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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 19-20 (The End) Recap

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Question of the hour: Why couldn't we just leave Yo Na around so she could keep chasing after Ri On occasionally? 

Still covered in blood, Alex wakes up in a hotel to see Do Hyun standing by the window. Assuming Do Hyun is ready to discuss money, Alex is surprised when Do Hyun apologizes to him for repeatedly giving in to his friend's threat thus ruining Alex's life with the easy money. Do Hyun tells Alex "I won't give you any money. If you tell my secret then I'll come back at that time to give you a punch... because right now you are still my friend." 

Outside of the hotel room, Secretary An asks Do Hyun why despite his assertion that he wouldn't pay Alex money did he arrange plane tickets, a temporary apartment and even a place in the addiction recovery center in U.S. for Alex. Smiling, Do Hyun replies that he wants to give Alex a chance at life ... like the one he received. 
Apparently Alex is not completely without hope, since Ki Joon's assistant shows up at a locker with Alex's key only to find it completely empty. (It had a stack of DVD that had movies about characters that had multiple personalities, but Alex told Secretary An about it first before Ki Joon's man could get it.) 

However, despite Alex's sudden change of heart, Ki Joon eventually did receive information confirming Do Hyun's illness. 
Do Hyun meets with Chairman Seo and asks her if she was the one that arranged the car accident that took Chairman Cha (Do Hyun's grandfather) and Seo Yeon's (Ri Jin's mother) life. Chairman Seo denies any involvement and tells Do Hyun to focus on gaining control of the company instead. Chairman Seo further tells Do Hyun that she will be giving Do Hyun another "card" in his fight and in walks Chae Yeon. 

Calmly, Do Hyun tells Chae Yeon that he has already given his heart to another so there is no possibility between them. Angrily, Chae Yeon demands "Why did you shake me then? (she means why did Do Hyun pursue her and made her feelings for him develop to the point she broke off her engagement.)" 

Do Hyun tells Chae Yeon the real reason why he stayed away from her years ago when he liked her and why he (Se Gi really) would pursue her even when he is in love with another girl. 

In a voice over, Do Hyun wondered how Chae Yeon would handle the news of his illness... and apparently judging from the way Chae Yeon stumbled away from the restaurant she obviously didn't handle it too well. 
Left alone in the private room in the restaurant, Do Hyun calls Ri Jin "Tell me you like me." 

At first chiding Do Hyun for asking a girl to keep saying such words, Ri Jin quickly tells Do Hyun what he needed to hear when she senses that he needs her assurance. 
Ri On drives Ri Jin back to Do Hyun's house and the two men has a drink together. Ri On confesses that he has often wondered if situations were different, such as if Do Hyun and Ri Jin were the ones that lived as twins, then would he have a chance to be a man in Ri Jin's life? Ri On goes on to tell Do Hyun that he has already decided that the role he will play in Ri Jin's life is to be the best brother for her. 
Do Hyun and Ri Jin meets with Dr. Park to discuss Do Hyun's treatment. I find it hilarious that Dr. Park says "I know it's not a secret but aren't you guys a bit too obvious?" as he pointedly looks at Do Hyun holding Ri Jin's hand. Looking at a some what sheepish couple in front of him, Dr. Park concedes that he can't even convince himself to reprimand Ri Jin for dating her patient since Do Hyun and Ri Jin's fate with one another is so incredible. 
During his "therapy" session Do Hyun asks Ri Jin about good memories she has of their childhood. As Ri Jin shares her memories, Do Hyun also remembers how little Ri Jin made an intimidating Cha mansion a warm place. 

Deciding that it is way past time to reward their childhood selves, Do Hyun and Ri Jin goes to an amusement park. While riding on the pirate boat, both Do Hyun and Ri Jin sees their child selves sitting across from them, happily laughing and waving at them. 
Ri Jin and Do Hyun goes on a shopping spree to buy a gift for each of the personalities. Nana (or I guess it should be little Ri Jin) got a bear, a fishing rod for Perry Park, a pink flowery head band for Yo Na and a pen for Yo Sub to write his poetry. 

The only person left is Se Gi, but Ri Jin tells Do Hyun that she can't figure out what to buy for Se Gi. As the two discuss the anger Se Gi feels towards Do Hyun's father and Se Gi's inability to let go unless he can be assured that Ri Jin is not fearful towards Joon Pyo anymore, Ri Jin realizes she will need to forgive Joon Pyo soon. 
Time to go on our farewell trip. Perry Park is the first one to show up to claim his fishing rod. Over Daddy Oh's special beer that he didn't get to drink last time and fried chicken, Perry Park tells Ri Jin that since he is the oldest he needs set a good example for the kids and leave first. 

Ri Jin cries as Perry Park's headache starts for one last time and Perry Park bids Ri Jin goodbye as he tries to leave Ri Jin with a smiling face despite his pain. 
The next morning, a very confused Do Hyun and Ri Jin stands in front of a painting with a big X on it... and asks the unthinkable "Is this a new personality? Mr. X?" 

Episode 20
Do Hyun walks into his office and is shocked to see "Mr. X" standing at his desk with an invitation to open a black box. Do Hyun is too shock to react and when he looks again Mr. X has disappeared. 
Ri Jin catches Yo Na trying to sneak out of Do Hyun's house and has to make a hard decision when Yo Na offers to exchange information on Mr. X if Ri Jin takes her to Ri On. 

Ri On jumps in surprise when Ri Jin slams his door open and says "I am sorry! Ri On!" Running for his life the moment he hears Yo Na's "Oppa!!", Ri On is quickly cornered when Yo Na locks the bedroom door and dives for him. In his desperation, Ri On announces "Yo Na, Oppa is going into the army." Tears welling up right away, Yo Na starts to declare her intention to wait for Ri On, when he quickly tells her that he might decide to stay in the army after all. Rattling off all of Ri On's enlistment information back in 2010, Yo Na flicks off her fake tears and holds the government notice reminding Ri On for his army reserve training (so for those who already done their mandatory service) to show Ri On that he is totally in her clutch now. 

A very apologetic Ri Jin walks back in to find Ri On completely covered in lipstick after Yo Na has taken her filled of selfies of two of them. 
Laying in Ri Jin's bed, Yo Na thank Ri Jin for being the kind of friend that she can fight with, someone Yo Na has never had before. 

The next morning, Do Hyun gets up from Ri Jin's bed to find her crying over the selfie Yo Na has taken of the two of them while Ri Jin were asleep. (Yo Na has written "Angry Wench" on Ri Jin's forehead.) I was wondering if Yo Sub would still show up in this episode, but since he already said goodbye to Ri Jin, Yo Sub only showed up to tell his sister (Yo Na) to leave so Do Hyun and Ri Jin can live a happy life. 
Do Hyun gets word that his father has woken up from his coma. Avoiding to tell Ri Jin where he is rushing off to Do Hyun leaves Ri Jin's house but obviously didn't make it to the hospital since Ri Jin ends up finding Do Hyun in his own house. 

Looking at Do Hyun's face hiding behind the giant bear, Ri Jin realizes she is finally meeting Nana or rather Little Do Hyun (which is actually little Ri Jin, since Do Hyun is Ri Jin's real name). Ri Jin tells the little girl that she is the grown up version of her and that Little Do Hyun can leave now knowing Ri Jin has grown up to be a happy person with many people who loves her. Little Do Hyun smiles but tells Ri Jin that she can't leave until Mr. X is ready because Mr. X is her dad. 

Ri Jin remembers a childhood memory of where Do Hyun promises her that her dad will come for her one day. Realizing that Mr.X is Do Hyun's way of trying to fulfill his promise to her, Ri Jin holds Do Hyun and cries "Because of me, another piece of you is broken. I am so sorry... and thank you." 
Staring at his bathroom mirror, Do Hyun wonders "What if my father is the one that killed Ri Jin's mom?" (Do Hyun is wondering if Joon Pyo arranged the car accident that took Seo Yeon's life.) 

While Do Hyun is fretting over what role his father played in Seo Yeon's death, Mr. X all the sudden shows up and presents him with the mysterious black box again. The box opens and a small version of Nana the bear is revealed. Telling Do Hyun that he would never know if the box contains bombs or gold bars if he doesn't open them, Mr. X encourages Do Hyun to face his unknown head on. 

Thanks to Mr. X's encouragement, Do Hyun pays a visit to his father and finds out the truth of the car accident. 
The next day in a face off with Ki Joon and his uncle, Do Hyun freely admits his DID illness but points out that while he won't go to jail for his illness but his uncle would certainly serve jail time for his role in Seo Yeon's car accident and the embezzlement accounts Do Hyun had dug up. 
(So the interesting thing is that the uncle actually didn't directly cause the car accident since he only bribed the driver to drive a different route so Chairman Cha and Seo Yeon would miss their flight to make a big deal for the company. The accident was just that, an accident. Of course the uncle is still partly to be blamed since without his underhanded method, Chairman Cha and Seo Yeon would be on the plane instead of dying in a car accident.) 

Finally willing to admit that her son is the monster not Do Hyun, Chairman Seo tells Do Hyun to receive treatment in U.S for as long as he needs, but Seng Jin Group will always be waiting for him to take over. 
At Joon Pyo's request, Ri Jin shows up at his hospital room to meet with him. Upon seeing Ri Jin's face, Joon Pyo gets on his knees and apologizes to her for the wrongs he had done her. Before Ri Jin can react though, Se Gi comes rushing in. Snarling at Joon Pyo, Se Gi chokes him and yells "Do you know how you can receive forgiveness? Die!" Weakly calling his son's name, Joon Pyo stares at disbelief at Se Gi. Yelling Se Gi's name, Ri Jin stops him from choking Joon Pyo to death. Turning to Joon Pyo, Ri Jin tells him that "If I forgive you, it won't be because of you, but because of this person (pointing at Se Gi) who has suffered all this time." 

Remembering back to his son's cold expression the fateful night of the mansion fire and the furious Se Gi that is staring right back at him, it finally dawns on Joon Pyo what his actions has cost his own son. 
Taking Se Gi away from the hospital, Ri Jin plants a kiss on him and tells him that she figure this is the best gift. Nodding, Se Gi agrees that Ri Jin's kiss is the best farewell gift. 

The scene switches to Do Hyun's mind and we see Do Hyun bidding Se Gi goodbye. Se Gi warns "If you are afraid of the world again, I will come back to take over your body and your time." Smiling a confidant smile, Do Hyun tells Se Gi "You are me." Looking at Do Hyun intently, Se Gi finally smiles too and says "I am you... so live coolly." 
Se Gi's red mark on his neck disappears, and Do Hyun comes back to his consciousness to see Ri Jin in tears one last time to send his last personality away. Taking Ri Jin's face in his hands, Do Hyun kisses Ri Jin. 

Time to see our happily ever after... 
Ri Jin declares "He is dead!" as she reads on the bestseller list that the writer Omega's bestseller is a book about a chaebol suffering from DID and the chaebol's romance with his psychiatrist. 

Pretending to be a long distant relative of the writer Omega, Ri On strikes up a conversation with a cute girl who is obviously an Omega fan. Everything is going great for Ri On especially once the girl invites him out for a cup of coffee... until the girl introduces herself as Ahn Yo Na and does the same exact actions Yo Na use to do towards him. 

Running away screaming, Ri On escapes as the girl runs after him yelling "Oppa! Oppa!!" Ha ha! Is there such a thing as personality reincarnation? 
We find Do Hyun chopping wood in Ri Jin's yard while Daddy Oh complains what a poor laborer Do Hyun is. Daddy Oh complains to Mama Oh about Do Hyun lack of talent in physical labor but Mama Oh just shoos Daddy Oh's complaints away since their female customers has increased now that Do Hyun is a part-timer at their place. 

Mama Oh asks her husband maybe they should try hooking Do Hyun up with Ri Jin, but Daddy Oh vehemently refuses "A kid that has been out of work for a whole year?! How can I trust him with my daughter?" Ha! I can't believe they still don't know his real identity. In fact I think they are still calling him Perry Park. 
After hanging up a load of laundry, Do Hyun gets a call from Secretary An... who is now Director An. Director An thank Adviser Cha (so I guess that's Do Hyun's new title now) for his shockingly accurate advise on an acquisition bid that allowed the company to be chosen despite the fact Seung Jin Group offered the lowest amount. 

Director An tells Do Hyun that Chairman Seo is still waiting for him to take over the company, but Do Hyun just replies that everyday is heaven to him right now so since he was suppose to recover in U.S. then he still has plenty of time.    
Ri Jin finds Do Hyun laying outside on a blanket enjoying the sunshine. Taking a pair of couple rings out, Do Hyun puts the ring on Ri Jin and warns her "Don't you dare take it off." Wow, that sounds so much like Se Gi or does it sound like Yo Na? 

Smiling, the two love birds hold up their hands to admire their couple rings. 
This is my favorite part. During the credits, Do Hyun shows up to wish all the viewer well by talking in all the personalities' voices (that can't be easy right?) and he is later joined by Ri Jin who also adds her good wishes. 


Finally! An ending that just left me with warm and fuzzy feelings. Most importantly, this ending leaves me satisfied. I know I probably can pick it apart if I really want to go analytical on it but I am content to just be very happy with all the laughter and tears this show has given me. It has been a long while since a show has been able to make me burst out laughing and crying buckets all in the same hour so I am really going to miss this show. 

I do have one lingering question though... So it looks like all the personalities left on their own, except Se Gi who not only seem to not have disappeared but we have Do Hyun's cryptic words that they are one and the same. Hmm... I guess it does make sense in a way. Perry Park = Dad  Nana = Little Ri Jin. Yo Sub = High school Do Hyun who wanted to die.  Yo Na= Do Hyun's will to live. 

Se Gi = Do Hyun's fierce anger that will take on the world with his fist?? 

So while all the other personalities has serve their use and are not needed anymore, but Do Hyun is finally ready to bring out his Se Gi side and face the scary world?? If that's the case, I would just really like Do Hyun to retain Se Gi's fighting ability, because that's just too cool to not keep!


  1. Actually, Shin Se Gi came from the name of the matches he lit up during the fire in the basement. The matches name is New Century which is Shin Se Gi in korean.
    Man, I am having some serious withdrawal issues because of this show! Thanks for recapping this series!

  2. The part at the end with Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum was sweet. They thanked us and told us goodbye. I felt so appreciated. Bye KMHM!!! This one has gone up as number 1 on my list. It was a joy to watch. I never stopped looking forward to each ep.

  3. "I do have one lingering question though... So it looks like all the personalities left on their own, except Se Gi who not only seem to not have disappeared but we have Do Hyun's cryptic words that they are one and the same. "

    Segi, unlike the other alters, is the broken part of Dohyun, he splintered out because of Dohyun's meek nature, he fought he battle that Dohyun couldn't. Thus, making him the volatile and angry character. Meanwhile, the other alters are only personification of the people Dohyun missed or wanted to be: Perry as his father, Nana as young Rijin, Mr. X as Rijin's father, while the Ahn twin as his desire to both die and live (since they're the polar opposite). It makes sense that others dissipated while Segi lives on inside of Dohyun because he's always been part of Dohyun, while the others are not. And I appreciate the fact that Rijin loves all of Dohyun's alters, possibly even more than he does, and she was greatly affected by their departure. By sending off everyone of them, it was like she was promising she'd protect Dohyun in their stead as said in the promotional poster "I will protect you". It's a reversal role because Dohyun had been the one who wanted badly to protect Rijin, and she grew up to protect him instead. Ah, I'm missing this drama all over again.

    1. Hmm... what you said about Se Gi makes a lot of sense and that explains a lot of why he was so afraid of disappearing while the other personalities was more willing to leave. Ahh... I am right with you, I miss this drama!