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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blood Episode 9-12 Summary

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Ji Sang finds out from his trusty side kick that the supposedly legal blood that Jae Wook has given him is actually children's blood. Disgusted, Ji Sang pours the blood down the drain.

Without anyway yet to control his reaction to blood, Ji Sang tells everyone at the hospital that he is suffering from the aftermath of his traumatic experience as a volunteer at the the war torn countries and is needing a two month break.
Happy with the miracle drug Jae Wook keep promising him, Chairman Yoo holds firm to his decision to implement new rules that allows Jae Wook's team to do whatever they want in the hospital. Ri Ta confronts her uncle about the unreasonable changes, but Chairman Yoo refuses to budge.
Unable to stop thinking of Ji Sang's obvious transformation into his vampire side when he saved a patient from being hit by a truck, Ri Ta finally succumbs to a fever. Ji Sang shows up in place of Ri Ta's best friend to take care of her.
Admitting freely that she is a bit scare of him, Ri Ta confesses to Ji Sang that she saw his vampire side. Calmly, Ji Sang answers Ri Ta's question about being a vampire and also lets her know that he was the one who once saved her in the forest.

Stunned by Ji Sang's revelation but overjoyed to finally meet the oppa she has been waiting for all these time, Ri Ta happily stares at Ji Sang until she falls asleep.

The next morning, Ri Ta wakes up and wonders if Ji Sang being the oppa that saved her was all a dream, but soon Ji Sang dispelled her doubt.

Ji Sang "How many wolves did you say? 10? It was like 5. I flew 30 meter? Am I a flea? It was at most 5 meter. And I... kissed you? I just said you were pretty."

Ecstatic once again that her dram was not a dream after all, Ri Ta puts her hands around Ji Sang's face to confirm for her self that he is indeed her oppa... which is the awkward position Soo Eun, Ri Ta's best friend found the two in. 
Ji Sang finds out that Dr. Jung is actually the son of the famous researcher that was his parents' mentor. What was even more shocking was that Jae Wook obviously knew his parents and Dr. Jung's father as well.

Knowing the importance of Dr. Jung's father's research notes are to uncover the mystery of the "vampire" disease, Ji Sang decides to collaborate with Dr. Jung.
In the mean time, things at the hospital are escalating into a full battle field between the doctors and Jae Wook's team especially after Dr. Jung and his assistant try to secretly get a blood sample of a patient Jae Wook team has been testing on. Caught by Jae Wook's security team with the blood samples, Dr. Jung, Ri Ta and Ji Sang is personally warned by Chairman Yoo to not cause anymore trouble.
Touched by a young girl's desire to fulfill her dying father's desire to be alive long enough to see his daughter wed, Ri Ta and Ji Sang with the other staffs in the hospital put on a fake wedding for the father and daughter.

The little girl's father falls into critical condition after his wish is fulfilled and Jae Wook's research director, Dr. Seo uses the opportunity to get the family to agree to let the man become their test subject.
Furious to find out that his patient's family has naively believed Jae Wook's promises, Ji Sang storms over to Jae Wook's house. Staying clam even after he took a few punches from Ji Sang, Jae Wook tells Ji Sang about his dream of creating a world where people won't die from being unable to afford treatment after he watched a little girl committing suicide when her adoptive family abandoned her because of her illness.

Knowing Jae Wook's view point is somewhat flawed, Ji Sang nevertheless can't seem to come up with a strong reason to combat Jae Wook's words.

Ji Sang sends his friend into the hospital to figure out how one of Jae Wook's test subject died, and the group is dismayed to suspect that Jae Wook's team is injecting malaria bacteria into their patients.
Unfortunately for our team of truth digging doctors, it looks like they are taking one step forward and two steps back, especially when there is a mole among them that none of them suspected. Dr. Min Ga Yeon, the newbie that was hired by Ji Sang seems like the model of a naive and kind young doctor but in truth she is the very girl that committed suicide when her adoptive parents abandoned her. In a flash back we see Jae Wook saved the young Ga Yeon by giving her his blood.
In the mean time, Jae Wook's miracle drug seems to be actually improving the conditionals of the critical ill patients... with some disturbing side effects (ie. increased sensitivity to sound and lights, sudden strength). 

Director Choi (the director Ri Ta is really close to) who keeps trying to gather evidence against Jae Wook's unethical testing is losing soundly since all her trusted spies has been yanked by Jae Wook. 
Thanks to the sharing of information between Ji Sang and Dr. Jung, the little team of doctors united in their goal of saving the hospital and the patients are quickly coming to understand Dr. Jung's father's work on the vampire illness. 

Her thoughts skipping right away to how well Ji Sang fits the vampire profile, Ri Ta's best friend Soo Eun starts to wonder about Ji Sang even though Ri Ta just waves her suspicions away. It is hilarious that Soo Eun tells Dr. Jung her suspicion and Dr. Jung's reaction is "if Dr. Park (Ji Sang) is a vampire then I will walk around the hospital in my underwear."  
Despite how smoothly everything seems to be going for Jae Wook, he does hit a little snag when one of his people - Dr. Seo tricks Jae Wook into giving her a sample of his blood then tries to skip town with it. Apparently, Dr. Seo wanted Jae Wook's blood so she could become a vampire as well. Unfortunately for Dr. Seo, the all knowing Jae Wook catches her in the act of running away and kills her. 
Ji Sang's conviction that Jae Wook's philosophy is wrong is quickly weakening especially when he sees how upset Ri Ta is at the prospect of losing the elderly nun who is like a mother to her. After thinking over Ji Sang's offer of giving the elderly nun some of his blood to save her life, Ri Ta tells Ji Sang to go ahead and do it that very day. Looking at Ji Sang's stunned expression, Ri Ta challenges Ji Sang that he knew all along that what he was offering was wrong. Admitting his mistake, Ji Sang takes back his offer of blood and decides to attempt an operation instead to save the nun's life. (Thanks to Ri Ta's tireless research, Ji Sang's side kick found the way to suppress his blood reaction.)

In the mean time, Chairman Choi shows up by the nun's bedside and seemingly truly upset by the thought of losing the elderly nun, Chairman Choi offers to give the nun a miracle drug that would save her. Shaking her head, the nun refuses Chairman Choi's offer. 
Ji Sang's operation only proves the inevitable that there is no way of saving the elderly nun. Stopping Ji Sang in mid-operation, Ri Ta pleas with Ji Sang to cancel the operation. After some hesitation, Ji Sang eventually agrees to Ri Ta's request. 

Standing in the hospital hallway, Ji Sang comforts Ri Ta as she cries in his arm after they both agree that the vampire virus cannot get out.  
Standing not too far away, Ga Yeon hears Ri Ta and Ji Sang's conversation and reports to Jae Wook that Ri Ta knows the truth about Ji Sang's vampire identity. Mildly surprised, Jae Wook coldly tells Ga Yeon "Too many curious people... it might be time to move up the consequence of their curiosity." 
Getting home from work, Dr. Jung parks his car and is about to head home when he senses someone behind him. Looking behind, Dr. Jung sees nothing but when he turns back to resume his walk home, Dr. Jung is suddenly attacked by a man. Don't die Dr. Jung... we still need you to walk around the hospital in your underwear. 

Ri Ta enters her house and is jumpy right away when she finds her stereo blasting music loudly in her dark house.  Gasping in fear, Ri Ta is surprised when a hand grabs hers and says "I have already came around so many time." A third voice sounds, surprising both Ri Ta and the intruder. Showing him self, Ji Sang dryly replies "I noticed already." A fight breaks out between the vampire intruder and Ji Sang. When Ji Sang finally took the time to look at the vampire he has been fighting with, he realizes the vampire is the same one that attacked his mother when he was younger. 


I am still surprised that this show actually turned out to be so watchable. I was totally surprised by Ga Yeon being a spy. The show has been hinting that Ga Yeon has some back story but I didn't think it would be THIS BIG. 

The one thing I think the show has done really well is making it really easy to fall into the villain's reasoning. Of course it would be good to save more people... of course it would be awesome if money could stop being the reason why certain people could be saved while others couldn't... wait why is Jae Wook the villain? Oh, yeah he kills people while he is smiling the whole time. But that does beg the question, shouldn't a researcher figure out a way to work with the vampire virus if it really could become something beneficial to the human race? However, what if the "miracle drug" is something that would strip something vital from what it means to be human. 

Anyhow, interesting moral dilemmas that makes me as a viewer sway back and forth as our hero tries to figure out where he stands. 

Speaking of the hero, I am really liking the interaction between Ji Sang and Ri Ta. For two people who really looked stiff with one another in the beginning they have improved their chemistry dramatically. I especially like how these two brilliant doctors basically act like teenagers around each other since neither are experienced in the romantic department and are somewhat used to isolating themselves from others.   


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