am really looking forward to seeing the mother and daughter in the same school. By the way, I am thinking Ah Ran is probably Kang Ja's deceased boyfriend's child. Of course that is going to be a messy thing once Dong Chil and Kang Ja finally meets. 

Anyhow, after four episodes I am definitely putting this show on my weekly watch list!

ps. I know there is probably not going to be any romance between our two leads... but it's such a shame!!! Their chemistry is so great. I laugh every time No Ah tries to takes on the concerned teacher attitude with Kang Ja. I do wonder about Kang Ja's husband and mother-in-law though. They just don't seem like the type that would react too positively once Kang Ja's past comes to light, so can Kang Ja's marriage really survive the truth?  


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