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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Blue Bird Episode 1-4 Summary & First Impression

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Show: Blue Bird
Synopsis: The struggles between a group of young people who tries to make something of themselves in a difficult economy and their parents' hope for them. This one is a K-family drama so do expect birth secret, messy family feuds, etc. 

Hero, Kim Ji Wan. A smart young man who is rejected again and again in his search for employment due to the fact he graduated from a second rate school. A hard working young man by nature, Ji Wan's dream is to earn a honest living to support his family. 
Han Eun Soo, Ji Wan's sister but who takes their mother's last name instead. Unlike the young people around her who seems to be shaken by the uncertainty of their future, Eun Soo is perfectly content despite the fact she is only working part time jobs. 
Jang Hyun Do, a chaebol without a care in the world but is under great pressure from his father to take over the family business. 
Kang Young Joo, Eun Soo's best friend who is really regretting becoming a teacher just to please her mother.  

Blue Bird Episode 1-4 Summary 
Chairman Jang, a very successful man seems to have everything in life except a son who will actually work hard in life. Fed up with Hyun Do, Chairman Jang gives his son an ultimatum to either start working at the company or lose all his privileges.  

Hyun Do finds out that his friend Ji Wan has applied for his father's company and decides that working might not be such a bad idea after all. 

Hyun Do and Ji Wan has a rather interesting relationship. Ji Wan seems to treat Hyun Do like a younger brother but acts like they have nothing in common because of their difference in status. Hyun Do seems to both look up to Ji Wan but also has a desire to compete with him. However, I think underneath all the competition, the friendship goes quite deep judging from how fast Ji Wan rushed to Hyun Do side when Hyun Do played a prank by telling Ji Wan that he fainted. 
Ready for some messy family background stories? Ji Wan interviews with Chairman Jang's company and made a great impression on Chairman Jang... until he realizes Ji Wan is the son of his old boss. The story is hinting that Chairman Jang might possibly have something to do with Ji Wan's father's death. Maybe not to the point of murder but there certainly is a mystery there. What is sure is that while Ji Wan's father was like a mentor to Chairman Jang but instead of being grateful Chairman Jang seems to relish seeing his old boss's son coming to him for a job. 

After Ji Wan's grandma pays a visit to Chairman Jang in hopes that he would pay special attention to her grandson for old times' sake, Chairman Jang cheerfully tells Ji Wan that he can count on a job at his company. Pretending he is just glad to see an old friend's son, Chairman Jang "accidentally" let it slip that the company wasn't planning on hiring Ji Wan but thanks to his grandmother AND special plea from Hyun Do, Ji Wan is being offered a position.  
At first unwilling to accept a job that was given because of his father and friend, Ji Wan ends up relenting after Chairman Jang calls him out for putting his own pride above of his family. It is interesting to note that Mama Han seems especially reluctant to have his son accept any sort of help from Chairman Jang.  

Pushed by her mom's wish since childhood, Young Joo has obediently become a teacher. However, deep down Young Joo dreams of being a writer and one day after another depressing day at school, Young Joo finally snaps and hands in her resignation. Of course, Young Joo's delayed rebellion is not received well by her mother and despite her newly dyed hair (part of showing who she really is), Young Joo still has a long way to her dream. 

Young Joo is suppose to be Ji Wan's love interest ... but we are not seeing much between the two at all at this point. 
Hyun Do and Eun So's romance is shaping up quite nicely though. Eun So tricks Hyun Do into believing that she is Ji Wan's girlfriend and since the two siblings has different last names, Hyun Do does not doubt Eun So's words. 

However, Eun So's trick backfires when Hyun Do sees Eun So's real boyfriend breaking up with her. Believing Eun So is two timing his friend, Hyun Do tries to convince Eun So that Ji Wan is better than any man she could possibly find. Ji Wan finally tells Hyun Do the truth about Eun So being his sister and by episode four Hyo Do is starting to find himself thinking about Eun So all the time. 

First Impression

Strangely interesting... but I am not loving it yet. Now that the story is mostly set up I think the plot might start get going in earnest. So I am going to need at least another two episode to make a judgement call on this one. At this point, I don't dislike any of the characters, but I am also not that curious about any of them yet. 

Ji Wan is certainly a character one wants to root for but all the story set up has not given us too much time to get to know him yet. I think what I really need is for Ji Wan's love story to get going so I can finally tell if this show will make it on my watch list. 


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