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Monday, March 16, 2015

Blood Episode 7-8 Mini Recap & 2nd Impression

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So thanks to a comment I checked back into this show again, and surprisingly this show is really getting better. A quick summary of what happened up to Episode 6:

  • Ji Sang (Hero) and Ri Ta (heroine) has gone from rubbing each other the wrong way to being almost friends. 
  • Ji Sang's change of attitude came mostly due to the fact that he discovered Ri Ta is the same young girl he rescued from the wolves many years ago.
  • Ri Ta becomes suspicious when she personally saw Ji Sang's face wound healing right before her eyes before he covered it up. (Ji Sang got hurt from protecting Ri Ta from a patient's attack.) 
  • Ji Sang has been able to repress his vampire blood thirst by medication but his body has  undergone a change where the sight of blood actually paralyzes him at times. (This in it self is interesting since blood usually has the opposite effect where it will excite vampires and make them crazed.)
  • Jae Wook (the big bad vampire who killed Ji Sang's parents) is Ji Sang's boss at the hospital and has chosen to sacrifice two of his men in order to gain Ji Sang's trust. 
  • Enticing Chairman Yoo with the promise to develop the miracle medicine to cure his illness, Jae Wook is able to brazenly put his own people in the hospital under the disguise of "medicine development" and inject patients (who were beggars on the street that came to the hospital for free treatments) with mysterious serums. 
  • When the mysterious serum fails on a patient, Jae Wook releases the patient from the hospital and sends his man to create an accident that kills the patient. 
Episode 7-8 Summary 

Ji Sang chases after two vampires in order to find clues about the organization that killed his parents. Using Ji Sang's weakness against blood, the two vampires were able to paralyze him. When everything seems hopeless, a third vampire shows up out of nowhere and kills the other two vampires that were about to kill Ji Sang. 

Ji Sang is stunned to realize the vampire that saved him is none other than his boss Lee Jae Wook. Jae Wook spins lies that cast himself as a fellow vampire whose family were also killed by other vampires.  
Director Choi (a woman who seems to play the role of an aunt to Ri Ta) notices signs that Chairman Yoo (Chairman of the hospital and Ri Ta's uncle) is sick and was able to confirm her suspicion by finding Chairman Yoo's secret doctor. 

After accidentally confirming Ji Sang's magical ability to heal himself, Ri Ta couldn't help it but starts to avoid Ji Sang at the hospital. Guessing that Ri Ta probably already knows the truth, Ji Sang confronts Ri Ta and grabs her hand to touch his skin. Telling Ri Ta to take note of his cold skin, Ji Sang confesses that he has a medical condition that is currently not curable and tells Ri Ta that she is not crazy for her suspicions. 

This is probably the scene where I started to feel something for the two leads. After Ri Ta's youth experience of being treated like some crazy person for telling everyone about the wolves that attacked her, she shows her vulnerability in her unwillingness to place herself in the same situation again. Understanding her wounds, Ji Sang is willing to confess as much as he could under the circumstance to help Ri Ta.  
Things are starting to worsen for Ji Sang where his body is not responding to his medication and his blood thirst is starting to overwhelm him whenever he sees blood. After a few close calls where Ji Sang almost loses control if it wasn't for Jae Wook and Ri Ta stopping him just in time, Ji Sang's blood thirst would've overtaken him. 
Knowing his condition is worsening to the point he really can't keep working at the hospital anymore, Ji Sang is severely tempted when Jae Wook presents him with a way to overcome his condition by drinking human blood that has been specially treated. 

In the end, Ji Sang decides to leave the hospital instead of partaking human blood. 
However, Ji Sang's firm determination to follow his mother's path to never drink human blood starts to waver when he is confronted with his patient's desperate need for his help. 

Going to Jae Wook again, Ji Sang takes the necessary amount of blood that would allow him enough time to finish treating his patients home. 
In a great mood that Jae Wook has finally given in to drinking human blood, Jae Wook's high anticipation to watch Ji Sang perform his first operation (after partaking the blood) but Jae Wook's high hope is deflated when Ri Ta walks into the operation room instead. So I guess Ji Sang is still holding out. 
Piecing the few clues she has. Rita's mind is starting to wonder towards vampire lore despite the fact that she keeps trying to laugh her suspicion off. 
Holding a two person fast food farewell party for Ji Sang, Ri Ta tries to get Ji Sang to tell her more about his condition, but her request is slammed down without mercy. 
Not surprised that her request got rejected, Ri Ta starts to tell her own version of how a mysterious oppa (Ji Sang) saved her life from some fierce wolves when she was young. What follows is a hilarious narration from Ri Ta that greatly exaggerates what happened that day. Unable to reveal the fact that he is the very same oppa that saved her, Ji Sang can only question with raised eye brows at some parts of Ri Ta's story. 

I love the part where Ri Ta says "That oppa even gave me a kiss... is it because I am too beautiful?" Hearing Ri Ta words, Ji Sang chokes on his drink and nervously mutters "kisses?" 
Ji Sang finds out that Dr. Jung, a doctor in the hospital is also secretly digging into pictures that show vampire remains. 

Confronting Dr. Jung with the pictures, Ji Sang and Dr. Jung is in the middle of a stand off when urgent phone calls from Ri Ta calls Ji Sang away. 
Jae Wook's people has released another patient who failed their serum injection from the hospital. Ri Ta chance upon the patient outside of the hospital and calls Ji Sung for help to find the patient. Ji Sang arrives in time to see the patient right in the path of a car and saves the patient in time. 

Ri Ta arrives to see Ji Sang getting up after being hit by a car in his full vampire glory. 

Second Impression

Wow, this show is actually getting interesting. It still doesn't fall in the crack drama category for me but it definitely improved since the first two episodes. I think the test now is if Ri Ta and Ji Sang's interaction can be engaging enough to make this show a really a worth while watch. I am personally hopeful that the two leads can pull off their romance plot. While the two leads didn't do as well at the "I dislike you" part of the story they are actually really cute to watch now they are starting to develop some feelings for each other. So I am crossing my figures! 

A few interesting plot points that I didn't cover that I will point out here: 

I am starting to wonder if Chairman Yoo has something to do with Ri Ta's parents' death. The story is that Ri Ta's parents' fell off the cliff while searching for her but I am guessing someone "helped" them and Chairman Yoo seems like the most likely helping hand. 

Director Choi seems like an interesting lady who is very loyal to both the hospital and Ri Ta's parents. Suspecting that Jae Wook's medicine development team might be up to no good, Director Choi has decided to tip off her reporter friend about what's going on at the hospital. Director Choi is obviously going head to head against Jae Wook... I am kinda worry that she'll end up in a body bag soon. In a completely off tangent thought... don't you guys think Director Choi and Jae Wook look like they would make a good couple? Too bad Jae Wook has to be so evil...  


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