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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 17 Recap

The pain of remembering their past and especially the fact that Do Hyun's name is actually Ri Jin's real name overwhelms both Do Hyun and Ri Jin. That's really sad that Do Hyun only had Nana the teddy bear for comfort while Ri Jin at least has her whole family rallying around her. 

After the shock of realizing his family has essentially wiped out Ri Jin's existence to put him in and to hide their act of abuse, Do Hyun looks up with a scary determined face.
A few flash backs reveal what really happened between Do Hyun and Ri Jin's parents. The deceased Chairman Seo (so not Do Hyun's grandma but his grandpa) tracks Seo Yeon down and asks her to come back to the family since no one else but her could save Seung Jin Group. In return, Chairman Seo offers to put Seo Yeon's daughter in the family registry as Joon Pyo's child so she wouldn't have the stain of being a fatherless child born out of wedlock.

In the mean time, little Do Hyun is living in a small village with Joon Pyo and Madam Shin. It is interesting to see that Joo Pyo was actually a really good father to Do Hyun before they went back to the Cha mansion. In fact, little Do Hyun promised to buy his father a boat when Joon Pyo tells his son that his dream is to sail around the world. The father and son agrees to name the boat Perry Park. So does this make Perry Park actually a representation of what Do Hyun imagines his father could have been? 

Despite his unwillingness to ever go back to the Cha family, Joon Pyo finally relents when Madam Shin convinces him that little Do Hyun needs to formally enter into the family registry for school.

Joon Pyo is stunned when he comes home to find Seo Yeon there with "his" daughter. Joon Pyo tells his dad that there is no way Ri Jin is his since he never touched Seo Yeon. However, Joon Pyo's dad is unmoved (he already knew Ri Jin's father is someone else) and tells him to just let things go if he wants the family to accept little Do Hyun and his mom.
Thanks to Madam Shin's help, Ki Joon's dad is able to release a news report that says Joon Pyo is not likely to recover anytime soon. Increasingly in danger of losing Seung Jin Group, Chairman Seo is surprised when Chae Yeon pays her a visit and tells her that she wants to be with Do Hyun, but in exchange for her family's support Chae Yeon wants Chairman Seo to give Do Hyun the controlling power in the company.
Secretary An tells Do Hyun about Chairman Seo's hardship at the company but Do Hyun replies that while he is determined to make Seung Jin Group his, he won't offer his help until Chairman Seo shows up first. 

Do Hyun receives a photo from Secretary An that has all the food staff that was at the house the fateful day of the mansion fire. Do Hyun is stunned when he recognizes Mama Oh in the picture. 
Ri Jin faints from her traumatic shock. Waking up to find Mama Oh sitting by her bedside, Ri Jin thank her mom for rescuing her on the night of the mansion fire. As Mama Oh listens, Ri Jin cries "I really like the name mom gave me. I really like that person's name too... but what do I call him now?" 

Do Hyun receives a phone call from Dr. Park informing him of Ri Jin's recent fainting episode and he grimaces in pain as Dr. Park guessed that Ri Jin remembered her past as well.  
Stumbling to his table in search for medication to calm his raging headache, Do Hyun finds a flash drive with a note "Are you going to take some medication? Try watching this first!" 

With shaking hands, Do Hyun puts the flash drive in and immediately sees Ri Jin's smiling face. Do Hyun breaks down in sobs when Ri Jin confesses in the video "I like you, Cha Do Hyun." 
Fed up with a depressed Ri Jin, Ri On first chews her out for making their parents worried then threatens to stop being her brother anymore. Ri On's threat to leave works immediately and Ri Jin quickly promises to be back to her normal self. 

Ri On takes Ri Jin out playing with their dog, and as the two laughs, Ri Jin is glad to have a brother who has always been her support. 
In contrast to the happy supportive surrounding Ri Jin has, Do Hyun meets with Chairman Seo who wants to tell him the truth about what happened 17 years ago in exchange for Do Hyun going back to the Seung Jin Group. 

Standing in front of her son's hospital bed, Chairman Seo tells Do Hyun about the night the fire destroyed the mansion. On the night when his dad was to introduce him to the world as his son, little Do Hyun decides to run away with Ri Jin. Unfortunately, the two kids are caught by Joon Pyo even before they made it out of the basement door. 

In fear, little Do Hyun begs his dad not to hit Ri Jin but Joon Pyo just tosses his son out of the door while he goes back into the room with Ri Jin. Do Hyun pounds on the door as little Ri Jin's crying and sounds of things being broken could be heard from the locked room. 

Back to the present time for a moment. Chairman Seo stares at Do Hyun and tells him the final piece of the puzzle. "It was you that I saw that night. You were the one that set the fire that made my son like this!" 

In shock, Do Hyun runs out of the door only to fall to the floor as his headache overwhelms him again. In the midst of his pain though, Do Hyun's own memory comes back. After little Do Hyun's screaming pleas for his dad to not hurt Ri Jin goes unanswered, the little boy sits down on floor and thinks "This is all my fault!" Little Do Hyun's head suddenly starts to hurt as a voice asks him "Do you want to save her? I will do it for you..." When the little boy looks up again from his pain, a little Se Gi is born. 

We end the hour with Ri Jin saying "Shin Se Gi?" 
After saying "I am late, I am sorry." Se Gi reaches out his hand and says "let's go." 


Okay, I guess all the mystery are finally solved! Well, actually we still need to figure out who killed Chairman Seo's husband and Ri Jin's mother. I am betting my money on Ki Joon's dad although there are some hints that it might be Chairman Seo herself.

It did surprise me that Joon Pyo was actually a good dad to Do Hyun at one time. Actually he looked like he might have been even a nice guy who just wanted a quiet normal life. So I guess another mystery is how he turned into such a monster with no regard even for his own son. 

I was a bit surprised the writer brought out Se Gi again, but then I guess left to Do Hyun he probably would have stayed away from Ri Jin because of his guilt. So we kinda need Se Gi who sees nothing else other than Ri Jin. 


  1. This is the one moment in which I didn't want Se Gi to come out. But atleast HE did what Do Hyun couldn't, so kudos Shin Se Gi.

    Also have to mention Chae Yeon. She really ticked me off. She's gonna be the next obstacle. She really needs to wake up and move along. Im sure Ki Joon would take her back.

    1. I am with you on Chae Yeon... I am not sure what she is after since she hasn't even confirmed her relationship with Do Hyun so is she thinking Chairman Seo is going to force Do Hyun to be with her?