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Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #21

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Angry Mom (K-Drama)
A mom goes back to school as a high school student when her daughter is victim of bullying.

Don't go into this one expecting warm fluffy comedy, but do check it out because it really is quite well done.

First ImpressionHERE

In Still Green Days (K-Daily)
This one takes a bit to set up the story background BUT the characters are intriguing and the the back story portion is well done.

First ImpressionHERE

The Four (C-Drama)

We are at episode 8 this week and the story is starting to heat up. While the story is a bit predicable I do find it an extremely easy watch.

Murphy's Law of Love (T-Drama)

New show that filled the slot vacated by Aim High. I will be writing a first impression on this one soon.

Synopsis: The heroine works as Dr. Love to help people work out problems in their relationship while the hero helps his clients to break up. 

The Crossing Hero (New T-Drama)
Synopsis: Two royal guards accidentally time travels to the modern world to pursue their target but ends up meeting our hero who looks exactly like the man they were chasing. 

I am curious enough to check this one out but I am keeping my expectation super low. 

If Love Can Be Repeated (C-Drama)
So this show is going with the latest Chinese TV trend where you pretty much throw all Korean, Taiwan and Hong Kong actors/actress together. For those familiar with K-drama you would probably recognize Lee Jung Jin (9 Ends 2 Outs, Hundred Year Inheritance). Despite what it looks like from the poster, I believe Lee Jung Jin is the second male lead. Anyhow, the story is about how a married couple had to get a fake divorce to save the husband's factory. The story sounds like a mesh up of Chinese and K-daily makjang all thrown in together. While I am not one who necessary avoid makjang materials but this one just doesn't sound tempting. Sorry Lee Jung Jin! For those who haven't see 9 Ends 2 Outs though do check it out because it is a classic that is awesome. 

 Hyde Jekyll Me (Finished this week)
So I only watched the first four episode of this show and didn't follow it after that BUT Mama Ninja is a faithful watcher of this show. Yesterday I had to sit through five full minutes of Mama Ninja waxing poetic about how much better this show was compare to Kill Me, Heal Me. I really liked Kill Me, Heal Me, so I just shut my ears to the rest of Mama Ninja's rambling. Anyhow, anyone out there watched both show and can weigh in on Mama Ninja's words? 

Ninja's watch list this week
1. The Four (C-Drama)
2. Someone Like You (T-Drama)
3. Angry Mom
4. Love Through a Millennium (C-Drama)
5. Blood  


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