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Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Drama Roundup #19

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 Aries (T-Drama) 
This one started out quite slow but the show is actually getting interesting so I will do a first impression next week. 

Synopsis: As the name suggests this show is written around a woman whose zodiac is Aries. A bit of a tomboy, our heroine meets her childhood friend (hero) and ex-best friend (2nd female lead) who is actually dating each other on a work trip. Things start to get complicated when the heroine's ex-friend cheats on her boyfriend and the heroine is embroiled into a romance with her old childhood friend. 
 Kill Me, Heal Me (K-Drama, Finished this week)
Awesome show that I am really going to miss!!! 

Unkind Ladies (K-Drama)
A wacky story revolving around the three generation of women in a family.

First ImpressionHERE

Blood (K-Drama)

You know... this one is really growing on me... to my complete surprise. I will be writing a second impression on this one. 

The Legendary Ladies (K-Drama, Finished this week.)

The show hit a few bumps toward the end, but overall I was happy with this show. Check it out if you like the shorter family k-dramas. 

Through the Lush (K-Daily Drama New)

I am currently on episode 8 where we are out of the childhood portion of the show but the heroine is still in high school. There is a whole lot of makjang to go around BUT for someone who usually doesn't have a lot of patience for childhood portions of any show I am strangely drawn to this one. Still, I am going to need the story to "really start" before I decide on this one. 


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