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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cruel Romance Episode 8-15 Favorite Moments & 2nd Impression

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Favorite Moment #1
Bothered by Ying Dong's increasing attention towards Jin Xiu, Ming Chu tries to prove to Ying Dong that he still cares about her by jumping into a lake (?). Staring at Ying Dong who just jumped into the water to save her, Ming Chu tells him "You can never get rid of me."

I do feel a small sense of pity towards Ming Chu since she didn't really go to Ying Dong's brother out of her greed for money but was because she was being used by the Japanese. Still, at this point, both Ming Chu and Ying Dong are coming off pretty selfish when they refuse to let their past just die. I like this scene because the sense of desperation that is shown by Ming Chu and Ying Dong's hopelessness against the woman he loves.

Favorite Moment #2
Chased out of Ying Dong's hotel thanks to her sister Ming Chu's ploy, Jin Xiu ends up being forced to work in a dance club. Using her piano skills, Jin Xiu was able to convince the dance club owner to not force her to dance with the club patrons. However, one of the club VIP refuses to take no for an answer and resorts to violence to force Jin Xiu to spend the night with him. When all seems hopeless for Jin Xiu, Zuo Zhen all the sudden pop of out nowhere and punches the VIP patron.

Staring coldly at the cowering man, Zuo Zhen declares "She is mine. My things, even if it needs to be broken, it needs to be broken by me. If it shattered, then even the pieces are mine. Not one can touch my things."

Taking Zuo Zhen to another room, Jin Xiu confesses that even though she has been having a really difficult time and that the VIP patron was a truly horrible man she still hope that Zuo Zhen would respect her wishes and not kill the man.

Moved by her words, Zuo Zhen pulls Jin Xiu into his arm for a hug. Instead of pushing Zuo Zhen away like she always did before, Jin Xiu allows herself to lean against Zuo Zhen just this one time and thinks to herself "who would've thought in this city the person that would help me is a man like this."

Shaking like a leaf in front of Zuo Zhen, the dance club owner hands over the contract he tricked Jin Xiu into signing.

Reunited with her friend from the hotel, Jin Xiu tells her friend that she is determine to blaze a path in Shanghai by her won strength so that one day she can become a powerful person like Zuo Zhen in hopes that she can be of help to him someday. Standing by the doorway, Zhu Zhen smiles at Jin Xiu's words and is touched that she would have the wish to help him.
Watching Jin Xiu's retreating back and remembering her willingness to die instead of submitting to the dance club patron, Zuo Zhen mutters "I guess it looks like even if the thing is shattered, the person who broke the thing will get hurt as well."

I love this scene because Zuo Zhen just looks so cool, plus I think this is where Zuo Zhen realizes he can't force Jin Xiu to bend to his will not if he doesn't want to lose her for good.

Favorite Moment #3
Zuo Zhen takes Jin Xiu to a western steak restaurant and tries to get a pair of chopstick for Jin Xiu when he sees her struggling with cutting her meat. Embarrassed, Jin Xiu quickly tells the server that Zuo Zhen is just joking. Ready for the coolest phrase?
Zuo Zhen "You don't have to care about anyone else's gaze. I am here, so you can do anything you want."

Excusing herself to go to the Ladies' room, Jin Xiu comes back to find Zuo Zhen has cut all her steak up in bite size. Looking at Jin Xiu, Zuo Zhen tells her "If you want, you never have to cut your own steak ever again." Glaring at Zuo Zhen, Jin Xiu complains "I wanted to cut it!"

Favorite Moment #4
Zuo Zhen finds out that some of his men, including one who once took a bullet for him has become drug addicts thanks to the drugs the Japanese has been smuggling into Shanghai.

Ignoring his man's name calling and threats, Zuo Zhen sits right outside of of the man wooden cell built to help his get over his drug addiction and suffers through the long night with him.

Quite used to bandaging up Zuo Zhen's wounds, Jin Xiu nags Zuo Zhen without knowing all the pain he is under from watching his men being destroyed by their desire for drugs.

I really like this scene because it really showed us the weight of responsibility Zuo Zhen feels towards his men and his willingness to start showing Jin Xiu his vulnerability.

Favorite Moment #5
Suffering from the grief after losing two more men to the ugly drug addiction that morning, Zuo Zhen loses his temper when he shows up at Jin Xiu's place to seek comfort only to find her giddy from her date with Ying Dong.

A bit scared by Zuo Zhen's anger, Jin Xiu tells him "I am sorry, I don't understand your world." Pulling Jin Xiu close to her, Zuo Zhen replies "I will have you in my world."
Gratuitous shower scene! Zuo Zhen wonders to himself "Don't I want her to be safe and happy? Then when am I pulling her into my world?" Shaking his doubt off, Zuo Zhen promises himself that he will have Jin Xiu in his world no matter what.

I am glad to see there are at least some self conflict going on in Zuo Zhen's mind on the wisdom of dragging Jin Xiu into his world. But of course, I don't think those momentary doubt will sway Zuo Zhen when it is pretty obvious he is the kind of man that seems to have a one track mind. Still, I think the conflict shows that he is starting to truly care for her beyond the "Tarzan wants Jane" sort of attitude.

Favorite Moment #6
Ready to show Jin Xiu his commitment to her, Zuo Zhen sends his man to give her his mother's jade bracelet. Totally clueless that the jade bracelet is Zuo Zhen's only remaining memento from his deceased mother Jin Xiu carelessly gives it away when Ming Chu sends her assistant to trick Jin Xiu knowing full well what the bracelet means to Zuo Zhen. 

Storming into Jin Xiu's room, Zuo Zhen yells with the jade bracelet in his hand "Do you know what this means?!" Of course Jin Xiu has no idea, and Zuo Zhen doesn't clarify for her. 

After some tears, it is Jin Xiu's turn to be angry and she charges into Zuo Zhen's house and asks "If you gave me this bracelet then can I do what I want with it?" Zuo Zhen answers "Yes." In front of Zuo Zhen, Jin Xiu throws the jade bracelet on the floor braking it into three pieces. Without a backward glance, Jin Xiu leaves and doesn't see Zuo Zhen quietly kneels down on the ground as he gathers the remaining pieces of his mother's bracelet. In a voice over we hear a child Zuo Zhen asking his mother "What is true love?" Zuo Zhen's mother's voice "Your true love is the one you think of when you are at your saddest and lowest point."

Ostracized by her co-workers at her cosmetic company dormitory, Jin Xiu decides to move out on her own but ends up meeting an unsavory landlord who tries to force himself on her. Just when finding a safe and cheap enough apartment seems like an impossible task in Shanghai, the friendly man who introduced Jin Xiu to her current job shows up to inform her of a perfect apartment. Standing out side of Jin Xiu's new apartment, the friendly man who helped Jin Xiu pokes fun at Zuo Zhen's sudden transformation into a silent good doer since Zuo Zhen has already bought the apartment under Jin Xiu's name. Staring at the apartment, Zuo Zhen thinks to himself "I will have you in my world, forever." 

Okay, that last sentence sounded a bit stalker like... but I am quite surprised how focused Zuo Zhen is on Jin Xiu. I thought for sure he would at least be angry and leave for a bit after his mom's jade bracelet was broken but I guess he is not about to let go of his true love now that he has finally found her. 

Favorite Moment #7
Speaking for stalker like... Zuo Zhen has taken to following Jin Xiu every night to make sure she make it back home safely after work. Apparently it was a good thing Zuo Zhen has turned into a stalker since he saves her a few times especially when Jin Xiu followed a Japanese agent (she noticed the man having the same tattoo as the killers who slaughtered her family) and almost got killed. 

Not unmoved by the countless time Zuo Zhen has shown up out of nowhere to save her bacon, Jin Xiu tells Zuo Zhen "I always wanted to say thank you. You are like a brother to me." In true Zuo Zhen fashion, he sneers "I don't want to be your brother, I want you to be my woman." 

Despite being offended at Jin Xiu's "brother" comment, Zuo Zhen falls into contemplation when his right hand man tells him that being a brother is a great thing. "After all, if you are a brother to a girl then you are like a family to her. If you are like a family, then you are not too far from becoming a real family!"

Favorite Moment #8
Thanks to Jin Xiu's outstanding performance at work, she has been chosen as the employee to dance the first dance at the company ball. 

Zuo Zhen discovers that Jin Xiu is trying to learn dancing on her own and quickly picks up a book to start learning as well. I love how foreign the act of smiling was to Zuo Zhen and he had to massage his face after holding a smile during his dance practice.

Zuo Zhen's hard work pays off and he shows up at Jin Xiu's door to teach her how to dance. 

ps. Jin Xiu did go to Ying Dong for help but Ying Dong quickly tosses his promise to teach her how to dance aside the moment some other matter came up for him. 

I love this scene because when a man like Zuo Zhen is ready to make a fool of himself for a girl... then it must be love. 

Favorite Moment #9
On the day of the company ball, Jin Xiu wears her best dress but is still the laughing stock of the party for how drab her dress is. Jin Xiu's trusty knight shows up and Zuo Zhen presents Jin Xiu with the dress that will make her the star of the party. 

Walking into the party on Zuo Zhen's arm, Jin Xiu is indeed the star that captures everyone's attention. 

Second Impression

I am really liking the this show so far. I especially like the fact we are able to see the heroine's growth as she tries to find herself in the harsh world of Shanghai. In contrast to The Lady & The Liar where the heroine's amnesia kinda fast tracked the two leads' romance , I really like we can see how the heroine is slowly changing her view of the man she wanted nothing to do with in the beginning. I also love how Zuo Zhen is slowly coming to realize that he can't force Jin Xiu to come to him (albeit that doesn't stop his assertion of "you are mine") but that the only thing he can do is to watch over her and give help whenever he can. 

As far as Ying Dong goes, I am kinda disappointed in his character. I thought he would be a much better competitor for Jin Xiu's affection, but so far he is just turning out to be a boy who has a severe need to prove his importance to his brother. Still, I am secretly glad that while this show does commit one of my pet peeve which is where almost all the men seems to fall in love with the heroine, the story is pretty focused on how the two leads are slowly falling in love through understanding. 


  1. Spot on! Also like the bits where they ate at the restaurant and JX teases ZZ

  2. Watched this drama and love it, mostly because of the actors/actresses. All of them performed! However, sad to say, the badly written script towards the end, the bad editing too. Like for instance, in 1 of the episode flashback, we saw how Zuo Zen forcefully kissed Jin Xiu because of the bracelet. If that part wasn't cut, we would be more understanding as to why Jin Xiu was angry that she smashed the bracelet. But still, i wouldn't approve of it personally, you don't smash people's thing. After Zuo Zen regained his power in episode 30 or so, the drama took a turn for the worse. Please come up with something more convincing than having a brainless Jin Xiu doubt Zuo Zen & thinking he killed her family. The ending is no better. At least give us an indication of the long awaited wedding!!

    1. there are a lot of scenes that were i think deleted cuz in the trailer it shows she's wearing her that cosmetic factory dress like other workers and Zuo Zen tried to unbotton her dress to which i think she slaps him again an there's that scene where she shoots him and another scene where Jin Xiu and Zuo Zen both jump out of the train or a cargo that is exploding i really wish all these scene were avaible to watch that have been deleted :(

  3. Luckily & thankfully this role (Rong Jin Xiu) wasn't given to Angelababy (the real girlfriend of Huang Xiao Ming who acts as Zuo Zen). Angelababy acting is definitely not on par with the actress who acts as Rong Jin Xiu, & would definitely ruin the drama for us all.