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Friday, March 6, 2015

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 18 Recap

Watching Se Gi from the passenger seat, Ri Jin texts her brother to let him know whom she left with. Assuring Ri On that she is safe, Ri Jin continues "Se Gi is the most damaged piece that fell from Do Hyun and that hurt is connected to me. I want to understand Se Gi's hurt and in turn I will understand my own."

At Ri Jin's prodding, Se Gi tells her the truth of what happened the day of the mansion fire. Unable to handle the pain of watching little Ri Jin suffer, Do Hyun's mind creats Se Gi who starts a fire to rescue her. Joon Pyo finds Se Gi who passes out right in front of him. As Joon Pyo is carrying his son out, Do Hyun wakes up and begs him to rescue Ri Jin first. Joon Pyo hands Do Hyun off to a fire fighter and go back in search of Ri Jin, but finds her already gone. That surprised me that Joon Pyo went back for the little girl he obviously hates. 

In the chaos of the fire, Mama Oh rescues Ri Jin and takes her away.

Believing in his mind that the fire took Ri Jin's life, little Do Hyun stops responding to his real name (Joon Young) and starts to take on the name of Cha Do Hyun.
After hearing Do Hyun's words, Ri Jin slowly asks "So Cha Do Hyun's DID (his illness) started because of me..."

A bit offended, Se Gi replies "So you are saying I did wrong?" Before the conversation can get further though, Se Gi receives a phone call  from someone named Alex. Telling Se Gi that his uncle has offered large sum of money for information on Do Hyun, Alex tells Se Gi that he is giving Do Hyun a chance to offer his price.

Getting nervous after hearing from Se Gi that Alex has been someone that lived off Do Hyun by threatening him so garbage like Alex should be taken care of, Ri Jin quickly texts Secretary An for help.
After reminding Se Gi his promise to not use violence and spoil Do Hyun's reputation, Ri Jin gets Se Gi to wait outside while she goes into a storage building to meet with Alex. True to the jerk Se Gi remembers he to be, Alex gets violent with Ri Jin when he tries to force himself on her.
Tossing all his promise to not be violent out the window after hearing Ri Jin's scream, Se Gi beats Alex up. 
With his hands around Alex's throat, Se Gi doesn't respond when Ri Jin urgently tells him to stop or he will kill Alex. In her desperation, Ri Jin loudly yells "Cha Do Hyun!!!" Surprisingly, Ri Jin's yell works immediately and Se Gi is soon replaced with Do Hyun. 
Sitting in the car together while Ri Jin's bandages Do Hyun's hand (hurt from Alex's knife), Ri Jin remarks on how amazing her call of "Cha Do Hyun" worked.

After confirming that Ri Jin has already regained her memory, Do Hyun apologizes to her for taking her name.

With tears in her eyes, Ri Jin recounts how Do Hyun was her ray of hope in her darkest days during her childhood. In fact, Ri Jin thinks that the reason her mind wasn't fractured from her trauma was probably because Do Hyun was there for her. Thanking Do Hyun, Ri Jin tells him that she is gifting him with the name Cha Do Hyun so that from now on he can still say "I am Cha Do Hyun, the one with these eyes and this face"
In front of Ri Jin's house, Do Hyun and Ri Jin are saying their goodbyes that sound decidedly suspicious like their last farewells, such as don't have nightmare anymore and don't worry about me.

Watching Ri Jin leave, Do Hyun gets ready to get in his car as well, but all the sudden Do Hyun is hit by his headache again and Perry Park emerges.

I laughed when one of the first thing Perry Park says is "These two... they are filming a tear-jerking soap opera." 
Ri Jin and Ri On rushes out of their rooms to see Daddy Oh in the process of making Perry Park his younger brother. To celebrate their new brotherhood, Daddy Oh takes out his precious rice wine for Perry. Unfortunately for Perry Park just as he was about to drink the wine, the headache starts again and Perry Park passes out.

After putting a sleeping Perry Park in Ri On's bed, Ri Jin comes back into her room to see Yo Sub sitting at her table. From  Yo Sub and Ri Jin's conversation we find out that Yo Sub came out of Do Hyun's desire to commit suicide while he was in high school (Yo Sub was his baptism name from the Catholic school he was attending) and Yo Na represents Do Hyun's desire to live.

Yo Sub tells Ri Jin that since Do Hyun seems to have no thoughts of killing himself anymore, he doesn't know when he will disappear so he wants to say his goodbye to Ri Jin early.
Ri On walks in to Ri Jin's room just in time to see Yo Sub shyly giving his sister a kiss on the cheek. Assuming Perry Park is the one kissing Ri Jin, Ri On walks right up and shoves Yo Sub to the ground. To Ri On's horror, Yo Na takes over for Yo Sub and is ecstatic to see her oppa. 

With Yo Na's appearance, the two siblings has a problem... who is she going to bunk with for the night? Ri Jin "A man in my room?"
Pointing at Yo Na, Ri On asks "A girl in my room?!" 

After a round of rock, paper, scissors Ri On wins the right to keep his room to himself and Ri Jin grumpily takes Yo Na to her room. 
Do Hyun wakes up with a start to find himself facing a sleeping Ri Jin and with one of his hand tied to hers. That was Ri Jin's way to stop Yo Na from sneaking off to Ri On's room. 

After identifying himself as Do Hyun to Ri Jin, Do Hyun tells her that he had thought if they were together he would be hurt from seeing her suffering from the pain of their childhood, but now he realizes the pain from not being together is even greater. Do Hyun "So, don't leave. Stay with me." 
The lovely moment between Do Hyun and Ri Jin is interrupted suddenly when Ri On bursts into Ri Jin's room again. Trying hard to pretend he is still Yo Na, Do Hyun calls Ri On oppa and excuses himself from Ri Jin's house. 

Watching Do Hyun driving away, Ri On asks his sister "That's Cha Do Hyun isn't?"
Ri Jin "How did you know?"
With a confident smile, Ri On replies "Because Yo Na would not have taken her gaze off me." 
Bursting out in a smile herself, Ri Jin asks "Are you missing her?!" 
Keeping his promise to Chairman Seo, Do Hyun shows up at the company much to the dismay of his cousin. Facing Chairman Seo, Do Hyun warns her that he will act according to his own will and not hers. I am curious about the smile Chairman Seo gave after Do Hyun left... what did it mean?? Is she glad that her grandson is finally stepping up or is it something else?

Ki Joon fumes over the reappearance of Do Hyun but becomes intrigued once he finds out from his father that Do Hyun is a substitute for Ri Jin who is the real Do Hyun. Ki Joon also receives a delivery from Alex containing a locker key that is suppose to contain the shocking revelation about Do Hyun. 

Do Hyun walks back into his office to find Ri Jin waiting for him as his new secretary/doctor... again. 
Before the two can resign their contract though, there is one wee problem of their previous clause of Ri Jin not falling in love with either Do Hyun or any of his personalities. Ri Jin suggests that they simply changes their clause to they will stay together no matter what hardship they face. Quite satisfied with Ri Jin's proposal, Do Hyun opens up his arms wide. 

Ri Jin "Am I suppose to run... into that?"
Do Hyun nods "Yes."
When Ri Jin keeps grumbling about Do Hyun playing hard to get instead of running to him, Do Hyun swings her around right into his embrace. 
Ahh... they are so cute together. 


I wonder if they will wake Joo Pyo up from his coma so he can explain himself. At first I just peg Joon Pyo as some crazy guy who relish in abusing the two kids, but after the last two episodes there seems to be more to Joon Pyo as some pervert. 

Does it seem like Ri On is slowly accepting Do Hyun as his sister's man? One of my favorite part in this episode is when Ri On tells Ri Jin that maybe the reason Do Hyun's personalities are all coming out is because that is the only way Do Hyun can allow himself to be with Ri Jin. I really like the fact that both Ri Jin and Ri On seem to realize that while what happened to Ri Jin was truly horrible but the one that has been paying the price every moment of the last 21 years has been Do Hyun.   


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