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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Aries (T-Drama) Episode 1-6 Overview & First Impression

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Drama: Aries (星座愛情牡羊女) 

Synopsis: As the name suggests this show is written around a woman whose zodiac is Aries. A bit of a tomboy, our heroine meets her childhood friend (hero) and ex-best friend (2nd female lead) who is actually dating each other on a work trip. Things start to get complicated when the heroine's ex-friend cheats on her boyfriend and the heroine is embroiled into a romance with her old childhood friend. 

Aries Episode 1-6 Quick Recap 
A magazine editor, Chen Yin Xiu gets off on the wrong foot right away with our hero Wang Shao Qiang when she mistakenly accused him as a pervert on the bus. 
Much to Yin Xiu's dismay she finds out later that day Shao Qiang is not only the well known architect that she is interviewing but that he is actually her old friend who is now dating Yin Xiu's ex-friend Xiao Jing (ex because she betrayed their friendship by going after Yin Xiu's boyfriend).   
Xiao Jing, a well known actress walks a dangerous line when she attracts Zhang Jia Ming's (son of family that owns a big construction company) attention and starts accepting his help to further her career. 

Things gets out of hand for Xiao Jing when her drink was drugged by Jia Ming's assistant (unbeknownst to Jia Ming) and Jia Ming carries an unconscious Xiao Jing back to a hotel. Xiao Jing wakes up the next morning to find that Jia Ming had taken advantage of her while she was passed out and angrily tries to cut off all contact with him. Unwilling to give Xiao Jin up despite the fact he already has a fiancee his family pressured him into taking, Jia Ming threatens Xiao Jin until she agrees to keep seeing him. For all the anger Xiao Jing showed at first, she is quickly falling under the charm and help Jia Ming can provide for her. 

In the mean time, due to her unwillingness to compromise her principles Yin Xiu ended up leaving her company and going to help Shao Qiang's company for a short time. 

Yin Xiu accidentally sees Xiao Jing with Jia Ming but doesn't have the heart to tell Shao Qiang the truth.  
Having always ignored the warning bells that has been ringing since he noticed Xiao Jing's reluctance to get married, Shao Qiang finally has to face the truth when he chance upon Xiao Jing kissing Jia Ming. 

Trying her best to cheer Shao Qiang after his break up with Xiao Jing, Yin Xiu takes Shao Qiang out for a night of drinking and celebration over a successful work contract. A drunken Yin Xiu throws her self on top of Shao Qiang and asks him "Did you ever like me?" 

Looking at a sleeping Yin Xiu, Shao Qiang admits "There was a time when I was tempted. a time when you seem soft and glowing like you are now instead of the tomboy you usually are." 
A completely drunken Yin Xiu refuses to go home and ends up going back to Shao Qiang's house when she pukes up over him. Shao Qiang lays Yin Xiu on his bed and tries to make sure she is okay but ends up getting drag right into bed by Yin Xiu who proceeds to start kissing him... 
The next morning Yin Xiu wakes up in shock to find Shao Qiang and herself lying together in bed completely naked. Yin Xiu is even more dismayed when her memories from the night before come rushing back and she realizes she is the one that started everything.
Utterly embarrassed, Yin Xiu starts to avoid Shao Qiang at all cost while Shao Qiang can't stop thinking about Yin Xiu 
On a work trip with Yin Xiu to a client's resort, Shao Qiang couldn't control his jealousy when the client begins to show obvious interest in Yin Xiu.

Later that night, the client takes an opportunity to asks Shao Qiang to help him pursue Yin Xin. After a pause, Shao Qiang replies "You can't like Yin Xiu... because I like her." 

First Impression
This one took a while to warm up for me. It was probably until episode four when I finally become committed to keep watching this show. Janet Hsieh (Yin Xiu, a Taiwanese American from Texas), our heroine's Mandarin is really good but has an obvious accent which threw me off but by episode 6 I got used to enough to ignore it for most of the time.  

I will be honest that the story is kinda predicable up to this point but I quite like the interaction between the two leads and that has kept me interested in the story. Judging from episode 7 preview though I think the story is going to start veering off the obvious story path so I am hoping the writer is going to give us a few surprises. 

No one dares to dream more than an Aries. She will try to make every one of dream blueprint become a reality.
ps. This show is a spin off from the Taiwanese 1998 Constellation series so every so often during the episode the show will high light several characteristics of Aries constellation woman. 


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