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Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #20

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Aim High (T-Drama, Just finished) 
Kinda a fluffy show, but I somehow watched the whole thing... so that counts for something. 

Episode Summary 1-20 (end): HERE

The Four (New C-Drama, Just started this week)
Ha! I got Zhang Han back on my screen again! I am really hoping this one is a winner. 

Episode 1-4 Recap/ First ImpressionHERE

Murphy's Law Of Love (New T-Drama, Starts today) 

So this one kinda remind me of the C-Drama Love at Second Sight where the two leads are complete opposite when it comes to their career choice and view on love. The heroine works as Dr. Love to help those work out problems in their relationship while the hero helps his clients to break up. 

Haven't check this one out yet, but I am planning to. 
Cruel Romance (C-Drama)
I am happy to report that this one is really shaping up to be a different show than the Lady and the Liar... for me at least. I am going to write a 2nd impression on this one today. 

Through the Lush (K-Drama Daily) 

After 11 episodes we finally meet the hero... I think. It was a good thing the hero (maybe) finally showed up because I was about to lose interest if the story didn't pick up it's pacing. 
Aries (T-Drama)
This one has been surprisingly an easy watch. 

Episode 1-6 Summary and First Impression: HERE

Ninja's Watch List This Week
1. Someone Like You (T-Drama)
2. Cruel Romance (C-Drama)
3. Angry Mom (K-Drama/ New)
4. Through the Lush (K-Daily)
5. The Four (C-Drama) 


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